Are Medical Personnel a Different Type Of Citizen With Less Rights?

(David DeGerolamo) The Supreme Court ruled that medical workers have no rights to their body and must either accept gene therapy with no provable efficacy or quit their job. This ruling comes in the middle of a pandemic where medical personnel is already understaffed.

Does this make medical personnel a different type of citizen with less rights? Consider the following:

Coronavirus infections inside U.S. immigration detention centers surge by 520% in 2022

According to unpublished ICE records, 37.6% of immigrants who have been offered the vaccine by the agency have declined it. 



So illegal aliens have the right to refuse the vaccine and then be shipped across the country but legal citizens performing health services in a medical crisis manufactured by the United States do not.

To the medical professionals who continue to go participate with this genocide and refuse to prescribe documented treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine:

If you did not understand the corruption of the Supreme Court before, this should be all the confirmation anyone sapient being would need.

Source: by David DeGerolamo | NC Renegade


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