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Laura Logan: Defining Moment, Afghanistan Has Isolated America For the Next War

This my be the single most important summary interview about the consequences all Americans face resulting from how those in power handled Afghanistan. 

“The disaster in Afghanistan is what you get when you live in fear instead of living free – Americans on all sides of the political aisle are now at grave risk. This nation today is defined by betrayal & the blood of our allies, yet most Americans don’t support/want this. For too long we’ve been living under the tyranny of a small number of people with a lot of power/money. They’ve waged war on every part of who we are, what we believe to the sanctity of our bodies/family/country. Yet we have remained silent because we fear the consequences & play into their hands. We’ve allowed them to divide us & now in Afghanistan we see the truth: It wasn’t ever a left/right issue, it’s a war of ideas & those doing the most damage to the ‘American idea’ are our own. The American people have the power to make it stop – they want you to be too afraid to use it.”  -Lara Logan

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