The End Game For Public Health Is Assisted Suicide

(Ethan Huff) When leftists talk of universal health care, they conjure up imagery of a utopia in which everyone is healthy, vibrant, and fully covered to live their best lives. The reality of what is actually on the agenda, though, is much more sinister.

It turns out that mass genocide is the goal, as demonstrated by what Canada is doing right now in pursuit of government-assisted suicide for all. The glamorization of choosing one’s own death with the government’s help is currently in full swing there – and is soon to be in full swing here in the United States.

In Canada, it all began in 1984 when Canadian leftists in government slapped together a single-payer health care scheme that promised free health care for everyone. By collectively paying into this new provincially administered, but federally and provincially funded, scheme, Canadian citizens would have unlimited and “free” access to the health care they need.

The Canadian government’s stated mission with universal health care is to “protect, promote and restore the physical and mental well-being of residents of Canada and to facilitate reasonable access to health services without financial or other barriers.” Sounds nice, right?

In practice, however, something much different is happening. Nearly 40 years after Canada’s universal health care scheme began, the system is rapidly running out of money. In order to keep going, many Canadians will need to die, hence the ongoing push for expanded access to government-assisted suicide, or euthanasia.

“… maintaining a low-cost, easy-access, government-run health-care program in a large, democratic country with a growing dependent-to-workforce ratio just isn’t working out for Canada,” writes Kenneth Schrupp for The Federalist about the situation.

“Low pay for medical professionals, who still have to pay for college and medical school, has created an acute shortage of doctors in a country that once boasted one of the best doctor-to-population ratios in the world.”

In the new world order, only a few will be allowed to live – the rest face “assisted suicide”

Since it costs Canadian doctors more to practice than they are able to earn the way the system was constructed, said system is rapidly unwinding. As a result, federal debt is skyrocketing along with inflation, not to mention the really long wait times that Canadians face just to receive care.

“In this grim situation, reconciling leftist goals of providing no-extra-cost care for all with fiscal reality requires a shocking technocratic solution: eliminating the excess population to relieve them of the suffering inflicted by progressive utopianists,” Schrupp says. “This isn’t an over-exaggeration.”

The problem will get increasingly worse as more Canadians develop mental illness from having to live in the dystopian nightmare known as the year 2023. Between covid “vaccine” mandates, skyrocketing housing and energy costs, and lack of high-paying employment, people everywhere face unprecedented pain and suffering.

Even if the health care system had answers to these problems (it does not), there would still not be enough to go around. This is why assisted suicide, aka euthanasia, is at the forefront of the political conversation in Canada as well as the United States, which is facing similar societal and economic collapse.

“If the widespread adoption of assisted suicide in countries with universal government health care is any indication, there’s little doubt the ‘Medicare for All’ plan supported by leftist luminaries like Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, and Elizabeth Warren would soon include “Suicide for All,’” Schrupp warns.

“Indeed, medically assisted suicide is a Democrat-supported issue and has been adopted in 10 Democrat states and is being pushed for in more. Should Democrats gain enough votes to pass universal health care in Congress, they’ll have enough votes to approve assisted suicide.”

Source: by Ethan Huff | Natural News


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