Klaus Schwab speaks at Davos… ‘The future is built by us’…

They have no rules, they have no limits on their desire for power and they have no concern for your welfare or that of your family. They will lie, cheat and use whatever means necessary to destroy you.

There is nothing more they can threaten us with that is worse than what they demand we acquiesce too. We’ve got nothing left to lose… Resist.


Posobiec detained at Davos World Economic Forum event

In their quest to live forever, evil elitists admit through “science” that children and babies are being harvested for their life essence

Is the World’s Failed COVID Response Just the First of More Public Health Blunders to Come?A treaty brokered at the W.H.O Summit threatens to forfeit national sovereignty and individual autonomy to a flawed international body compromised by CCP

More Horrors Await After $550 Billion Retail Earnings Meltdown:In all, some $550 billion in market value was erased from consumer stocks over the past five days, adding to the downward pressure on a market already strained by fear of inflation

Gas Price Hits $7.29 in Los Angeles:This is what our Congress calls’the cost of standing up for freedom’ SQ;EXCEPT FOR THE AMERICANS WHO BLINDLY ACCEPT THESE LLIARS AS THEIRV REPRESENTATIVES AND SUBMIT TO THEIR DUPLICITY! 

Navy Ships Swarmed By Drones, Not UFOs, Defense Officials Confirm Defense officials confirmed in a recent hearing that it was drones that swarmed Navy ships off California and it even happened again off another coast. 

Event 202: What are Smallpox Pandemic Simulations Foreshadowing? The panic that threat creates shows how quickly people will be willing’trust the experts’ once again, even if that means making the same mistakes all over.SQ:LIKE SHEEP TO THE SLAUGHTER

Something Very Strange Is Going On And ‘Health Experts’ Are Baffled: Monkeypox Was Weaponized In The Deep State’s Ukraine Labs, Another Sign The Depopulation Agenda Is In Full Swing 

MIND BLOWN! GAIN OF FUNCTION ON POX VIRUSES CONFIRMED.Mark Buller, the US’s leading Orthopox Virus researcher who conducted at least two rounds of gain of function research on viruses related to smallpox.Other revelations about bio-terror ‘research’ 

BULLETIN: POLISH TROOPS HAVE ENTERED UKRAINE WAR:Staggering reports are coming in claiming two (2) battalions of Polish Army troops have entered Ukraine covertly.Overnight, 2 battalions of Polish infantry moved out from Kyiv 

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