Oregon Pitches Abortion Vans To Reach Rural And Communities of Color

(Katherine Hamilton) Oregon lawmakers want to send “mobile abortion clinics” to “rural parts of the state and communities of color” to help them end the lives of their unborn children, Live Action News reported on Monday, citing the Herald and News.

A “Reproductive Health and Access to Care” work group organized by Oregon House Speaker Dan Rayfield (D) created recommendations following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, saying the state should use community and university health centers to spread abortion information and increase medication abortions.

“That could include utilizing community health to deploy mobile abortion clinics and having college medical centers dispense abortion-inducing medications and emergency contraception,” Herald and News wrote.

The work group was comprised of representatives from radical pro-abortion groups, including Planned Parenthood, Oregon ACLU, Oregon Nurses Association, and Center for Reproductive Rights, as well as “transgender rights” groups.

These groups also said they want to go after crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), which are often run by pro-life groups and offer alternatives to abortion, as well as pre and post-natal services and resources for parents.

“[The work group] also wants to use state unfair trade practices to go after crisis pregnancy centers operated by ‘pro life’ groups offering alternatives to abortions,” according to the report. “The work group also wants state statutes and medical regulations to offer greater protections for gender-affirming care, including sex changes. That includes privacy protections for doctors serving transgender patients.”

The work group’s recommendation document says Oregon should “implement a regionally diverse pilot for (Federally Qualified Health Centers) FQHCs interested in expanding reproductive health services to support abortion access through state funding. Establish a technical advisory group to assist with pilot design and administration. Pilot criteria must be flexible to permit the use of mobile clinics or other temporary or transitional features, and applicants must demonstrate a governance commitment to expanding reproductive health services.” (Emphasis added)

The Herald and News report points out that Oregon already has a $15 million public fund “to help women travel to Oregon for abortions and to help clinics with staffing and equipment.”

Source: by Katherine Hamilton | Breitbart

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