Nearly a Dozen Teachers Arrested in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties for Sexual Misconduct With Students

MIAMI (CBSMIAMI) – Your children spend more time in school than anywhere else besides home. But, after a stunning number of teacher arrests for inappropriate — and illegal — sexual relations with their students, parents are increasingly concerned. 

”It’s just appalling,” said one North Miami dad.

“I was really concerned about that,” added a mom from North Miami. 

Parents are understandably concerned to find out that, since the end of last school year, CBS4 News counted close to a dozen cases of teachers who were arrested in both Miami-Dade and Broward Counties for sexual misconduct with students. 

Amanda Altman, the CEO of Kristi House notes, “Unfortunately, sexual abuse among children is very common. We know one in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually assaulted before their 18th birthday.”

Zuwania Smith, a Broward County Schools family counselor, added, “Anyone that spends time alone with your child or has uninterrupted time alone with your child is someone you need to be concerned about.”

63 year-old Tamarac teacher said, according to the arrest affidavit “the devil made him do it” when asked why he molested a 12-year-old girl during a tutoring session. 

27-year-old history teacher was arrested on multiple felony counts charged with unlawful sexual activity with a 16-year-old.

No matter the perpetrator, signs of trauma almost always emerge in the affected children.

“Some kids become cutters, some kids become defiant, some kids start staying out late, hanging with the wrong crowd, those are signs you know something is going on,” explained Smith. 

Female teachers were taken into custody too, one even pregnant. Another was “rookie teacher of the year” back in 2017 in Hialeah. 

Experts say says open communication is key, “It’s OK for parents to talk to their kids about their private parts, about being touched, even if they know someone and don’t want to be hugged. It’s OK to say no. Whatever makes your child feel uncomfortable is off limits,” noted Altman.

Despite the alarming number of teachers in trouble recently, most parents admit they realize there are more good teachers than bad. 

“I think teachers do a very good job and we should focus on that as well,” added the father from North Miami. 

Source: by Joel Waldman | CBS Miami


The US Is A Powder Keg

OBiden Releases 95,000 More Invaders
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Biden Puzzles Journalists With Comment
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Judge Sentences ‘Q-Anon Shaman’ To 41
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Congress Warned Of ‘Critical’ Need To Raise
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All Fully Vaccinated Countries Report Vax
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Nurses Not To Talk About Covid Vaxes

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Serious Adverse Events In Professional Athletes
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Disney Cruises Now Require Kids To Be Vaxes

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‘Angels’ Or ‘Devil’s Signature’? Arkansas Residents
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Cargill CEO Ditches ‘Team Transitory’ Warns Of
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US Housing Starts Tumble For 2nd Straight
Month As Homebuyer Sentiment Crashes

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Analyst Predicts How Far Bitcoin Price Could Go

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Global Coordinated SPR Release Highly Unlikely
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Here’s Why Biden Was Forced To Beg Xi
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EU Gas Prices Soar On NS2 Delays, Sudden
Belarus Pipeline Closure

Janet Yellen ‘Faces The Nation’
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Shedlock – America’s Largest Pension Plan
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Wall Street Bonuses Set For Biggest Jump
Since Credit Crisis

Gold Probes Multi-Month Highs As Inflation
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UK Inflation Rises To Highest Level In Decade

Czechia Rolls Out New Restrictions For Unvaxed

German Media Reveals Jail Terms For Fake
Covid Certificates

UK Man Paid $12,000 By Airline Which Forced
Him To Wear A Mask

Hundreds Of Norwegians Gather For Torchlit
March Against Environmental Regulations
On Svalbard

Britain’s Eco-Warriors Sent To Jail For Road Blockages

Thousands Of Workers Block Key Spanish Roads
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France Turns To Ancient Greece For War On Woke

UK F-35 Fighter Jet From Queen Elizabeth
Carrier Falls Into Mediterranean

Revealed, The Shocking Conditions At Belmarsh
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Hungary Staying In The EU Will Cause More
Problems Than Leaving

‘No End In Sight’ To Covid-19 Pandemic – Kremlin

Russian Music TV Channel Fined $14k
For ‘Gay Propaganda’

NATO Brainwashing Europe’s Population,
Blaming Russia For Everything — Diplomat

Britain Is Stepping Up Military Activity Near
Russia’s Borders — Foreign Ministry

Russian Navy Guided Missile Destroyer Enters
English Channel In Long-Distance Deployment

UK Signs Deal To Help Boost Ukraine’s Military
Amid Tensions With Russia

West Violates Minsk-2 By Promising Military Aid
To Ukraine — Russian Foreign Ministry

Belarus Announces ‘Temporary’ Closure Of
Oil Pipeline To EU

Germany Does Not Recognize Lukashenko As
Belarus President — Government Spokesman

Lukashenko Has Two Demands To End
EU Migrant Crisis, Estonia Claims

Russia Obliged To Defend Armenia In
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Pentagon Second-In-Command Reveals What US
Knows About China’s Hypersonic Glide Vehicle Testing

Who Says China’s Hardline Diplomacy Is Doomed
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Japan, US Hold First-Ever Joint Naval Drill In South China Sea

Scott Morrison Lists AUKUS Utility In Countering
China’s Dominance In Disruptive Technologies

Famous China Dissident Argues That PC
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Australia Ordered Care Home Staff To Stay At Home
Causing Unattended Residents To Die En Masse
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Covid Jab Compensation Claims Soar In Australia

Jews Shocked To See Hitler Images On Oz Streets

US Senators Lobby India On Defending
Taiwan In Case Of Possible ‘Invasion’ From China

Biden Imposes Travel Ban On Nicaraguan
Officials Over ‘Sham’ Election

Iran To Build 5,000 MW Of Coal-Fired Power Capacity

Oil Pipeline In Southern Iran Hit By Explosion

Turkey Views Armenia’s Actions In Syunik
Region As ‘Terrorism’ — Foreign Minister

Lira Craters 3% After Erdogan Vow To Keep
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5.3 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Near Istanbul

Two Blasts Rock Kabul’s West, Agency Reports

New Queer Movie Bombs…Angelina Jolie ‘Proud’
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20 Less-Known Facts About The Great Sphinx

Border Invaders Would Get Up To
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America-Hating Biden Sent 70 Nightime Plane
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Voters With Illegals Voting Democrat

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Psaki Says Biden’s Agenda ‘Quite Popular’
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Watch – Unelected Creeper Biden In NH And
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Natl School Boards Assn CONSPIRED With Biden
White House To Craft “Domestic Terrorism” Letter
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Comrade Whoopi Goldberg – Rittenhouse Trial
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Moron Kamal Thinks ‘We Are All Better Off’
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‘I Got Over 1,000 Soldiers Ready To Go, Locked
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Parents At Texas School Board Meeting

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Hospital NICUs Full Of Infants With Cardiac Problems

‘Atmospheric River’ Causes Floods,
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Woman Shares ‘Horrific’ Experience
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Pfizer Will Allow Generic Covid Pill To Be
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30,000 Websites Down After Google Cloud Outage

YouTube Co-Founder Slams Company’s
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Crypto Market Dives Over China’s
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Glasgow Was A Defeat For British Ambitions

China Slams EU For ‘Discriminatory’ Trade Barriers
Fraught With ‘Further Stress’ On Supply Chains

Politics Or Progress? California Ports Defer
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UK Supermarkets Lining Store Shelves With
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Walmart Earnings, Guidance Blow Away Expectations
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100s Of Snake-Infested Jetliners Rot In SoCal Desert

Don’t Kill The Messenger – If You Really Want To See
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Thousands Of Double Jabbed Over 50s Have
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Belarus Claims Poland Used Special Means
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Watch Footage Of Poland’s ‘Sanctions-Worthy’
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Latvia Bans Unvaxed Politicians From
Voting, Suspends Pay

Croatian President On Austria’s Lockdown Of
Covid Leppers – ‘It’s Fascism, Where Are EU
Human Rights Fighters Now?’

UK Supermarkets Lining Store Shelves With
Decoys To Hide Supply Shortage

Top EU Court Says Poland Broke Rules
With Judge Appointment System

Hungary Breached Law With Asylum
Seekers Policy – EU Top Court

France, UK Agree To Squash Spat Over
Migrant Crossings, Promise To Stop
‘100% Of Channel Crossings’

France Tears Down Major Invader Camp

UK Counter Terrorism Police Name Asylum-Seeker
From Middle East As Suspect In Liverpool Terror Blast

Survey Finds Blacks Overrepresented In
Swedish TV Advertising, As Media Focus
On White Majority

I Just Graduated From A British University
…They’re Broken

Rivian Soars, Surpassing Volkswagen Market Cap

Cannabis Legalization Could Add Billions To
Germany’s Coffers – Study

Santa’s Vaccine Passport Prompts UK
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Ukraine Tells EU Leaders – Prepare For
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Serbian President Thanks Russia For
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Russia Confirms Testing Anti-Satellite Missiles

New Russian System Being Tested Hit Old Satellite
With ‘Goldsmith’s Precision’ – Shoigu

Russian MoD – US Perfectly Aware Fragments
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Russia To Start Trials Of Pfizer Covid-19 Drug

Mir-19 Medication Effective Against All
Coronavirus Strains, Russian Official Says

Russian MMA Fighter ‘AK47’ Stabs Guam
Doctor To Death In Covid Vaccine Row – Reports

Russia Rolls Out Cutting-Edge System To
Control Swarm Of Drones From Aircraft Or Warship

Russia’s S-550 Missile Defense System To
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Several Iskander Missile Battalions To Arrive
In Belarus, If Need Be – Belarusian Defense Minister

Russia Slams Poland’s Use Of Tear Gas
On Migrants As ‘Unacceptable’

Multiple BIRD FLU Outbreaks Across Europe,
Russia And Asia

China ‘Is Building Warships To Launch Fighter Jets
And Sink Vessels Around The World’ – Expert

Mark Milley Calls China’s Alleged Nuclear Buildup
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US Has Ignored Russia, China Call To
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Biden’s New Infrastructure Czar Is ‘Strategic
Adviser’ To Group Partnered With Chinese

Indian Air Force Orders HAMMER Bunker
Busters From France For Its Tejas Fighter Jets

India To Modernise Military Communication
With Advanced Radios For Net-Centric Warfare

Argentinian Woman Overcomes HIV W/O Meds

Ex-Israeli Officer On Torture Tactics
After Release From Jail

US Directly Interfering In Cuba’s Domestic Affairs
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Iran Ready To Conclude Long-Term Comprehensive
Cooperation Agreement With Russia — Raisi

Yerevan Asks Moscow To Protect Sovereign
Territory Of Armenia – Security Council

Armenia Says Azerbaijan Used Artillery,
Armored Vehicles At Border

Armenian Defense Ministry Publishes
Video Of Destruction Of Azerbaijani
Military Equipment

Four Armenians Injured In Clashes At Border
With Azerbaijan, Defence Ministry Says

Turkey Negotiating F-16 Contract With
US, Defence Minister Says

US Massacred 70 Civilians And Covered It Up

Giant Cricket Ball Hailstones Crash Onto SA
While Streets Of Puebla Mexico Under Thick
Layer Of Hail In Video And Pictures

How Scholars Cracked A Medieval Alchemist’s
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Can Lucid Dreaming Help Us Understand

Argentinian Woman Overcomes
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Why Reducing All Problems To ‘Mental Health
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Idiot Biden Threatens Putin As Moscow Seems
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Har…Idiot, Perv Biden To Tell Xi That ‘China
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What To Expect From Biden-Xi Meeting
…Nothing Good

OBiden Signs $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill
In Bipartisan Ceremony

Poll – Biden’s Approval Tanks To 33% In Iowa

ENCORE – This Isn’t Normal Behavior With A Child
…If You Try To Explain This Away, You’re Sick And
Should Be Nowhere Near Children

‘Build Back Better’ Bill Will BURY America

Looting Has Become A Way Of Life – On Average,
Thieves Are Stealing More Than 100 Million Dollars
Worth Of Merchandise From US Retailers Every Day

Fertilizer Plants Are Shutting Down, Leaving
Global Food Supply On The Brink Of Collapse

Massive Steal Of Farms Underway – Goal Is To
Reduce Food Production In The US – OBiden Is
Destroying America NOW…

Explosive Admission By Lord Fauci – ‘Vaccines’
Did Not Work As Advertised And The Vaxed Are
In Great Danger Today

CDC Admits It Has No Proof Of Healed
COVID Patients Spreading Virus

BioWeapon Injections Mowing Down Athletes
8 Young Athletes Dead Or Have Heart Attacks

Alex Jones Loses By Default In Sandy Hook
Defamation Lawsuits

Media Blitz – Surge In Heart Disease Due
To ‘Climate Change’…’Pandemic Anxiety’…
‘Broken Heart Syndrome’

‘A World Gone Mad’ – Upscale LA Neighborhood
Wrestles With Worsening Homeless Crisis

Rittenhouse Lawyer Makes Closing
Self-Defense Argument

Prosecutor Says The Mob Chasing Rittenhouse
Was ‘Full Of Heroes’ (Full Of Communist Scum)

Judge Drops Kyle Rittenhouse Misdemeanor Gun
Charge – Judge Got Death Threats Vs His Children

Astroworld Concert Deaths – 9 Yr Old Boy Dies
After Being Placed In Coma After Disaster

Communist Bobby Beto Is Running For TX Gov

Deep State Sports Henchmen Gang
Up On Aaron Rogers

Obama Adviser Says Biden Spending
Agenda Is Worsening Inflation

Devastating Video – Mountain Bike National Title
Winner Kyle Warner Diagnosed With Pericarditis
After Taking Pfizer Vaccine (BioWeapon)

Pfizer’s Covid Kill Shot Destroyed US Mountain
Biking Champion’s Entire Life, Career

Heartbreaking Censored Vax Murder Story
Should Be Read By Everyone

Evidence Of Children Being Massacred

AP Now Admits VAXED People Are Spreading
COVID And Filling Hospitals, Claims BOOSTER
SHOTS Are The Answer

Petra Mayer 46 Yr Old National Public Radio
Book Editor ‘Died Suddenly’ From Blood Clots

Multiple BIRD FLU Outbreaks Across Europe,
Russia And Asia

Report – Bitchute Bought Out By The BBC –
Woman Says Her Videos And Right To Comment
Have Been Blocked – Start At 22:00

Space Debris ‘Event’ Caused By Possible
Russian Weapon, Forces ISS To Take Action

How They Intend To Get Us To
‘Own Nothing And Be Happy’

Biden’s Baffling Oil Policy Faces Backlash
From All Sides

In ‘Unwelcome Surprise’ To Dutch, Shell To
Ditch Dual Share Structure, Move Tax Base
To UK, Drop ‘Royal Dutch’ From Name

China Overtakes US In Global Wealth Race

EU To Rival China’s Belt And Road Initiative
With Its Own Infrastructure Plan

Bitcoin Offers Freedom In A World Of Slavery By Design

Coinbase Co-Founder Raises Largest VC Crypto
Fund Ever To Bet On Ethereum, Token Economy

Austria Plans To Approve Lockdown For
The Unvaxed On Sunday

China THREATENS Australia If Forces
Defend Taiwan After Remarks From Defense
Minister Peter Dutton

War Fears As China Launches New Tactic
In India Border Row

China Diplomat Warns Oz Faces ARMAGEDDON
If It Supports US Fight To Protect Taiwan

Chinese Bombers In Night Drills Amid
Taiwan And South China Sea Tensions

Fossil Suggests The Great Pyramids And The
Sphinx Were Once Submerged Under Water

Son Of Muammar Gadhafi Announces
Presidential Run


Did Ancient Egyptians Have Electricity? And
Was The Pyramid Of Giza A Power Plant?

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