LA Fire Captain Refuses Vaccine Mandate In Epic Speech…

LAFD Fire Captain Christian Granucci, 31 Year Veteran of Station 108 says He and his Crew will fight the upcoming WAX Mandates with all their might. He doesn’t care if he gets in trouble, he says he’s taking a stand against the Tyranny.

Did you know the FDA did not approve Pfizer’s BioNTech COVID clot shot on 8/23/21 but instead, only extended the conditional EUA. Read the letter from the FDA to Pfizer for yourself.

This summary should be carefully read and understood:

Bottom Line:

Here’s what you need to know when somebody orders you to get the vaccine: Ask to see the vial. If it says “Comirnaty,” it’s a licensed product. If it says “Pfizer-BioNTech,” it’s an experimental product, and under 21 U.S. Code 360bbb, you have the right to refuse.


The swab used to test for Covid is not only Made in China, but they’re saturated with Ethylene Oxide (EO), which is a carcinogen, damages DNA and fertility. (source)

2 thoughts on “LA Fire Captain Refuses Vaccine Mandate In Epic Speech…

  1. Chris A Gabor

    This fire captain angers the hell out of me. He is a first responder, a leader. In plain language our kids are dying now. There are three year olds on a ventilator, tweens dying, younger people between the age 24 – 50 filling up hospital beds, unvaccinated seniors. Ultra conservatives from news anchors to major organizers in mutiple states who were opposed and organized rallies died from COVD. Yet with people like him, the beat goes on. To me his concern should be for the welfare of the people he leads, and the citizens he serves, not fringe politics. President Trump received the vaccine, he pushed to have it made. In my opinion this virus will continue to mutate unless we a nation achieve herd immunity. Your rights as with the rights of a smoker, stop at my lungs. Fire Captain Granucci the 31 year fire captain is wrong, and his attitudes and leadership on vaccines endanger the public he is sworn to protect. If he does not like the rules resign and please keep your distance from me. ( Forgive me for adding but the mom who lost her baby because COVD attacked her placenta does she count?)


    1. Bone Fish Post author

      The Debate Is Over – Israeli Study Proves Natural Immunity is 13x More Effective Than Covid Vaccines

      New Science Studies: Covd-19 Natural Immunity Easily Achieved Without Vaccines

      Dr. David Martin: Extensive, Irrefutable Evidence SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) Isn’t Novel or Zoonotic



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