Dan Bongino Reveals Why Getting COVID Vaccinated Is ‘The Greatest Regret Of My Life’

Whether duped or not, President Operation Warp Speed is guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

Bongino’s biggest mistake is that he went on air and touted the slow kill bioweapons for himself, and thus indirectly promoted them. He too is guilty of Crimes Against Humanity, though walking it all back certainly helps his cause some.

Do NOT comply.

(Alicia Powe) Until recently, just a few select independent media outlets reported the truth to the American people about the effects of COVID vaccines and the experimental gene-editing technology they contain.

InfoWars, at the tip of the spear, imminently warned its viewers daily throughout the pandemic that the shots are a bioweapon.

3 thoughts on “Dan Bongino Reveals Why Getting COVID Vaccinated Is ‘The Greatest Regret Of My Life’

  1. GrumpyOne

    I’ve had covid twice but still remain unvaccinated. The first infection occurred in January of 2021 where I got hit twice exactly two weeks apart. The second even though it was a much milder occurred about four weeks ago and I still remain unvaccinated because the available alternatives in this country remained unavailable to the general public.

    But this time I found an alternative option to buy a course of medication outside the US and on the first day of self treatment, dramatic improvement came within hours and the rest is history…

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    1. Bone Fish Post author

      This anti-quackccine Whiskey Tango caught it once and promptly treated with Ivermectin prescribed by a doctor, with zinc, vitamins C, D3, and K2. Bed ridden for four days with fevers, followed by heavy post-nasal drip cough that persisted for two months.


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