Sharyl Attkisson Reveals Depths FBI Will Go To Discredit Critics

(Thomas Lifson) The forty-two seconds of the Rumble video embedded below are truly shocking.  Courageous journalist Sharyl Attkisson testifies to a congressional hearing about the depths to which the FBI has sunk in its attempts to discredit one of its most effective critics.

In case you don’t know, while she was working as a reporter for CBS, Ms. Attkisson’s work and home computers were invaded and taken over by the FBI, evidently because she had incurred their ire over her reporting.  You can watch the CBS report on the incursion here:

Armed with considerable evidence, she has sued individual agents and has already received one default judgment in her favor.  As she explains here:

Multiple forensics exams concluded that numerous devices used by Attkisson were remotely compromised including, but not limited to:

  • CBS Toshiba Laptop
  • Apple iMac Desktop
  • MacBook Air
  • Mobile devices, including Blackberry

Forensics exams were conducted from 2013 to present by:

  • Confidential government source (CBS Toshiba Laptop)
  • CBS-hired forensics firm (CBS Toshiba Laptop and iMac Desktop)
  • Independent forensic examiner #1 (CBS Toshiba Laptop, iMac Desktop and other devices)
  • Department of Justice Inspector General (iMac Desktop, only)
  • Independent forensic examiner #2 (CBS Toshiba Laptop, iMac Desktop and other devices)
  • Independent forensic firm (CBS Toshiba Laptop, iMac Desktop and other devices)

Most recently, I received a clerk’s default against one of the guilty federal agents I’m suing. Discovery is underway with another defendant, an ex-Secret Service agent imprisoned on a different corruption crime, whom DOJ is using your tax money to hire private counsel to defend.

These lawsuits are very expensive, and Sharyl has a GoFundMe page that is three quarters of the way to the goal of $400,000 to continue the lawsuits.  You can read more about the lawsuits and donate here.

So how low will the FBI go trying to fight her?  Watch and try to control your anger:

Source: by Thomas Lifson | The American Thinker


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