Nurse Warns: Stay Away From Vaxxed People

Truth About Covid 19 And The Vaccines

Several Heart Wrenching Short Clips About Injured And Dead Vaxx Takers:

The Truth About Covid 19 and The Vaccines Part 2-Updates

3 thoughts on “Nurse Warns: Stay Away From Vaxxed People

  1. Leonard Bremner

    This is probably the same vaccine they used in Africa to sterilize people and kill them. I think it was true that they Hangel Bill and Malinda Gates that’s why we have not seen any recent live film of them.and why he stepped down from Microsoft it is all falling into place. the government puppets who allowed and enforced this could well end up the same way if this turns out to be proven, so they must be in there bunkers just now or there is a good chance this will get them to

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