Rationing Is Coming To America. What Will It Look Like?

(Patriotman) I don’t know what rationing is going to look like, but I know what it looked like in WW II.  When the war ended, my parents had left over “stamps” in their Ration Books.  When they passed away a few years ago, we children split the remaining Ration Books between ourselves.  There were not enough for all of us to get the same kinds of Ration Books, and being the baby in the family I got the shaft as usual. (Nah just kidding). However, here are a few examples of my Ration Books and stamps:

The “Consumer Instruction Sheet” explains when the books would be issued and what the stamps are for.  Certain items designated as scarce, required the use of more stamps with higher points.  One thing that stands out to me is that rations applied only to processed foods.  From what I remember my parents saying, you could buy all the fresh fruits and vegetables you wanted without a Ration Card, that is if you had money. Keep in mind the WW II generation had just survived the great Depression a decade before so the idea of scarcity was not new to them in their upbringing and easy for them to adapt to.  When, not if, rationing is implemented in the US in the near future, today’s generation of instant endless gratification consumers will be hard pressed to accept this and conflict will arise.

One thing for sure, the government will have to create a gigantic inefficient abuse prone administrative department to implement and disperse a 21st Century version of “Ration Cards”.  I am sure that parasitic government grifters are already lobbying Congress for their special interests in the development, guidelines, and most importantly, who administrators the coming regulations. “Marginalized” individuals “fair share” will be greater than the rest of society in some way, shape, or form.

In WW II if you sold your car, you had five days to turn in the unused “Basic Mileage Ration” card.  Also, you could only buy gas on days the letter code on your card stated.  My Dad had a 1934 Ford coupe, and his card had the letter “B” circled. I don’t remember what day of the week he said that was.  One misunderstanding I had about the gas ration card’s purpose was to save gas, and it was partly true.  But the main reason was to minimize the wearing out of tires.  The Japanese controlled the rubber plantations in Southeast Asia, and that is also one reason the French remained in Indochina after WW II until the mid-50’s. The Japanese made getting rubber for tires and other uses extremely difficult.  Synthetic rubber processing had not begun at that time.

So, what does our future hold?  What will be rationed, how it will be rationed, and what boondoggle will be created to administer it is yet to be known.  One thing for sure, it will go by some catchy acronym that will make everyone happy to get their “fair share” until they see how limited their “fair share” is.  My suggestion is they use (F.A.R.T) For All Responsible Transactions”.

Source: by Patriotman | American Partisan


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