Aaron Brickman: The United States Empire Can’t Be Extended With a CBDC

How Do Empires Fall? Slowly at First, Then Suddenly | Aaron Brickman with Doug Hagmann (Segment 2) The Hagmann Report 7/27/2022

[Starts at 3:20] American Unipolarism is a dead man walking. We live in a time of antebellum. The slaves are preparing an unstoppable revolt against the US global FRN (Federal Reserve Note) currency system and they will NEVER accept a unipolar US CBDC replacement.


Open Your Eyes – This Is Happening Everywhere

Biden Has ‘No Energy Plan Past November’

Alexa Says ‘Joe Biden Died In National Naval
Medical Center’ Continues Around The Net

Trump Calls For Homeless To Be Put In Camps
In First DC Speech Since Leaving The WH

Russia Demands Swap Of Julian Assange
For British Mercs On Death Row

The Military Industrial Complex Is Going
To Absolutely Love It When War With
China Erupts

Food Collapse, Labor Shortages Affecting
Restaurants All Over The Country

Bugs, Frogs And Bird Die-Off In Central MN

The Great Starvation Is Coming
And The World Must Prepare For It

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