Historic CV-19 Mass Murder Conspiracy Facts Revealed This Week

(Greg Hunter) Give Project Veritas a hand because they released papers from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and other government documents proving the government was well aware of CV-19 gain of function, vaxxine plans, thwarting the use of Ivermectin and HCQ and the weaponization of a virus unleashed on the world to basically kill people and get them to take experimental vaxxines out of fear. This was racketeering to kill people so Big Pharm could make obscene profits from dangerous vaxxines that were never necessary or needed. Everyone is now hoping the “DARPA Papers” will end their CV19 virus and vax scam. Maybe the Supreme Court took this into consideration when it voting down and sink the Biden Vax mandates for private companies this week.

Quietly And Over Some Objections, A National
Digital Vaccine Card Has Emerged

Dr. Oz Challenges ‘Petty Tyrant’
Fauci To Debate On COVID-19

Military Documents About Gain Of Function
Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath

Fauci And CDC Director Rochelle Walensky
Lie Under Oath Regarding VAERS Vax Deaths

Biden Admin Flip-Flops And Will Track Covid
Jab Refusers

Toxic Lipid Nanoparticles For MRNA Delivery

Rand Paul Labels Fauci ‘Juvenile Political
Creature’ For Playing The Victim

Progressive Dems Push Legislation To Get
Every American Wearing An N95 Mask

CDC To Set New Mask Rules – What You Need To Know

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