Pranksters Trick Bush Into Talking About Biden’s Proxy War With Russia

Throughout the discussion, Bush seemed unaware he was not really talking with the real Zelensky and made some revealing remarks.

Source: InfoWars


Assassination attempt on George W. Bush foiled :Federal authorities arrested an Iraqi man on Tuesday in connection to an alleged Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group plot to assassinate former U.S. President George W. Bush. 

Diesel Crisis Looms as US Supplies running on Fumes

Desperate to add more pilots, US airlines are cutting Training hours / Experience requirements

Starbucks will exit Russia closing 130 Cafes

Ukrainian leaders rules out ceasefire, will not end fighting, war continues

Pathetic… Shipment of Baby Formula arrives from Europe, wont be on Store Shelves

Zelenskyy warns of coming Food Crisis – 10 Week away

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