Amazon Buys Roomba And Map Data From Inside Your Home

(Matthew Gault) The corporate giant has purchased a company that uses robots to map the interior of people’s homes. Also, it vacuums.

Megacorporation Amazon has expanded its empire of data capturing devices by spending $1.7 billion purchasing beloved maker of vacuuming robots and former beloved maker of warzone robots iRobot, which makes Roombas. In addition to tidying up, Roombas are also great at mapping the interior of your home and creating marketable data for its parent company. 

This, and its recent acquisition of One Medical, have made it harder and harder to escape Amazon’s panopticon and further entrench Jeff Bezos’s bookstore as an inescapable omnicorporation with its hands in every part of your daily life. 

The iRobot acquisition also comes a year after Amazon revealed the Astro—a little Alexa on wheels that spies on you. Leaked documents acquired by Motherboard revealed that one of the goals of Astro was to create a robot that intelligently plotted out the interior of a user’s homes, even creating heat maps of highly trafficked areas. The Astro has not been well received, but people love their robot vacuums, which often do the same thing.

The news also comes weeks after the corporate giant purchased the healthcare company One Medical for $3.9 billion. These recent acquisitions give Amazon access to medical records, maps of customer homes, voice samples through Alexa, home network activity through its Eero brand of mesh routers, videos of neighborhoods and random passersby through Ring cameras, and a wealth of consumer data through its website. Then consider that a giant portion of the internet runs on Amazon Web Services, that 1 out of every 153 Americans is an Amazon worker, that it owns a large and popular grocery store chain, just subsumed GrubHub into its orbit, so on and so forth. 

Even if you want to avoid it, it’s become impossible for Amazon to not touch some portion of your life. Amazon has repeatedly violated labor laws, puts its warehouse employees in dangerous work environments, and repeatedly shared footage from its Ring cameras with cops without getting a warrant. There’s a lot of reasons to boycott Amazon. 

That’s increasingly hard to do. Even if you stopped buying things from Amazon, stopped watching The Boys, and removed every bit of Amazon backed tech from your home, you’d still have to contend with Amazon Web Services. The cloud servers have a 33% market share and are the single biggest point of failure for the internet. If you’re on the internet, then you’re surfing in the AWS cloud. It’s inescapable.

Every purchase cements Amazon’s market dominance and makes them that much more inescapable. A Roomba, in itself, is not scary. Paired with Amazon’s vast surveillance infrastructure it becomes something more sinister: another device in your home that gathers data and plugs it into Amazon’s systems. The corporation is always watching you, always touching your life, and always eager to figure out another way to sell you something.

Source: by Matthew Gault | Vice


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Regional Tensions

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Mainland China Kicks Off War Game Encircling
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Ukraine Uses Western Support To Block Flour And
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Fighting Africa’s Food Crisis – Russia Strengthening
Ties And Stretching Helping Hand To Kenya

Excellent Indian Television Segment Explains
Why China Doesn’t Just Invade Taiwan

Germany Vows ‘Will Help Taiwan’ If China
Attacks, While Russia Blasts ‘Purely Provocative’
Pelosi Visit

Pelosi Makes First Statement During Taiwan
Visit – Talks Of US ‘Unwavering Commitment’
To Taiwan

Online Footage Shows China Amassing Military

Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip Designed To Create Conflict

21 China Fighter Jets Enter Taiwan Air Defense
Zone As Pelosi Visits

China Dispatches State-Of-The-Art Warships

Chinese Tanks Seen Rolling On Packed
Beaches With War Fears Over Taiwan
Boiling Over

China Begins Large Military Drills Near Taiwan

Buchanan – Is Taiwan’s Independence Worth War?

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Is Now
Actively Moving Nuclear-Tipped ICBMs In Fujian
Province Near Taiwan Which Can Reach US

US Military Holds Drills For Hypersonic
Missile Attack, Nuclear Fallout On US Cities

Kiev’s Remark On HIMARS Targets Proves US
Military Involvement In Conflict — Russian Top Brass

Russia Slams As Major Mistake North Macedonia’s
Decision To Give T-72 Tanks To Ukraine

‘Deep Mistrust’ Between US And Zelensky – NYT

Spain Won’t Send Tanks To Ukraine

Oregon To Vote On Strictest Gun Law In The US

Ammo Companies Say Packages Shipped
With UPS Mysteriously Go Missing

Biden DOJ Sues Idaho Over ‘Near-Total Ban’
On Abortion

LA County Removes Citizenship Requirements
For Government Jobs

Watch – Fauci Complains That Americans
Will Not ‘Adhere’ To Authorities

New Crop Of COVID-19 MRNA Vaccines,
Including Self-Replicating MRNA…The
Insanity Of Genocide Continues!

Brought To You By…Pfizer! – Video

Severely Injured Healthcare Worker From
Pfizer C19 Bio-Weapon Says ‘Unvaccinated
Are The Smart Ones’

California And Illinois Declare State Of
Emergency Over Monkeypox

Pfizer Board Member Predicts Monkeypox
Will Become A ‘Public Health Failure’

Only 45% Of American Environmentalists Know
What ‘Carbon-Neutral’ Means – Poll

Europe’s Rhine River At Dangerously Low Levels,
Centimeters From Shipping Disruption

Watch – Mysterious Giant Sinkhole Near
Copper Mine Sparks Investigation In Chile

Bombshell – DOJ Says JPM Execs Manipulated Gold

Peter Schiff – The ‘Inflation Reduction Act’
Will Do The Exact Opposite

How Beer Drinking Habits Have Changed

G7 Considering Banning Services That Enable
Transportation Of Russian Oil

EU Is Not Our Boss – Hungary

UK Man Charged With Treason For
Threatening To Kill Queen Elizabeth II

Lavrov And Pelosi Trips To Asia Compared

Lavrov Bringing To Asia Cooperation, Not
Provocation As US’ Pelosi — Diplomat

Russia Stands In ‘Absolute Solidarity’ With China
– Kremlin

Foreign Ministry: Russia May Break Diplomatic
Ties With US If Designated State Sponsor Of Terrorism

US Responsible For Ukrainian ‘War Crimes’
– Russian MoD

Russian Foreign Ministry: US Supplies Weapons
& Acts As Gun Pointers In Ukrainian Conflict

Russia Strikes Foreign Fighters’ Base In Ukraine

West Behind Kosovo Escalation – Russian Envoy

Russia Views US House Speaker’s Visit To Taiwan
As Clear Provocation — Foreign Ministry

Australia Fines Passenger $1,874 After Two
Undeclared McMuffins Found In His Luggage

Sri Lanka Brushes Aside Indian ‘Spying’
Concerns Over Chinese Ship

Pakistani Airspace ‘Likely Was Used’ In
US Drone Strike That Killed Al-Qaeda Leader

Hezbollah Threatens Israel With War
Over Disputed Gas Field

IDF – Israel Blocks Roads And Civil Areas
Bordering Gaza Strip Due To Terrorism Threat

DR Congo Says 32 Civilians Killed In Protests
Against UN Peacekeepers

John Barbour Talking Movies With Son Christopher
Co-Exec Producer, Writer On The New ‘Criminal Minds’

Pelosi Makes First Statement During Taiwan Visit
Talks Of US ‘Unwavering Commitment’ To Taiwan

21 China Fighter Jets Enter Taiwan Air Defense
Zone As Nancy Pelosi Visits

Chinese Tanks Seen Rolling On Packed
Beaches With War Fears Over Taiwan
Boiling Over

China Begin Large Military Drills Near Taiwan

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Is Now
Actively Moving Nuclear-Tipped ICBMs In Fujian
Province Near Taiwan Which Can Reach US

US Military Holds Drills For Hypersonic
Missile Attack, Nuclear Fallout On US Cities

Pelosi Arrives In Taiwan, Defying Beijing’s Warnings

China Releases Powerful War Video Ahead Of

Pelosi Is Irrelevant – China Was Already
Planning An Invasion Of Taiwan

Pelosi Touches Down In Singapore To Start
Asia Trip With No Mention Of Taiwan Visit

US Carrier Strike Group May Be Heading
Toward Taiwan (Where It Will Be Quickly Sunk)

Could Pelosi’s Visit To Taiwan Spark Major
US-China War? – Is Grass Green?

Pelosi WILL Visit Taiwan Say US, Taiwan Officials

China Military Says Ready To Bury All
Invading Enemies…

Rabobank – If Pelosi Now Chickens Out And
Doesn’t Go To Taiwan, China Will Have Proven
It Controls Access To It

China Warns Military Won’t ‘Sit Idly By’
If Pelosi Lands In Taiwan

White House Defends Pelosi Trip, Blasts
China For Manufacturing Crisis & Warns
Against Escalation

US And Japanese Paratroopers Are Boarding
Aircraft In Guam

Nikkei – US Moves Aircraft Carriers, Planes
Closer To Taiwan Amid Reports Of Pelosi’s
Visit To Island

Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit – US Has Driven Itself
Into Corner And Risks Losing Face, Chinese
Scholar Says

Pelosi Trip Threatens To Make Trump’s
Prophecy Come True

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi May Use
Passenger Plane To Visit Taiwan, Expert Opines

Sen. Hawley Says US Must Reject Sweden,
Finland NATO Accession To Focus On China

Taiwan Media Say Pelosi Will Arrive On The
Island Nation Tuesday Night

Putin Says There Can Be No Winners In
Nuclear War, It Must Never Be Unleashed

UN Chief & Putin In Rare Moment Of Agreement
World Is One Miscalculation Away From Nuclear

US To Consider Use Of Nuclear Weapons Only
In Extreme Circumstances — Blinken

US Committed To Reducing Nuclear Weapons
Role And Preventing Arms Race — Blinken

Biden Says US Ready To Negotiate With Russia
On Replacement For START Strategic Arms
Control Treaty

West Seeks To Impose Global War On Mankind
Says Russian Intel Chief

Ukrainian Military Brass Reports Delivery
Of Four More US HIMARS Rocket Systems

French Volunteer – I Saw The Bucha Frame-Up

More Support For Perpetual War As Kissinger
Reverses Himself And Now Says Ukraine Shouldn’t
Cede ANY Territory To Russia – See What’s Ahead?

German Mars-II Rocket System Arrives In Ukraine

Fitts – The Financial System – A Lawless
Criminal Control Syndicate

Deadly BioWeapon Injection Pusher Trump
Says ‘Klaus Has Done A Fantastic Job’ – Watch

Katie Hopkins On Jan 6 – Excellent Video

Democrats Fixate On Gay Marriage While
The Country Crumbles

Watch ‘My Message To Russian President
Vladimir Putin’ – Video

Trump Claims Biden Didn’t Contract
COVID-19 But Dementia Instead

Ukes Drop Hundreds Of Anti-Personnel Mines
On City Of Donetsk

First Ship With Ukraine Grain Leaves Odessa

Ukes Risk Big NPP Accident And Bans IAEA
Inspection Of Its Nuclear Power Plants
Ukraine Risks Nuclear Accident And Bans IAEA Inspection Of Nuclear Power Plants
Ukraine Limiting Russian Gas Flow To EU – Gazprom

Has Fox News Effectively Banned Trump
From Appearing On The Network?

Kavanaugh Assassin Suspect Identified
As A Transgender Female

San Francisco Real Estate Magnate Robbed
At Gunpoint, Fears City ‘On Path Of Decline
We May Never Recover From’

McKinney Fire In Northern California
Becomes Largest Of Season

Death Toll Rises From Terrible US Flood

Jon Stewart Melts Down At Jack Posobiec
Outside Capitol

Long-Term Disability Claims Are Soaring
Among C19 Lethally Injected Pilots

More Americans Think Harassing Health
Officials Amid COVID Pandemic ‘Justified’

Amazon Cuts 100,000 Employees From
Workforce In A Single Quarter

New, Huge Sunspot Triples In Size In 24 Hrs

Authorities Of German Town To Call For
Lifting Of Anti-Russian Sanctions

Senior Economist ‘Fact Checked’ By
Facebook For Saying US Is In Recession

Port Of LA Fends Off 40 Million Cyber
Attacks Each Month – Director

Black – A 1,000+ Year Old Idea Is
The Latest Crypto Trend

Over Quarter Of Low-Income UK Households
Concerned About Coping With Higher Energy Bills

West Artificially Complicates Situation Around
Nord Stream Turbines – Kremlin

Russia Is Vital For OPEC+ – Says New
OPEC Secretary-General

US Eyes Sanctions Against Global Network
Accused Of Smuggling Iranian Oil

EU-Wide Ban On Russian Coal Comes
Into Effect Amid Energy Crisis In Europe

Latvia Not Receiving Russian Gas
Since July 30, Reports Say

EU, UK Fold? Delay Cutting Off Russia
From Oil Insurance Market

UK Eases Sanctions Related To Insurance In
Aviation Industry For Persons Linked To Russia

Law Legalizing Medical Cannabis Enters
Into Force In Switzerland

Sanctions Against Russia Do Not Reflect Realities
Of Global Politics And Economy — Putin

Kremlin – Serbs’ Rights Must Be Guaranteed
In Resolution Of Conflict In Kosovo

Analyst – Kosovo Crisis Postponed For A Month
…Washington Is Behind Provocation

Emboldened Kosovo Stokes Tension With
Serbia After Getting Blinken’s Blessing

N Korea Preparing 1st Nuclear Test In 5 Yrs
Blinken Informs UN

US Navy Wants To Use ‘Drone Ships’ To
Compete With China Despite Concerns
Over ‘Unproven Technology’

Seven Tons Of Radioactive Water Reportedly
Leaked At 3rd Reactor Of Japan’s Mihama NPP

US Says Subs Australia To Get Under AUKUS
Will Be Nuclear-Powered, Not Nuclear-Armed

US To Deepen Military Ties With New Zealand
To Counter China Influence In South Pacific

Blinken – US Prepared To Proceed With Iran
Nuke Deal On Basis Of What Has Been Agreed

Did You Know This? Smith-Mundt Modernization
Act Of 2012 Authorizing Hoaxes And Fake News…

Senator Slams FBI For ‘Tipping Scales Of
Justice’ In Hunter Biden Probe Amid
Whistleblower Testimony

Ex-DEA Special Ops Chief Blasts
Biden Over Fentanyl Crisis

Biden’s Back-To-Back COVID Diagnoses
Undermine Administration’s Narrative On
His Health

CFR Members And Bilderberg Attendees
Appointed By Creeper Joe Biden

Jon Stewart Goes Full ‘Useful Idiot’ After Dems
Sneak $400B Of ‘Mandatory’ Spending Into
Veterans Health Care Bill

Putin Targets US In New Navy Doctrine,
Warns Of Using Hypersonic Weapons

Ukes Hit Russian Navy HQ With Sevastopol,
Crimea With UAV…Navy Day Cancelled
…Another Russian Red Line Crossed

China Sanctions Nancy Pelosi, Refused
Entry Into China And Taiwan

The Myth Of The HIMARS ‘Game Changer’
US-Supplied Rocket System Is Effective
But It Won’t Bring Victory To Ukraine

Trump Weighs In On Proposed
Russia-US Prisoner Swap

Ukraine Is Not America’s Business – Coulter

Amphibious BIBER Tanks To Join Ukraine
Growing Arsenal Of Western Weapons

Ukraine Terrorizing Donetsk Civilians
With Mines – Mayor

Ukraine Scattering Mines In Kharkov Region

Russian Navy To Obtain Zircon Hypersonic
Missiles In Coming Months, Putin Says

Zircon – What’s Known About The New
Russian Hypersonic Missiles

Putin Signs New Russian Naval Doctrine

Russia’s New Maritime Doctrine Outlines
Boundaries Of Country’s National Interests

Russia’s New Maritime Doctrine Identifies
Mounting NATO Activity As Major Security Threat

Texas Set To Declare ‘Wartime Authority’
To Stop Collapse Of Border – Video

Hitler’s Greatest Hits – Quotes You Were Never Shown

Air Force Includes Drag Show In Woke
‘Diversity’ Festival At Langley

Trump Slams DC Mayor Requesting Deployment
Of National Guard Over Influx Of Illegal Immigrants

Election Observers Won’t Be Allowed To View
Vote-Counting In LA District Attorney Recall

Crime Has Become A Key Political Issue That’s
Stifling New York City’s Post-Pandemic Growth

No Farmers, No Food, No Life

CA To Charge Landowners For
Their Own Water

Both Biden And Trump Are Shills For
The Deep State’s ‘Vax’ Death Mandates

Now 6 Canada Medical Doctors Dead Within
2 Weeks After 4th COVID Booster Shots For
Employees Started At One Hospital

Ultimate Proof – Covid-19 Was Planned
To Usher In The New World Order

Newborn Baby’s Arm AMPUTATED After Mom
Took Covid Vaccines And Baby Suffered Blood
Clots In The Womb

DNA Testing Kits Are Really Designed For
Biological Weapon Development, House
Intel Committee Warns

COVID Reinfection Rate With Treatment
Biden Is Taking Is More Than 40% –
And Not 2% As Marketed

Retired US Generals Issue Warning About
New Pandemic Declaration

US Publisher – What If COVID Outbreak
Is Part Of The Pentagon’s BioWarfare Plan?
Gosh, Ya Think?

Russia – Monkeypox Spread Started From
Four US-Run BioWeapon Labs In Nigeria

Brain Eating Amoeba Are Hiding In Rivers And
Lakes Throughout America This Summer

Musk – ‘We Can’t Let Putin Take Over Ukraine’

Record Container Ship Traffic Jam As Backlog
Continues To Build On East And Gulf Coasts Now

Boise, Idaho Becomes The Canary In
The National Housing Market Coal Mine

Hawaii Electricity Prices To Skyrocket
As Final Shipment Of Coal Arrives

Statistically Indistinguishable From Zero
Wharton Study Finds ‘Inflation Reduction

Why The EU Could End Within A Year

Severing Ties With Russia Is ‘Absurd
And Dangerous’ – German Official

A Eurosceptic Italian Government Is
Coming In September

One In Ten Britons Give Up Domestic
Holiday Plans Due To Soaring Gas Prices

Mediterranean Sea’s Temperature Reaches
Abnormally High Levels

Calls For Nationwide Hosepipe Ban, And Water
Metering As UK Swelters In Record Heat

German Finance Minister Calls For Cessation
Of Gas Use For Power Generation

Netherlands Faces Winter Of Smog From
Wood-Burning Stoves

Dutch Stockpiling Firewood For Winter Amid
Rising Energy Prices, Reports Say

World Re-Entering The Coal Age – IEA

Rumors Of Serbia-Kosovo Clashes Send Border
Tensions Soaring, President Addresses Nation

Russia Warns Kosovo Against Conflict

Kosovo Planning To Attack Serbs – Belgrade

Alarm Bells Ring In Kosovo

Protesters In Gagauzia Demand Moldova
Resume Relations With Russia

Russia May Use Force To Defend Its Interests
In World Ocean

Historic And Modern Boats On Display
At Russia’s Navy Day

Qantas Flights Grounded Across
Australia Due To Nationwide IT Glitch

Suspected Monkeypox Patient Dies In
India’s Kerala

India’s ‘Vision’ Is To Connect Iran’s Chabahar
Port To INSTC, Shipping Minister Sonowal Says

Sri Lanka’s President Says IMF Deal Delayed
Over ‘Unrest’, Warns IMF Funds Won’t Solve Crisis

Argentina’s Govt Collapses, People Refuse To
Work Because Subsidies Have Been Cut

Israel’s War On Cash Is About To
Get More Drastic

Beirut’s 2020 Blast-Hit Grain Silos
Suddenly Collapse In Massive Plume
Of Debris

One Person Reportedly Dead In Border
Clash Between Iran, Taliban

Sadr Supporters To Stay At Iraqi Parliament
Until Corrupt Officials Gone, Office Says

Israeli Gov’t Approves Proposal To Speed Up
Joint Industrial Zone Project With Jordan

Hezbollah Issues Warning To Israel

Boy Praised For Helping Rescue
Toddler From Bottom Of Pool

Pelosi Bows To China, Says She Won’t Visit Taiwan

China Warns ‘Get Ready For World War 3’
If Pelosi Sets Foot In Taiwan

Info On Plane Suspected Of Carrying Pelosi
Apparently Yanked From FlightRadar After
Being Spotted

China Launches Live-Fire Drills Off Taiwan With
US Carrier Group Nearby – Will Ice Cream Nancy
Fly To Taiwan?

China Is Issuing The Same Red Line Warnings
About Taiwan That Russia Issued About Ukraine

US Lawmakers Prepare Taiwan Lend-Lease
Bill As Regional Tensions Seethe – The US
Will End Up With Inadequate Weapons To
Defend Itself

Washington’s Clumsiness Over Taiwan May Push
US-China Relations To Point Of No Return

Why Is The US Provoking China In ‘The
Most Dangerous Place On Earth’?

Biden Tests Positive For ‘Rebound’ COVID And
Goes Back Into Hiding, Er, Isolation – Too Funny

Biden Least Popular President In Decades – Poll

Caught – Biden’s Scheme To Take Over 2022
Elections Now In Bull’s-Eye

Biden Admin Buses Invaders To NYC,
Gives Them False Information About
Where To Seek Shelter, Aid

Biden Admin Delivers Longest J6 Sentence
To Black Man Despite ‘Equity’ Focus

Video Appears To Show Key Kherson
Railway Bridge Destroyed By Ukraine
With US HIMARS – When Will Russia
Take Off The Gloves?

Nuclear War Threat Higher Than In Cold War
Says UK National Security Advisor

Elite Battalion Of Zelensky Destroyed – Russia

Zelensky And US To Blame For ‘Bloodbath’ In
Donbass Says Russia

Massive Escalation Of Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine
Being Planned As Donetsk People’s Republic Leader
Seeks ‘Liberation’ Of ‘All Russian Cities’ In Ukraine

Bolshevik Zionist Zelensky Says Americans
Must Sacrifice For Ukraine

Ukraine Strikes Civilian Humanitarian Convoy

Blinken Reportedly Resisting Senate’s Push
To Declare Russia A State Sponsor Of Terrorism

German Leadership Blamed For Stalled
Ukraine Aid

Democrats Pass ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban, Say
‘The Second Amendment Needs To End’
…No,THEY Need To End

Canada Unveils Mandatory AR-15
Buyback Program – US House Passes
‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

Traitor Republicans Who Voted For Democrat
Ban On US’ Most Popular Rifle

Oklahoma Public Schools Introduce
Biological Sex Affidavits For Sports

Bill Gates Left Reeling After McDonald’s
Ditches ‘Fake Meat’ Project

Commucrats Vow To Redefine ‘Female’,
‘Pedophile’ And ‘Recession’

UN, WEF Are Behind Global ‘War On Farmers’
Says Experts As Famine Draws Closer

Food Banks Across America Report Record
Demand And Record Shortages

Over 1,000 Entities Listed As Users Of
Russian Facial Recognition Software

‘Hitler’s Watch’ Auctioned For Over $1 Million
Amid Jewish Leaders Protests

Watch Philly At Night – Another Sewer City

NYC’s Emergency ‘Go Bag’ Advice Featuring
Teddy Bears, Video Games, Rubber Ducks
Gives Residents The Creeps

Alex Jones InfoWars In Another Bankruptcy Filing

Consensual Totalitarianism Achieved
Thru Occult Programming

No One Has A Problem With Violence
Until The Outnumbered White Guy Has
A Gun – Watch

Satanic Pope Francis And Canadian Bishops
Take Part In Pagan ‘Smudging’ Ritual Invoking
‘Sacred Circle Of (Demonic) Spirits’

The Third Straw – Inside The 3-Mile-Long
Tunnel Below Lake Mead That Will Provide
Water To The Over Two Million Residents
Of The Las Vegas Valley When Lake Mead
Has Almost Dried Out

SIXTH Canadian Doctor Dies Suddenly And
Unexpectedly In Last 2 Weeks – Kill Shots

Monkey Business Lies – Where Is The
‘Straight-Sex’ Monkeypox Outbreak?

It Was Never A ‘Pandemic Of The Unvaxed’
And Official Public Health Data Prove It

Mom Files Lawsuit After Son Bribed At LA School,
Allowed To Forge Mom’s Signature For COVID Shot
Suffers Reactions – Another One Who Will Die

Tour De France Cyclist Says Many Riders
Are ‘Suffering With Mysterious Breathing
Problems’ (They Are Dying From The Shots)

Judge Strikes Down Hochul’s Plan To Put
Sick People And Others In ‘Camps’

Woman Who Had Mysterious Head Gash
Is Diagnosed With COVID, Then Days Later
Doctors Find Bullet

Twitter Stops Censoring Epoch Times
Content After Outcry

WSJ Responds To Musk Attacks On Reporter Who
Wrote Of The Alleged Affair

CDC Gave Big Tech Platforms Guidance
On COVID Censorship

Court Rejects Google’s Attempt To Dismiss
Rumble’s Antitrust Lawsuit, Ensuring Vast
Discovery Of Googles Assets Ahead

Air Force Grounding Majority Of F-35 Fleet

The Rouble Is Soaring And Putin Is Stronger
Than Ever – US Sanctions Have Totally Backfired

4 In 10 Americans Forced To Cut Back On
Groceries Due To Bidenflation

Gas Levy Could Triple Household Heating
Bills In Germany

Japan Tells US It Wants To Stay In Russia-Led
Gas Project Sakhalin-2

Rhine Levels In Germany Forecast To
Drop Lower As Barges Reduce Cargo

Turkey’s Exports To Russia Jump

Gold’s Rise Is Just A Recession Away

Infamous Kyrgyzstan Gold Mine Becomes
State Property

Hershey’s Warns Of Halloween Candy
Shortage Because Of Disruptions To
Supply Chain

Chem Giant BASF To Slash Ammonia Fertilizer
Production In Germany Amid Natural Gas Crisis,
Reducing Nitrogen-Based Fertilizer Supply

UK’s Johnson Could Identify As A Woman For
NATO Secretary General Race – Zakharova

No Chance For Johnson To Become New
NATO Secretary General — Brussels Source

Oddsmakers – 84% Chance Foreign Minister
Liz Truss Is Next UK PM

English Rugby Bans Trans Players

‘Western Values’ On Display – Moscow Blasts
Norwegian Diplomat Over ‘I Hate Russians’ Rant

‘Get The Hell Out Of Russia,’ Governor Tells
‘Russophobes’ Amid Norway Scandal

Norwegian Foreign Ministry Says It Regrets
Behavior Of Consulate Employee In Murmansk

Iran Closes Ranks With Beijing Amid Taiwan
Tensions, Stresses Support For One China Policy

Imran Khan Rips Into Army Chief Amid Reports
Of Pakistan Seeking Help From US To Secure
IMF Deal

India Set To Ground Aging Soviet-Origin
Aircraft Fleet, Reports Suggest

Former Maharashtra State Chief Slams
Governor As Row Over His Controversial
Remarks Escalates

UN Mission In Iraq Expresses Concern About
Protests In Baghdad, Calls For End Of Violence

Iraqi Protesters Storm Parliament Building
For Second Time In 72 Hours

FBI Raids African People’s Socialist Party,
Claims The Group Was ‘Controlled’ By FSB

Pelosi Set For Asia Trip After China Leader Xi
Warns US Not To ‘Play With Fire’ Over Taiwan
…She Won’t Say If She’ll Visit Taiwan

Republicans Ready Bill To Lease Taiwan
Weapons In Stand Off With China

Xi Warns Biden On Taiwan, Urging ‘Clear-Eyed’
Approach Versus Playing With ‘Fire’

Pelosi Refuses To Confirm Possible Taiwan Stop,
Calling Asia Tour Schedule ‘A Security Issue’

China’s Army Posts ‘Get Ready For War!’ Message
On Social Media – State Mouthpiece Says PLA Has
‘Right’ To Intercept Pelosi’s Plane

Military Escalation Around Taiwan Possible
In August, Expert Says

Lavrov Reaffirms Russia’s Commitment To
One China Policy Ahead Of Pelosi’s Possible
Taiwan Trip

War, Famine, Diseases And Mass Chaos
Being Unleashed Against Us

Michele/Mike Obama Registered To Vote As
As MALE From 1994-2008 – Will She Run? – Video

Michele’s Real Life Story And Plan For Power
Joel Gilbert’s New Documentary – Video Trailer

Shimatsu – Biden Faked Having ‘COVID’ To
Evade Papal Censure Of His Pro-Abortion Flip

Communists Kamal Harris, CA’s Newsom
Top List Of Democratic Preferences If Biden
Doesn’t Run – Poll

Brain Dead Pedo Biden Is Running In 2024
Says White House – Beyond Belief

California, Rest In Peace…

US Plunges Into Recession

Ukes To Get Norwegian NASAMS To Shoot
Down Russian Missiles

Ukes Strike Russian Military Base Inside Russia
Apparently With US HIMARS Rockets – Huge
Explosions – Another Red Line Crossed – Will
Russia Respond As Promised At West Targets?

Russia Claims Ukraine Had A Reason To
Kill Its Own POWs

Ukes Hit Russian POW Camp Containing Azov Nazis
Killing Many Of Their Own Men After They Made
Videos Revealing Kiev Atrocities – So Kiev Killed Them

Lavrov Urges ‘Quiet Diplomacy’ On Prisoner
Swap During Phone Talk With Blinken

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