Considerations Before and After Taking Their Vaccine [which it is not]

Please watch and share this amazingly enlightening video about the experimental mRNA gene fuckery being pushed as safe vaccines [which they are not]

Make sure you understand that mRNA gene fuckery are not vaccines, and their effects cannot be reversed.


Pfizer Leak: ‘Too Late To Save Anyone Injected With Covid-19 Vaccines
Jesse Venture Interview 2009. Mandatory Vaccines To Depopulate In Near Future
India 5G towers kill 32 villagers in 20 days!
CDC Changes Test Thresholds To Virtually Eliminate New COVID Cases Among Vaxx’d
Fauci Finally Admits COVID-19 May Have Come From Wuhan Lab, Not Natural Origin
Wuhan Lab Workers Were ‘So Sick They Sought Hospitalization’
Will Biden Press His CCP Masters, Knowing Wuhan Lab Leak Requires A Political Response?
Rand Paul Is The First Senator To Announce He Won’t take mRNA Gene Fuckery
CDC’s Absurd Guidelines For Summer Camps: A Recipe For Dystopian “Fun”

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