Damar Hamlin’s Second Cardiac Arrest Makes the Whole Situation Even More Suspect

Dr. Anish Koka, cardiologist: “It is not typical for that person (24 yo athlete) to then have cardiac arrest again. It’s not that it’s impossible, but it’s unlikely.”

The NFL has a real problem now. Players from all the teams were shot up with the poison…. so at anytime during the season and playoffs, with stadiums full of people and millions of viewers watching, any one of these athletes could suddenly drop dead.

Soon, the betting won’t be for which team and how many points, but how many dropped dead during the game. Like the old gladiator games, but with clot shots instead of lions.

NBA Legend Claims ‘Thousands’ of Athletes
Died From COVID Shots

Former NLF Player Who Called to “Jail Anti-Vaxers”
Dies Suddenly at 38-Years Old

Wellness Company Headed by Dr. Peter McCullough
Requests to Release Damar Hamlin’s Vaccine Status
as Part of Any Investigation into this Tragedy


2 thoughts on “Damar Hamlin’s Second Cardiac Arrest Makes the Whole Situation Even More Suspect

  1. MaddMedic

    Its all fishy to me…As a medic I understand what could happen with a blow to the chest, can cause a lethal arrythmia if timing is just right. But usually in youger , teenagers in baseball, soccer. Now this guy was 24, probably with a bit of mass and wearing shoulder pads, which if I can remember, was a long time ago, from high school and one year of college ball, cover a good portion of the upper chest. So..just saying! Yes it could have happened…..but..

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