Survivor of 2013 mRNA Based Medical Trial Speaks

Man Who Participated In a 2013 Trial With 200 Thousand People To Test mRNA based medication speaks. Claims his Doctor confirms Only Five (5) Are Still Alive! “EVERY Participant Had Their Heart Stop At Least Once!” Symptoms (Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke) all Took TWO YEARS To Show Up!

And Yes I Know That Many People Have Taken The Clot Shot And Experienced Zero Adverse Effects! That Is Because Many Have Been Given A Saline Solution Plaxcebo So That Not Too Many People Would Die All At Once!! These Psychopaths Are Evil, Not Stupid!

Source: Darrell Hines | Truth To Power


Courageous Nurses Across America Are Testifying About The Rapidly Growing ‘Vax Body Count’ While Comparing US Hospitals To Concentration Camps, Putting Their Lives In Danger 

WEF’s Yuval Noah Harari spills the beans ‘We just don’t need the vast majority of the population’ Harari validated what we ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been saying for years,that globalist power elites want to rid the world of people deemed ‘useless’in their eyes 

Canada Announces ‘Digital Identity Program’ in Partnership with WEF: The program seeks to create a digital proof-of-identity document for all citizens that is logged in a system used by airports, authorities, and government agencies. 

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