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Some days I wonder why I bother chewing through the restraints.

This freedom minded hobby blog was launched seven years ago from a small travel trailer park for contract oil field workers in Midland Texas and grew to nearly 800 subscribers via word of mouth, until Automattic, who runs this platform nuked it one week after team Biden/Harris invaded and begun occupying The People’s House.   

January 27th, 2021


Upon review of your WordPress.com site we have determined that your content does not align with our Terms of Service or User Guidelines. As stated in our Terms, we may choose to stop providing service to an account at any time, for any reason, or none at all. As such, your site has been suspended and will not be returned.

Thank you,

Automattic Trust & Safety


Then lo and behold, we received email notification that someone subscribed on May 21st, after Automattic released the URL from capture, which was never theirs in the first place and without notifying us either. So, we re-subscribed with Automattic and re-launched ஜ ۩ Whiskey Tango Texas ۩ ஜ, absent our former content and subscriber base.  

Thank you first anonymous new subscriber because without you, we thought this URL was lost forever.  

https://web.archive.org/web/sitemap/whiskeytangotexas.com for researching posts prior to the re-launch.  


Looking ahead, we’ll pick up where we left off, reposting actionable intelligence and random stuff for beautiful people from the public domain.

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