Zelenskiy’s Neo-NAZI Pogrom Against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

The West’s proxy figurehead installed in Kiev, Volodomyr Zelenskiy, is conducting a very real neo-NAZI pogrom against and moving to ban the Ukrainian Orthodox Church which he views as not completely loyal to his regime and having spiritual sympathies with Russia.  – The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda

Western-Mediated Kosovo And Ukraine
Deals Were Lies – Serbia

Ukraine Is A ‘De Facto’ NATO Member – Kiev

Ukraine Legalizes Foreigners In
Neo-Nazi Regiment

Proposal To Place Zelensky Bust In Capitol
Speaks Volumes About Corruption In DC

How Arming Ukraine Has Made US Weaker

‘Decision To Arm Ourselves Or Arm Ukraine’
Navy Sec Admits Crisis In US Defense Stockpiles
…This Is All Being Done Intentionally

Bump In Russia-China Trade Reflects Failed
Bid To Squeeze Russia Into Submission

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