Biden’s Food Shortage, Inflation Everywhere, Vax = AIDS

Biden is going to own a lot of screw ups, and you can add another to a long list of hardships heaped on Americans—food shortages.  The food shortages are compliments of the Biden/Obama neocon policies of war and sanctions against Russia.  Russia is a big producer of wheat, oil and fertilizer, among other things, and all are being sanctioned.  Up, up and away go prices, and according to Biden at the emergency NATO summit ‘This inflationary hardship and food shortages for all Americans and billions more around the world are necessary to punish Russia for invading Ukraine.’


Biden Says To Expect ‘Real’ Food
Shortages Due To Ukraine War

Biden Appears To Suggest US Troops
Will Be Sent To Ukraine – Over Putin’s
Red Line

Insane Unelected Pedo Biden Tells 82nd
Airborne In Poland That They’re Going
Into Ukraine (To Fight Russia) – Watch Vid

US-NATO Invasion Of Western Ukraine Via
Poland Planned? – Biden Tells US Troops
What They Will See In Ukraine ‘When
You’re There’ – That’s Their Destination

Experts Warned For Decades That NATO
Expansion Would Lead To War – Why Did
Nobody Listen To Them?

Biden’s Stunning Jump In Income While His
Crack-Smoking Son Was On The Board Of
Ukraine’s Top Energy Company Burisma

Biden Linked Company Deeply Involved With
Ukraine BioWeapons Labs

Cashless Society SOON – Wall St Kingpin Says
Central Banks May Adopt Digital Currencies
Due To Russia/Ukraine War

4 Black Teens Charged With Murder In
Car-Dragging Death Of White Grandma

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