Trump Converted To Judaism In 2017

There are some that doubt this but it is true. Do with this information whatever you want, but he did do it. It was a private ceremony that was a closely guarded secret until he could get elected for a second term.

Unfortunately for them there is still going to be enough of us left to hunt them down and end their asses before this is all said and done.

In their own words…

3 thoughts on “Trump Converted To Judaism In 2017

  1. Jeffrey R.J. Stutzman

    This is the old Jarhead in the north back woods of Wisconsin , Jeffrey R.J. Stutzman , Parkway Rd. Thunder Mountain , Wisconsin . Thank you for the awesome work and truth of information Brother and or Sister on this site of yours . I am 64 years old and learned about a lot of what is going on today while I was in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1975 to 1983 . I am over the top pissed off with all the evil bull shit going on and I have been trying to wake fucken stupid Americans up to this OWO and Jesuit Order of Nazi Commey Genocide for over 40 years now . It is a GOD DAM SHAME that not many people would believe and even today they still don’t believe me . O well , fuck the stupid idiots and hope they get it some day ! Thanks much again and I am going to feeding and playing with my 5 generation of wild bear I have here , Arm Up and STAND YOUR GROUND . ITS GO TIME , ROCK N ROLL WHISKEY TANGO FOX TROT CHARLEY ! Take good care and be safe ! SEMPER FIDELIS TIL I DIE ! DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR ! ONE BIG FUCKEN OOO-RAH !!!! Jeff , [ WALKS WITH BEAR ] LATER !

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