Man in Panties Makes Appearance in Arizona Dem’s Government Video Call

The United States as custodian of the holy grail of ‘Western values’ is no longer. It is now socially devastated and culturally exhausted. The reality in the West is characterized by woke cultural Marxism, prohibition of speech, cancel culture, censorship, deletion of accounts, digital and biometric surveillance, state journalism and psychological warfare against its own population.

Matt Heinz was the only member of Pima County’s Board of Supervisors not to show up in person at a Tuesday meeting, instead appearing via Zoom call. Heinz wasn’t the only person in his video, though: A man dressed in panties showed up in the background, causing Heinz to rush to shut off his feed.

Heinz in 2008 became one of the first openly gay members of Arizona’s House of Representatives. He went on to serve in the Obama administration before he became a Pima County supervisor in 2021. Heinz received media attention for supporting a mask mandate as late as Dec. 2021, the Daily Caller noted.

While Heinz’s fellow board members did not appear to comment on the unknown man’s unexpected appearance, Twitter users offered theories for why the supervisor wasn’t physically at the meeting.

“Too busy to show up at work because he was busy boinking?” wondered one commenter.

Heinz is not the only Democrat to show something unexpected in a Zoom call. Disgraced former CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin infamously masturbated in front of colleagues during a Zoom video.

Source: The Washington Free Beacon

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