Scott Ritter – The Russian Offensive Has Begun (2/16/22)

The going has gotten tough for team NATO and Biden.

Scott Ritter – “The United States Is At War
With Germany” (2/17/23)


Russia-Ukraine Coming To A Head…
Major ‘Historic’ Speech By Putin On Feb 21

Russian Diplomats Issue Dire Warnings
That War With US Is Close

Another Russian Official Dead Under Mysterious
Circumstances As Top Russian War Official
Plunges To Her Death

Blinken Warns Ukraine Against Seizing
Crimea In About-Face

F-16s Useless In Ukraine – Wagner Pilot

IMF Says World Needs To Prepare For WW3
…’Billions Will Die’

1,000s Of Farms Downstream From OH Armageddon

The Sheeple Have No Idea They’re Being Systematically
EXTERMINATED By A Series Of Planned Disasters And
In-Their-Face Terrorist Attacks

Pfizer legal defense:
We delivered the fraud the government ordered

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