No Amnesty, No Quarter, No Excuses For ALL Officials

You need to read this and let it sink in for a while before the light will probably come on.

(Karl Denninger) I’ve pointed out the pieces of it before — NCJIA/VICP and its history (which gave us VAERS and similar), the original PHE act, PREP Act and more.

All of these together constructed a legal and regulatory framework that enabled the use of unknown, untested “countermeasures”, including coercive steps to do so, and provided legal immunity to everyone involved even if, after the use started, it was shown that they were worthless, harmful or even killed people.

Behind this open and notorious fraud was practiced; the use of the word “vaccine” for example, was broadened to include things not vaccines yet they called them that, and the word was redefined to include them at the start of Covid even though the people doing it knew damn well they were lying.  A vaccine induces sterile immunity in the person who gets it; that is, it mimics the effect of an actual infection in producing a bioidentical response as with an infection such that you cannot get said agent again and you cannot pass it on to others.  If the original infection does not produce stable and sterile immunity then similar response probably won’t either and if whatever you administer does not, whether for that reason or any other, it is not a vaccine.

People will sometimes try to point to IPV (injected polio “vaccine”) as an exception but their own attempt is a lie and in fact proves that even the CDC and other health authorities didn’t attempt to run that lie prior to Covid because Sabin realized that Salk’s injected shot was not a vaccine in that it did not induce sterile immunity.  It did prevent you from getting physically sick but you could get still get polio and give it to others; ergo it was not a vaccine.  He developed the oral formula which is a vaccine in that it colonized the gut and in doing so induced sterile immunity.  We used both until polio ceased to circulate in the US because otherwise taking the shot alone would screw unvaccinated people; the shot prevented the about 1 in a million risk that the oral formula had of turning back to the virulent form in your body and crippling or killing you.  For this reason OPV is still used in parts of the world where polio continues to circulate.  It has to be otherwise you kill people by giving shots out as those you give the shots to become carriers and infect others.

DTP was an actual vaccine in that it induced sterile, durable immunity to all three of the bacterial pathogens in question; when the NCJIA/VICP programs were put into place it was because pharma had screwed up the shot as a result of poor quality control and the result was serious injuries to kids and a few deaths.  The parents sued.  Subsequent to that event pharma reformulated the shot to be “aP” which is easier to produce but is not sterilizing and yet it is still fraudulently called a “vaccine” when only two parts of the shot now are.  They get away with this because NCJIA forbid suing them if you got Pertussis as a result of someone being a Typhoid Mary from their non-sterilizing shot and this is not a theoretical risk; the US has gone from about 1,000 cases of Pertussis when the “DTP” formula was the only one used just prior to the screw-up to roughly twenty times as many cases today with ONLY DTaP being available and of those roughly 20,000 cases the data is that 19,000 of them every year should not have happened and wouldn’t but for this non-sterilizing shot that is not, with respect to pertussis, a vaccine.  Nobody goes to jail for this and hasn’t for 35 years because Congress gave them legal immunity for screwing 19,000 kids per year with a serious illness rather than force pharmaceutical companies to fix the original formula’s production problems.

Every physician and nurse who has read anything about the history of vaccines and how VAERS came to be knows this and every one of them I’ve confronted with it has tried to gaslight me or insult my intelligence despite the data and what happened being public and available to anyone who cares to look for decades.  All of them, without exception, have done this which means they know and have known their entire professional lives and have deliberately screwed kids by administering shots that cannot provide sterile immunity rather than raise Hell and force this crap to stop.  The only defense one could possibly raise is that such screwing is “rare”, which is in fact true — but doesn’t help if your kid draws the short straw.  There is not one such medically-trained individual who is innocent; anyone who has studied the history of these events on even a cursory basis knows damn well what happened, why it happened, and the simple facts are that they consider their paycheck to be more important than your baby.

This is what all that turned into when Covid showed up:

To the extent that “use” of Covid-19 products after Feb. 04, 2020 “shall not constitute clinical investigation,” use of such products is authorized even if there is no safety or efficacy data, even if such products are toxic and ineffective.

Got it?

Even if they don’t work and even, shockingly, they both don’t work AND are toxic.

Worse, said results of not working or toxicity do not constitute cause to stop using them because under the law there is no clinical investigation and thus no duty or even desire, necessarily, to stop!  Since there is nothing being investigated by law there is nothing to be stopped.

Remdesivir was proved worthless in a huge multi-national trial that even the WHO recognized and thus they recommended its use be stopped.  It wasn’t stopped in the United States; the hospitals were paid to give it to anyone who showed up with Covid, they did, and they continue to.  They are profiting directly from a drug that a huge study said was worthless and is known to be dangerous in about 20% of the people it is given to.  In other words it is known to be both worthless AND toxic and yet it was given to hundreds of thousands of Americans anyway.

“Vaccinators” are thereby authorized by the HHS Secretary to withhold information about product ingredients; vial contents; potential individual risks and benefits based on individual health conditions; treatment alternatives; and the option to accept or refuse the products.

Your doctor, nurse, public health officials, hospitals and the government along with pharmaceutical companies themselves have no obligation to disclose what’s in the product, what risks it has even if they know about them, what benefits are claimed but are suspected or known to be false, how that all intersects with your personal health status and any alternatives you might otherwise choose to use.

In other words they are fully authorized under the law to lie about any aspect of these “countermeasures”, including calling something by a name it is not.  They can even deliberately fail to tell you that the drug they’re about to give you is both toxic and worthless or lie about what they know in that regard and there’s nothing you can do about it if you get screwed or one of your loved ones dies as a consequence.

The record shows lie they did, repeatedly and many people have died as a result.

For example we now know that Quercetin, a readily-available herb, may prevent kidney injury during a Covid infection.  It was theorized quite early on that quercetin was protective during a Covid infection (although the specific mechanism had not yet been identified) and formed the basis for recommendations for its use by several independent medical doctors and others, particularly in conjunction with a zinc supplement.  The data behind this via experimental evidence (fewer hospital admissions and deaths) was sound and the risks non-existent in reasonable doses, even with legitimate considerations on bioavailability which had been raised.  I personally used it for this reason (and, since it works in me as well as OTC antihistamines against seasonal allergies with no side effects or material risk of them I continue to do so on an intermittent basis.)  Now we know it it can indeed block said damage by actual study in humanized mice (which can, of course, be sacrificed and examined .vs. controls to see what happens) so to the experimental evidence we now add actual proof of a biological  protective effect via direct scientific examination against damage the infection can otherwise cause.

If your loved one was admitted to a hospital for Covid and died via a chain of events that included kidney failure (a friend of mine had exactly that happen) there is every reason to believe said person should not be dead.  They are dead because the doctors, nurses and hospitals refused to use anything except what they wanted to and were paid to use, including a drug (Remdesivir) that had a documented risk of destroying kidney function in multiple, many-years-back clinical trials.  Since Covid was known to potentially damage the kidneys in severe cases you’d think a physician or hospital would be nuts to administer a drug that might also do that sort of damage when you are already at risk of said damage occurring.  You’d be wrong and there are a large pile of dead bodies standing as evidence that they did not give a wet crap about your loved one’s life and the data right in front of them that what they were giving said person had a decent chance of making their condition worse — including the possibility of making it fatal and after the summer of 2021 we knew the drug was worthless because it had been so-proved in a huge international study.  That study was widely reported on in the press as well as being all over medical journals and thus exactly nobody in a medical field has an excuse of “not knowing.”  They both knew and didn’t care.

The individuals that worked during the pandemic and still work in said clinical settings are all personally responsible for this crap.  Every single one of them could have refused to participate in this slaughter and walked out and if they had done so the slaughter would have stopped immediately; they instead decided of their own free will to take actions that likely were the indirect cause of death of your loved one and reveled in the fact that they were given a literal license to do so without consequence and with no obligation to review anything related to what they were using or the personal circumstances of the individual laying on the bed before them prior to acting — an obligation that attaches to any other professional in any other circumstance.

There are plenty of folks arguing that the DOD was (and remains) basically in charge of all of these “countermeasures.”  I don’t care if they are or aren’t; that’s immaterial because in the Untied States the military, per the Constitution, is under civilian control and forbidden to act inside the US against US citizens.  Therefore if such is the case the fault lies with the civilians and they are responsible, up to and including paying the ultimate price for their crimes.  This is a fact and it matters not if there’s a virus running around or how virulent it might be (and, as we now know, yes there’s a virus and no, it’s not Ebola, SARS or MERS; in healthy individuals while its more dangerous than the flu its not by all that much; lethality is in fact only slightly over 0.3% across the entire population including the tens of millions who are severely compromised in the United States and that is with the medical system deliberately using dangerous “countermeasures” which were likely responsible for at least two thirds of the deaths.)

Here’s the crux of all of this: Not one politician — not a single President (e.g. Trump or Biden), Representative, Senator, Governor, State Legislator, Mayor or other person who has a duty of enacting or enforcing the laws has called for a single one of these authorities, which were clearly abused and said abuse resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths to be repealed and struck from the books even on a forward basis.

Not one has admitted that any of this was wrong nor taken a single step to prevent it from happening in the future.

Never mind that the above is also responsible for close to half a million kids that have been screwed by pertussis over the last 40 or so years.

Never mind that it is now conclusively proved that these statutes which screwed said half million kids were, this time, inappropriately used by executive and “professional” fiat both at the State and Federal level and as a direct result we suffered the creation of a huge pile of American bodies all of which lay at their feet.

This all stands as fact folks.

  • There were effective alternatives that were deliberately not investigated and used.  I reported on many of them along with the evidence for their use whether said evidence was weak, intermediate, strong or it appeared they were worthless. I also called for queries into government databases (e.g. CMS with regards to Plaquenil which is used by a large number of people for RA and Lupus) to see if there was statistical support for them being infected at lower rates early on in 2020.  Said queries were trivially easy and had those results been published the strength (or not) of said substances and a reasonable risk:reward computation would have been rapidly, within months, established.  It was never done despite the fact that the statistical power of a sample of a million people in a “natural experiment” is enormous and almost-impossible to “rig”.  Government officials had the data and they deliberately and maliciously refused to use it.
  • The shots were and today are fraudulently called “vaccines” when they were and are not and the Federal Government knew it before they were deployed.  This fraud went so far as to redefine the term “vaccine” on government pages.  I will note that we have always, for the entire time I’ve been alive prior to Covid, called the flu shot a shot for this exact reason; it very frequently does not induce sterile immunity and whatever immunity it does generate is temporary and thus it is not a vaccine.  Birx has admitted this was true for the Covid shots on camera, in public — it was known to her (and anyone else who read the material including myself which I reported on at the time) that the shots did not induce sterile, stable immunity.  They are not vaccines, the only argument for a mandate of any sort rests on the induction of sterile and stable immunity because only such an event can benefit anyone other than the person taking the treatment and changing the definition of something post-hoc is an admission that you intentionally mislabeled whatever it was and is.
  • The shots were known to be ineffective within months and yet the standards that require a non-emergency drug to be withdrawn under that circumstance or if it causes material injury, which it does, were not followed because of said legal structure and this too was and to this day remains intentional.  The most-recent data is that the so-called “bivalent” shot is about 30% effective which makes it illegal to approve it under long-standing FDA rules as it does not meet the threshold requirements for effectiveness even if it was completely safe, and it isn’t.
  • Other countermeasures both for early and later infections that some physicians and others believed would work, and in fact some that Fauci himself said would likely work years earlier were deliberately excluded and when “tried” the trials were rigged either by deliberate delay in use beyond where they would be expected to function, by wildly-toxic and inappropriate doses or both.  Others, such as hydroxyurea which demonstrated 80-90% effectiveness in patients so sick they were transferred to a palliative care hospital and written off during early and mid 2020 were not registered for a clinical trial and tested at all.  To this day there has been no investigation of that cheap, off-patent and widely-used (for sickle-cell disease) drug.  If you found something for any other disease that rescued more than 8 out of 10 critically-ill patients who were all expected to die you’d win a Nobel prize.  Well?
  • The common and expected right to refuse a course of medication or treatment and use alternatives, which is a natural right of every human as a mere consequence of being human, was not only ignored those who attempted to enforce that right were refused, in some cases with the threats of violence and physical removal from hospitals, and said refusal was repeatedly enforced by courts.  This is unprecedented as at the point you’re already sick whether you can potentially communicate the disease to others is moot; now its a fight for your life, literally, and you — nobody else — has the right to direct that fight.  Except, of course, under these specific exemptions which again not one official has demanded be repealed.

Go ahead folks, excuse this if you wish.

Your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather, friends, other relatives, even your children who are dead died because of this and they are still being screwed to this day both in the context of Covid and the damned shots which we now know conclusively are not only not vaccines in that they do not induce sterile immunity they destroy existing immunity that came from infection.

None of this is conjecture — every bit of it is fact and every single government official including every single judge who failed to step in and stop this crap is guilty of the acts that caused those hundreds of thousands of Americans to die.

Are you going to not only let them get away with it but refuse to fix this so it can never happen again?

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