“They Were The Smart Ones. I wish I Was One of You.”

Commendable for coming forward.



This planet is the territory of ‘The Great Reset’ now, an instrument for enforcing what is euphemistically called ‘net zero’.

What kind of gibberish is ‘net zero’? Does it mean anything?

No, actually it doesn’t. It is simply the reductionist algorithm (Al-Gore-rythm) and digital way of getting around having to say ‘zero carbon’. Because ‘zero carbon’ has been exposed as meaning ‘zero CO2’. And ‘zero CO2’ means zero life on Earth. The black hole.

Yes, under Herr Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Reich, we will be disposable. Since, in some circles, it has been known for years that depopulation and the reprogramming of those who remain is the true meaning of the two words ‘Great Reset’. And ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ is nothing less than the techno-binary control mechanism for the digitalisation and robotisation of human kind.

The ‘Transhuman’.

For the aware, the time for debate about the nature of what lies ahead has passed.

The aware are ‘The Resistance’.

‘The Resistance’ is a four-dimensional energetic force, operating on physical, mental, psychic and spiritual planes. It encompasses a rising consciousness and capacity for universal vision and action.

The enemy of mankind operates on just two/three-dimensional planes. It lacks any warmth or empathy. It is devoid of spirituality. It is coldly wedded to the material world and deeply fears the manifestation of spirit and human courage. It knows not love at all. But does know ‘how to smile’.

‘The Resistance’ is the new government. It will not need to be elected, it will simply come to be.

It is already apparent – and is growing. It is you and I, God and the future of Life on Earth.

Source: Activist Post

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