This Is The Kind Of Rot That Has Weakened The Beams Of Western Civilization

“Yeah, That Looks Bad”: Metallurgist Pleads Guilty To Faking Navy Submarine Steel Tests For Decades

(ZeroHedge) A Washington state-based metallurgist has pleaded guilty to fraud after fabricating the results of strength tests on steel used in US Navy submarines for over 30 years.

According to federal prosecutors, 67-year-old Elaine Marine Thomas of Auburn, Washington falsified strength and toughness results in at least 240 tests between 1985 and 2017 – falsely claiming that the steel met the Navy’s strength requirements when in fact it did not. Thomas, who was charged with one criminal count of major fraud against the United States, was the director of metallurgy at a Tacoma foundry which was acquired by Kansas City-based Bradken, Inc., the Navy’s leading supplier of high-strength steel used in submarine hulls.

The tests, often conducted at -100 degrees Fahrenheit, represented nearly half of Bradken’s high-yield steel produced for use in Navy submarines.

Thomas was busted after a junior metallurgist being groomed as her replacement reported suspicious test results, after which she was immediately terminated. The fraud was admitted to after a special agent from the Department of Defense’s Criminal Investigative Service confronted Thomas with evidence dating back to 1990.

Yeah, that looks bad,” she said, according to the criminal complaint, which added that she thought conducting tests at such cold temperatures was “a stupid requirement.”

Thomas faces up top 10 years in prison and a $1 million fine when she’s sentenced in February.

While the affected vessels were not disclosed by authorities, there was no indication in the initial complaint that any submarine hulls had been compromised. That said, it would be interesting to know if any of the compromised metal was used in the USS Connecticutwhich collided with an underwater mountain in the South China Sea on Oct. 2, injuring 11 crew members and causing an undisclosed amount of damage. Built between 1992 and 1997 by General Dynamics, the Connecticut underwent a hull inspection in 2019 as part of a $17 million project at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.

The falsified reports came to public attention in June 2020, when Bradken paid a $10.9 million fine as part of a deferred prosecution agreement with the US Department of Justice. The company learned of the deception in 2017, however they found themselves in hot water after initially suggesting that the discrepancies were not the result of fraud. The lie reportedly hindered the Navy’s investigation into how widespread the problem was, along with efforts to determine what risk it had put sailors in.

Bradken placed the Navy’s sailors and its operations at risk,”  Seattle U.S. Attorney Brian Moran said last year. “Government contractors must not tolerate fraud within their organizations, and they must be fully forthcoming with the government when they discover it.”

Thomas’s lawyer, John Carpenter, said in a statement filed in federal court on Monday that his client “took shortcuts and made material misrepresentations.”

“Ms Thomas never intended to compromise the integrity of any material and is gratified that the government’s testing does not suggest that the structural integrity of any submarine was in fact compromised,” the statement continues.

“This offense is unique in that it was neither motivated by greed nor any desire for personal enrichment. She regrets that she failed to follow her moral compass – admitting to false statements is hardly how she envisioned living out her retirement years.”

Source: ZeroHedge


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Romanian Authorities Arrest REvil Cyber
Gang Hackers Who Infected 5,000

NASA SpaceX Crew-2 Dragon Endeavour
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Mystery Object Near China’s Space Debris Cleaner
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Global Food Production Teeters On The Brink
Due To Widespread Fertilizer Shortages

Squid Game Coin & Other Crypto Scams
That Left Millions Of Investors Stone Broke

Crypto Market Cap Tags $3 Trillion As Bitcoin,
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Fifty Years Since The End Of Bretton
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Peter Schiff – Post-Payrolls – Taper Gold-Gains
Signal Sellers Are Exhausted

Got Milk? Prices Are Soaring Amid Higher
Feed Costs, Smaller Herds

US May See Full Employment By End Of 2022 As
Precondition For Interest Rate Hike, Clarida Says

Biden Targets Another US Pipeline For
Shutdown After ‘Begging’ Saudis For More Oil

Fed Issues Market Red Alert – Warns Stocks
Vulnerable To ‘Significant Declines’

Over 130 UK Lawmakers Sign Letter Asking
Pension Fund To Turn Away From Fossil Fuels

Russia Claims West Using Energy To Influence
Geopolitics, But Wrongly Blaming Moscow

Nord Stream 2 Ready For Launch — Gazprom

Russia, Germany Have Good Energy Cooperation
Prospects, Says Lawmaker

Berlin, Moscow Have Opportunity For New
Beginning, German Politician Says

Conflict In North Africa Threatens Gas
Supply To Europe

Regeneron Shares Surge As Antibody
Cocktail Cuts COVID Risk By 81.6%

Catholic School Teens Die After Vax Drive

NHS Accused Of ‘Lying’ About Covid Stats To
Promote Vaccination

Synchronized Flights From London To New York
Mark End Of Trans-Atlantic Travel Ban

Worker Dies Following ‘Medical Episode’ At
Amazon’s Largest European Depot

More Men In England End Up In Hospital After
Experiencing Hours-Long Erections

Fresh Outbreaks Of Highly Contagious H5N1 Bird Flu Confirmed In Europe

The Main Goal Of COP26 Is Ensuring There
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Obama Hits Out At Russia’s Putin And
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EU Counts Up How Much Its ‘Green’
Agenda Will Cost Each Year

Russia Tests Nuclear-Powered
Showers In Siberia

Kremlin Reveals Putin Spoke To Head Of CIA

NATO Drills In Black Sea Aim To
Contain Russia, Lavrov Says

Shooting Heard On Belarus-Poland Border
After Warsaw Deploys Counterterrorism Units
To Stem Invaders

Saakashvili Moved To Prison Hospital As
His Condition Worsens

‘Biggest Attempt To Enter Poland By Force’
Is Underway, Top Official Says

Large Convoy Of Invaders Marches Through
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19 Yr Old Oz Horse Trainer Received Second Pfizer
Bioweapon ‘To Keep My Job’ Develops Numerous
Blood Clots, Can No Longer Work…Life Ruined

Life As An Unvaccinated Human In Oz

Australia Kicks Off Covid-19 Booster Drive

Pakistan Reaches ‘Complete Ceasefire’
With Local Taliban Faction

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French Firm Dassault Aviation Bribed Its Way To
€7.8 Billion Rafale Fighter Jet Contract In India

India Offers Weapons, Software To Neighbours
To Tackle Rising Threats In Indian Ocean

India Lodges ‘Strong Protest’ Over Killing Of
Fisherman By Pakistani Coast Guard, Demands Probe

Indian Army To Deploy Swarm Drones Along
Border With China To Boost Offensive Capacity

Israel ‘Will Do What It Needs To’ Against
A Nuclear Iran, Bennett Says

Capture Of Mossad ‘Secret Agents’ Pushes
Israel And Gaza To Brink Of New War

Pegasus Spyware Linked To Israel Branding
Palestinian Rights NGOs As Terrorists – Report

Israeli Soldiers Given ‘Prizes’ For Helping Compile
Database Of Palestinians’ Pictures – Reports

Mossad Foiled IRGC Plot To Target Israeli
Tourists On Safari In Africa, Israeli Media Claims

Iran Demands Guarantees That US Won’t
Ditch Nuclear Deal Again

Syrian Media Says Air Defences Intercepting Israeli
Attack As Explosions Heard Over Homs, Tartous

US Involved In Failed Assassination Attempt
Against Iraqi PM – Nujaba Official

Why Was Gold So Important To The
Ancient Anunnaki?

Two Rutgers Faculty Groups Back ‘Professor’
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Duchess Of Cornwall – ‘Biden Kept Doing
Sh*Tty Farts In Front Of Me – It Was Impossible
To Ignore’ – A Brain Dead Pedo Pig

White House Defends Biden’s Vaccine
Mandate For US Workers After Measure
Halted By Court

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2,433 Dead Babies In VAERS As Another
Study Shows MRNA Shots Not Safe For
Pregnant Women – (VAERS Gets Only 1%)

Dr Asks Why Are We Accepting Myocarditis As
An Acceptable ‘Side Effect’ For COVID Vaccines?

UK Funeral Director John O’Looney Delivers
New Warning And Update On The Increasing
Death Wave – Watch

Dr Tenpenny And Dr Palevsky Lay It On The
Line Perfectly, No Punches Pulled – Watch

Heart Attack Ingredient Added To
Pfizer’s Kill Shot For Kids

Did Creeper Biden Molest His Kids And
Drive His Wife To Suicide?

NYC Mayor-Elect, Radical Communist Eric Adams
Is Met At His Brooklyn Office By A Huge Crowd Of
Angry Protesters – Runs Away Sipping His Smoothie
As Crowd Chants ‘No Vaccine Mandates’

CA Gov Newsom Out Of Public Sight Since Getting
His CCP BioWeapon ‘Booster’ Shot 11 Days Ago

How Media And Tech Elites Seized Control
Of Already Compromised Elections

Parents Increasingly Worried About Being Forced
To Have Their Young Children Given Kill Shots As
Biden Tightens Mandates

The True, Horrifying American Roots Of Eugenics

The New World Order We Were Warned
Was Coming Is Now Here And America
Will Never Be The Same

Nauseating Communist News Network CNN,
Deploys ‘Sesame Street’ Muppets To Promote
BioWeapon Kill Shots To Little Children

Trump Boasts ‘No President Has Been Better
Friend To Israel’ – Accuses Biden Of ‘Bowing Down’
To Iran

Why Were US Defense Systems Deactivated
During Baghdad Drone Attack?

Unprecedented Tsunami Drill In Spain’s
Andalucia – Could The Cumbre Vieja Volcano
Landslide Into The Atlantic Be Near?

Drought Is Forcing Farmers In CO To
Make Tough Choices To Survive

Molnupiravir – Mutagenic And Carcinogenic,
Authorized For Human Use In The UK

Fauci Embraces Hillary At Funeral – ‘I LOVE Her’

NBA Recommends Covid-19 Vaccine Boosters
For Players Vaccinated Just 2 Months Before

WATCH Protesters Against Vaccine Mandates
Square Off With Counter-Rally In Boston

Ted Cruz Condemns Big Bird For Advocating
Covid Vaccines For Kids

Emilio Estevez ‘Not Returning’ To The Mighty
Ducks Due To Disney’s COVID-19 Vaccine

US Lifts Travel Ban = Here’s What To Know
And Who’s Allowed To Enter

Tesla Car Battery Explodes, Blows Telsa
In HALF In Middle Of FL Traffic

Pedo Biden Navy Launches Ship Named
After Child Rapist Harvey Milk

Asteroid The Size Of Eiffel Tower
Heading For Earth In December

Goldman Sachs-Backed Russian Firm Makes
A Hit IPO In New York

Trade Turnover Between Russia & China Tops
Pre-Pandemic Figures Despite Traffic Jams At
Border Crossings

US Looking At Tools To Make Fuel More Affordable
As OPEC Ignores Calls To Boost Output

Top Russian Banker Names Major Reason
For European Energy Crisis

Head Of Bavaria Offers Solution To Gas
Shortage Ahead Of Approaching Winter

New Travel Restrictions Ahead For Brits
Unless They Are TRIPLE Jabbed

Scientists Tell Boris Jonson To Speed Up
Boosters Before ‘Delta’s Grandchild’ Arrives

Molnupiravir – Mutagenic And Carcinogenic,
Authorized For Human Use In The UK

Veteran UK Care Worker Loses Job Over Vax
Mandate, Blasts Govt In Emotional Video

UK Teenage Boys Among Soaring Non-Covid
Excess Deaths

UK Covid Infections Fall By 20% In A Week

Quarantine And Testing May Return For
Brits Not Triple Jabbed

Assange & Fiancée Sue ‘Creepy Elements
Of UK Government’…And Here’s Why

Zemmour Accuses Macron Of Manipulating
Fishing Spat With UK As ‘Revenge For Brexit’

1,000s Across Italy Want Green Pass Dumped – Vid

Get Booster Jabs So We Can ‘Enjoy Christmas’
Says UK Health Secretary

Austria Moves Closer To Imposing Lockdown
On The Unvaccinated

Sexual Pervert, Mossad Agent, Kabbalist Ghislaine
Maxwell Proposes Calling Psychologist Who Testified
At Weinstein Trial

Ukraine Should Have Bought ‘Cheap Gas’
From Russia – Ex-PM Timoshenko

Don’t Poke The Bear – Russian Frigate
Conducts Drills As US Warships Beef Up
Black Sea Deployment

Only OSCE Observers Can Use Drones In
Donbass Conflict Zone, Russian FM Says

Over 90% Of Russian Military Pilots Have
Combat Experience, Says Defense Chief

Poland To Double The Size Of Its Army,
Citing ‘Russia’s Imperial Ambitions’

Republicans Urge Biden To Send US Troops
To Ukraine To ‘Deter Russian Invasion’

China’s Weaponization Of Space

China’s Largest State Grid Operator
Says Power Back To Normal

COVID Spreads To 31 Provinces In China,
Residents Panic-Shopping And Communities
Said To Be Locked-Down

Chinese Astronauts Start 6-Hour Space
Walk Outside Tiangong Station – State Agency

N. Korea’s Mechanized Troops Stage Artillery
Drills In Wake Of US-South Korea War Games

Hundreds Join Protests Against Mandatory
Vaccination Across Australia – Video

‘Always Ready’ For US & Israel – Iran
Launches Massive Military Drill

Trump Boasts ‘No President Has Been Better
Friend To Israel’ – Accuses Biden Of ‘Bowing Down’
To Iran

Families Of ‘Holocaust Survivors’
Welcome Afghan ‘Refugees’

Erdogan Amassing Troops For Possible Offensive
Vs Syrian Kurds, US Sends Words, Assad Sends
Troops, Russians Send Flankers

1 thought on “This Is The Kind Of Rot That Has Weakened The Beams Of Western Civilization

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