Pentagon Clears Ukraine To Attack Russian Heartland With U.S. Weapons

At the end of the Soviet Union the then leader Gorbachov made a gentleman agreement with the USA, EU and NATO agreeing that NATO would never expand towards the East – to Russia.

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(Judge Napolitano) At the end of the Soviet Union the then leader Gorbachov made a gentleman agreement with the USA, EU and NATO agreeing that NATO would never expand towards the East – to Russia…(who violated the Minsk agreements? Angela Merkel have said that Minsk was never about peace, but to buy time so that they could arm Ukraine for a future attack against Russia !). So.. what is the history of this dispute? We must go back to the fall of the Soviet Union after which the Ukraine became an independent Country. The people of the Ukraine organized democratic held elections in which Viktor Yanukovych became President. Observers from the EU found nothing wrong with these elections. The voters voting for Yanukovych wished for their Country to stay neutral and to do trade with both the EU and Russia. But the WEF Globalist controlled EU told Yanukovych to only trade with them and he also had to make the Ukraine a member of NATO, or their would be no deal at all. Yanukovych refused. Biden, the CIA and the EU then did everything to remove Yanukovych from power – in which they succeeded in the year 2014 – to replace him by a corrupt Ukraine Oligarch by the name of Poroshenko. As soon as Poroshenko was installed is when he asked Obama ruled America and the EU / NATO for “protection” against Russia, and so the US and the EU promised to protect Poroshenko. Now feeling secure Poroshenko started to discriminate the Russian SPEAKING Ukrainians living in the east of Ukraine because they didn’t want to become part of the EU or NATO as they were promised to stay neutral. So the Russian speaking Ukraine citizen got randomly bombarded by the Poroshenko regime and his successor Zelensky for 8 years straight – killing more then 14.000 civilians in the ‘process’- to which they finally called Putin for help. Putin meanwhile asked the EU many times to stop their support for this Fascist regime (his pleading efforts were never ever shown in our Western media ! ) and the random killing, but instead they doubled their support for Poroshenko and the current ruler Zelensky. See how this works? Putin doesn’t want Ukraine to become a NATO member. What would the USA do if Putin was to place troops and rockets along the south or northern US border.. would the USA say : “O please, go ahead ” ? The truth is: WEF / EU Globalists want Putin be removed and replaced by some Russia corrupt traitor doing the wishes of the WEF Globalists. Make no mistake (and we see it clearly now in Canada, Australia and Europe) – the WEF Globalists want to rule the whole world; Communist style with Chinese style “social credit score”. The Ukraine people should have decided to stay a neutral Country… works VERY well for Switzerland. If Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine would have formed a neutral zone situated between de EU / NATO and Russia there would never be war again. They should together be able to trade with the EU and with Russia too, and they should be allowed to have their own form of defense (industry). But this is made impossible because of evil people who love to hate, kill and destroy, and because of their love for power over others and their love for money, rather than to live in peace with each other. God said through Jesus to love our neighbor as we love ourselves – meaning everyone. The history and truth regarding this conflict must be told and spread throughout Armed Forces and throughout the world. Because if you believe the Western media – you, as a Soldier – will die for lies.

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