Top 7 COVID Lies

LIE #1. “Covid-vaccinated people are safer around each other because they aren’t carrying and spreading the disease anymore.”

LIE #2. “If you’re vaccinated for Covid and still catch it, you won’t get as bad of a case of it.”

LIE #3. “The Covid vaccine ingredients stay at the site of injection, that’s why it can get swollen and hurt a little.”

LIE #4. “Booster shots will boost your immunity and make it stronger, more able to fight off new Covid variants.”

LIE #5. “Breakthrough Covid cases in vaccinated people are all caused by unvaccinated people.”

LIE #6. “If everyone would just get the shots, the pandemic would end.”

LIE #7. “The Covid shots are safe and effective or the FDA and CDC would not have approved them.”

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