Study: Graphene, Radiofrequencies, Acoustic Resonance And You

Says high exposure to ~26GHz and ~60GHz frequencies are dangerous for those who took jabs loaded with graphene. 

Video Source


Former CDC Director Says He Knows
Fauci Funded COVID Research

Another Toxic Effect Of Covid BioWeapons
…Transplant Rejection

Vax-Injured Pilots Scared To Come Forward
…Warns Freedom Flyers Founder

4 Celebrities ‘Die Suddenly’ Within One Week

Dr. Ryan Cole – The Wicked, PROVEN Cancer-Causing
Ability Of The BioWeapon Spike Protein – Video

Dr Jessica Rose – Prion Disease (CJD) Exploding
In The Brain After BioWeapon Injections – No Cure,
100% Fatality Rate – Video

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