Pfizer CEO Suddenly Distances Himself From mRNA Vaccine Technology

“It was counterintuitive because Pfizer was mastering or let’s say we had very good experience and expertise with multiple technologies that could give a vaccine…mRNA was the technology that we had less experience with, only two years working on this. And actually, MRNA was a technology that never delivered a single product until that day. Not vaccine, not any other medicine, so it was very counterintuitive.”- Albert Bourla

Jimmy Dore’s personal experience with COVID-19
vaccination side effects on Joe Rogan.

Video: Pfizer CEO Says He Won’t Get Vaccinated

FDA Did Not Approve Pfizer’s Clot Shot
On August 23, 2021

STUNNING Testimony: Pfizer Never Tested COVID “Vax”
to “Stop Transmission” of Virus! We were all lied to!

The Pfizer Vaccine Only Has
1,291 Side Effects!

Pfizer’s Cumulative Analysis of Post Authorization
Adverse Events Report Made Public

Ghost Shot: Pfizer Quietly Admits It Will Never
Manufacture Original FDA Approved COVID Vaccines

‘Pfizer Knew All Along That mRNA Vaccines Leaked
Into Ovaries, Causing Sterility And Covered It Up’…

PFIZER CEO: “Our corona shots don’t have the safety profile we hoped for”

Pfizer CEO Claims He Was ‘Pressured’ Into Producing ‘Counterintuitive’ mRNA Injections

Of 29 Pregnant Women That Had Received Pfizer’s COVID-19
Inoculation, Only One Had a Baby That Lived

Massive Pfizer/FDA Corruption, Lethal Batches,
and Autopsies Reveal COVID-19 Jab Genocide

Cells Don’t Lie: Cancer is on the Rise Due To
Genetically Modifying mRNA Injections

New Study Shows Most Everyone Is Getting
Heart Damage From COVID Vaxxines

Unvaccinated Single Women Say ‘No’
To Vaccinated Single Men

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