Secrets of the MORGUE – 3 Embalmers share Deadly Secrets of the Vax’d Dead

Join DeAnna Lorraine on her new show Shots Fired with DeAnna Lorraine! DeAnna organized a special “morbid” treat for you – an exclusive deep-dive GROUP interview with the 3 top world-renowned Embalmers and Morticians who have been making major waves across the world with their courage to speak the TRUTH about what they’re seeing.

Mortician John O’ Looney from the UK, Embalmer Richard Hirschman, and Chief Deputy Coroner Wallace Hooker will be all together in the same room as DeAnna guides this deep conversation. They will be revealing shocking secrets of their inner circles of what they’ve been seeing and discovering while handling the dead bodies of the Jabb’d. Ghastly clots, Embalming procedures malfunctioning, fetal deaths and more that you will NOT find anywhere in the Mainstream Media. In fact the MSM and “Covid Health Experts” are aggressively trying to cover this information up and ban these brave Embalmers and Morticians. Must-watch and share interview!

Source: Stew Peters

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