1 in 35 People Died in Their Vaccine Trials

In the Pfizer trials, more people died in the vaccine group than in the placebo group, and it takes 22,000 vaccines to save one life from COVID. Video here: https://rumble.com/vwun2t-in-the-pfizer-trials-more-people-died-in-the-vaccine-group-than-in-the-plac.html

Steve Kirsch: “So you killed 150,000 in order to maybe save 10,000 lives”

Here is the link to the Pfizer document pdf:
https://phmpt.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/5.3.6-postmarketing-experience.pdf. This is why the info pages were blank in the boxes of vials of this shit. Be sure to take a look at page 30 for 10 plus pages of adverse effects of the vaccine.


Tucker – Why Is The Pentagon Lying About
Building Up To 30 Dangerous BSL BioWeapons
Labs In Russia?

Klaus Schwab & Hunter Biden Connected To
Ukraine BioLabs – Pathogen Death Factories

Do Ukrainian Biolabs Violate The Ban On
Biological Weapons Programs?

Greenwald On Vickie Nuland’s Ukraine
Has ‘Biological Research Facilities’ Remark

Maybe 30 US BioWar Labs On Russia’s Front Door
Watch This Video – If Putin Put 30 BioWeapon Labs
Across The US Mexico Border, How Would We Feel?

US Studied Bat Coronaviruses In Secret
Biolabs In Transcaucasia, China

US-Funded Labs In Ukraine Dealt With
Bat Coronavirus, Moscow Claims

US Funds Ukrainian ‘Former’ Bioweapons
Facility Handling ‘Dangerous Materials…
With Windows Wide Open’

Ukraine Is In Violation Of The Biological
Weapons Treaty Act – Pdf

Russian MoD On US Biolabs – One Goal
Was To Create Bioagents That Can Target
Certain Ethnic Groups

Russia Tells The US ‘We Have Found
Your Biological Weapons’

WEF Global Digital ID For Travelers Lists
Canada, Netherlands As Partners – The
Warp Speed Reset Is Everything Now

US Green Lights Release Of Millions Of
Bill Gates’ Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

1 In 5 New Yorkers Ready To Become Sex
Worker In Order To Pay Rent In The City
That Never Sleeps

Buttigieg’s Creepy Husband Instructs
Kids On Pledging Allegiance To ‘Gay Pride’ Flag

5G Radiation Causes ‘Microwave Syndrome’
Symptoms, Study Finds

DuckDuckGo CEO Announces Google-Style
Censorship Scheme Of Content Deemed
‘Russian Disinformation’

Facebook, Instagram To Allow Calls For
Violence Against Russians Over Ukraine

Is The Russia Invasion Of Ukraine A Trojan
Horse For The Financial Reset?

US Desperately Turns To Venezuela, A Country
That It Sanctioned, For Oil Relief

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