Austria Tyranny Update



Austrian Police and Army Stand Up to Government’s “Health Dictatorship” Mandates – Will Join Massive Anti-Government Freedom Protest Scheduled for Saturday

Vaxidents Galore – More People Are Dying In
Traffic Accidents Despite Traveling Fewer Miles

Technocrats Move Goal Posts, Now Require
Boosters For Life

Big Pharma Rubber Stamp Unit FDA Asks Federal
Judge To Grant It Until The Year 2076 To Fully Release
Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Data

FBI Launches Probe After ‘SMALLPOX Is Found In
Merck Facility While Cleaning Out A Freezer’

The SMALLPOX Biowar – Globalists Prepare ‘Perfect’
Scheme To Cover Up Vaccine Deaths And Cancel Mid-
Term Elections By Unleashing A New, Deadly Epidemic

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