It’s All Starting To Make Sense Now Why Australian Laws Were Recently Changed To Allow Globalists Foreign Troops In

It’s All Making Sense Now Why the Laws in Australia Were Changed That the Globalists Foreign Troops Being Sent Here

(Perth National Review) The Globalist who have installed over a year ago, a deadly Globalised, privatized, and violent Police force, within the Victorian Police units, will disguise some of themselves as protesters.

They’ll be violent, to then blame the innocent protesters and may even deliberately shoot some local innocent Victorian Police to use as an excuse for major crackdowns, to justify the killing dozens of protesters as the murder of one already isn’t enough.

The only goal of non-violent protest is to push government to escalate their use of force to a point where they start injuring and murdering people, opening the door to one of two outcomes.  A) Shaming government into breaking or B) Justify resistance with widespread support from the masses.

One protester is already shot in the head left to die ( didn’t hear that on mainstream media I bet – left laying in a pool of blood with a cracked skull after Police shot him, as we reported on ANR yesterday )

The hapless gullible public will believe what ever the Globalists tv controlled channels tell them, ( protesters are bad – so those who can’t think for themselves go – ok what ever you say must be true as my brain is dead from a lack of use )

Those Globalist controlled channels are the ABC , Channel 7,9,10 and the Newspapers.

The local police across Australia must prepare for war against these installed Globalised police and army, as when they discover they are here to complete the take over of our country, and are the enemy of the people, many Police will break ranks.( many are threatening to now)

They have a plan to nullify this by minimizing the ammunition local police get,verse the machine guns etc the enemy Globalised Police and soldiers have been given.

They are itching to kill Australians- hired George Soros and co mercenaries – they’ve done this in many countries before so have decades of experience.

It should also be of concern the laws in Australia where changed a year ago, where Foreign Troops on our soil have full immunity to anything they do to Australians. ( fact unless you rely on George Soros and Bill Gates fact checkers to tell you the truth )

I wonder why the Globalists had their local minions arrange that law change?

Fellow Australians, we have been sold out by corrupt politicians.

The time most wake up ,the war will be over, and they’ll be sick and dying in there bed form the death shots already fired in this war.

Lockdowns are planned to March 2025 – coincidentally the predicted average time from of 3-4 years it takes for most to die from the death shots.

The deadliest bio weapon ever released on mankind and dumb schmucks line up like it’s free alcohol and worse drag their kids along to

Mass Pychosis caused by mass hypnosis via television programming.

That’s the quackzinne the deadliest bio weapon ever made in case you haven’t figured that out.

You watch as the hypnotised zombies dismiss this as a “ conspiracy theory and go back to watching the actual conspiracy theories pushed daily on the daily Globalists tv controlled programming as they wait for the new daily tally of fake 1000 cases and 3 deaths overnight ( despite no evidence provided and not a single autopsy of any one showing they actually died predominantly or Bs 19- yep they never bother to ask for the evidence as if it’s on tv it’s true )

People have been tricked, and conned, that we had a “ flu masquerading as a deadly pandemic “ which has been de bunked so easily it’s laughable – but still pushed by Globalist tv.

We had no pandemic,except the one now created by the Globalists- that’s the deadly virus’s the less intelligent folk let be injected into their arms. That’s how you get a virus into you and now spread by the vaccinated to every part of Australia ( sadly humans are so easily conned )

A silent but deadly war.

All the evidence can be found at the
Australian National Review

If you know how to use a search function and want to know the truth.

Media that isn’t paid to push the Globalists Great Reset Agenda so we are free to expose the dodgy f .,,

Choose your side Australia

The Globalists or the people.

I’d you take the jab you choose the satanic Globalists and god have mercy on your soul

You were warned and wouldn’t listen.

Original Source:


Calls for International Intervention To Protect Aussies From Police Brutality & Government Terror

Australia One’s Ricardo Bosi: “An Urgent Call-to-Action for All Australians”

Tyranny, Australia Style

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