This Is What a Nation Led by Patriots Looks Like

Unlike the United States and most other western nations, Poland is using their military to defend against the Globalist’s invasion horde aka The Kalergi Plan, instead of targeting their own people with genocide-shots.

“Today Poland is facing an immigration crisis and a border conflict. These events are not accidental. They have been planned and implemented consistently. They are being realized with the indifference of the international community, including allied countries we express our support for. We will not allow spit on the polish uniform. We will not undermine the work and service of the Polish army. Today it must be said clearly: The defense of border is not inhumane. Aggressive illegal immigrants are not refugees. Open border policies will solve nothing, but will cause worse problems. Poland cannot and will not be a corridor for smugglers of illegal economic immigration. We will not yield to blackmail”

This is what Patriots sound like…..

They have no rules, they have no limits on their desire for power and they have no concern for your welfare or that of your family. They will lie, cheat and use whatever means necessary to destroy you.

There is nothing more they can threaten us with that is worse than what they want us to acquiesce too. We’ve got nothing left to lose. It’s time to have a go. 


Poland’s Beef With The EU Exposes The Dangers Of Political Centralization

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