Yes, Russia Is Complicit In The Great Reset Too

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(Edward Slavsquat) I recently had the privilege of joining a panel discussion, “Russia & the Great Reset – Resistance or Complicity?”, hosted by OffGuardian and Unlimited Hangout.

You can watch the debate here. Thank you to Kit Knightly and Whitney Webb for moderating. The event was inspired in part by James Corbett’s thought-provoking video on Russia and its relationship with the World Economic Forum.

An inevitable hurdle to any discussion like this is how to define the Great Reset, and what does it mean to be “complicit” in it?

Personally, I don’t think you can separate the Virus Scam from the Great Reset. As Herr Schwab famously declared, “the pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.”

Did Russia take advantage of this “opportunity”? Of course it did. Russia used this phony “health crisis” to shred the social contract between government and citizens and pursue unprecedented digital surveillance and control over its population.

Russia’s anti-human COVID policies destroyed countless businesses, caused severe disruptions to education, and deprived people of routine medical care. Amid the greatest socioeconomic catastrophe to befall Russia since the breakup of the Soviet Union, Sber and other large Russian companies partnered with the World Economic Forum to accelerate the country’s Fourth Industrial Revolution. The organization that hosts Russia’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (which still exists but has removed the WEF logo from its website), ANO Digital Economy, continues to list “WEF and international cooperation” as one of its main missions.

Sanctions have forced the WEF to cut formal ties with Russia, but what does this “divorce” actually mean? Russia will still have a central bank digital currency, a facial recognition control grid, vaccine passports and genetic IDs. The social and economic “reset” is still on. It’s a Great Reset without the WEF logo.

The “special operation” in Ukraine is not a rebellion against Virus-inspired technocracy and biosecurity theater. Actually, we should expect new draconian controls and regimentation (in Russia and all over the world) in the name of public health, national security and economic stability. Because they really care about us.

And of course, the COVID scamming continues without interruption. On April 1, Russia registered the “world’s first” intranasal vaccine based on an unproven genetic slurry; On March 30 it was announced that Russia and Kazakhstan will soon sign an agreement on the recognition of COVID vaccination passports; Alexander Gintsburg, the Anthony Fauci of Russia, recently revealed he would begin testing his unproven and unnecessary Sputnik-M shot on children aged 6-11. He also said Russian children should get revaccinated every six months. And so on. All of this is useless, depraved and anti-human.

Meanwhile, some of Russia’s leading technocrats and COVID scammers have been appointed to a newly formed commission tasked with protecting the country’s economy from western sanctions. Members of this committee include: clot-shot psychopath Tatyana Golikova, Dmitry Chernyshenko (the deputy prime minister who heads WEF-linked ANO Digital Economy), and Sergey Sobyanin, the man who wants to make Muscovites wear implantable devices that calculate health insurance payments.

As I argued during the panel discussion, I believe we are witnessing the formation of at least two distinct blocs that will use the same type of technocracy and biosecurity to make life intolerable.

On March 22, TASS reported on the opening of the new BRICS Center for Research and Development of Vaccines, which will be used to “quickly respond to biological threats and ensure the protection of participating countries.”

Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko (who compared vaccine passports to a “new clothing style”) heaped praise on the new initiative.

“The first vaccines against COVID-19 were developed and tested precisely in the BRICS space, and this underlines how important it is to continue active work in this direction,” he said.

Sorry, but this isn’t reassuring. Especially if you are familiar with the Russian government’s close partnership with Big Pharma. Don’t forget: AstraZeneca and other friendly western drug companies have vowed to stay in Russia as the Kremlin takes on the globalists.

A final comment before I go get my Sputnik V nasal booster.

Tom Luongo apparently felt the need to admonish your humble Moscow correspondent and fellow panelist Iain Davis for expressing views that he doesn’t like:

In my opinion, they are the worst kind of useful idiots in a time like this, allowing their personal biases and, frankly, neuroses to dominate their public work which, in the end, does nothing more than carry water for the very people they are so completely afraid of.

Tom… why? Are you sure you want to lecture people about being “useful idiots” and allowing “personal biases” to “dominate their public work”? Are you sure you want to do this?

In a September 2020 podcast, Tom argued Sputnik V “represents a threat to the plans of The Davos Crowd to effect a Great Reset on the world through economic and social destruction… Instead of welcoming the vaccine, which is based on other safe and effective vaccines for MERS and Ebola, our political leadership are angry and embarrassing themselves with their ignorance and knee-jerk reactionism.”

What was Tom’s source for these airtight facts?

He cited an RT op-ed written by Kirill Dmitriev, a WEF Young Global Leader.

It’s a very bad op-ed, by the way. I inspected Dmitriev’s fanciful claims in an article published by the Brownstone Institute:

The Kremlin has batted away criticism of Sputnik V’s hypersonic development and rollout by highlighting the Gamaleya Center’s previous successes with developing viral vector vaccines.

For example, Kirill Dmitriev, the Harvard-educated ex-Goldman Sachs banker who heads the Russian Direct Investment Fund (which provides financing for Sputnik V), claimed in a September 2020 op-ed that “Russia has benefited from modifying for COVID-19 an existing two-vector vaccine platform developed in 2015 for Ebola fever, which went through all phases of clinical trials and was used to help defeat the Ebola epidemic in Africa in 2017.”

Actually, only about 2,000 people in Guinea received Gamaleya’s Ebola vaccine in 2017-18 as part of a Phase III clinical trial. Typically, Phase III trials involve tens of thousands of participants and often require half a decade or more of meticulous data collection and monitoring. The modest scope of the trial was complemented by its very curious timing. Guinea was declared Ebola-free in June 2016 and remained that way for nearly five years. Contrary to Dmitriev’s creative prose, there was no Ebola epidemic in need of “defeating” when Gamaleya’s scientists arrived in Guinea in 2017 to begin small-scale tests of their experimental shot.

Gamaleya’s Ebola shot is currently only registered with Russia’s health ministry—which operates the institute. In a September interview with Forbes Russia, Inna Dolzhikova, who helped develop Sputnik V, argued there was no reason to seek international approval for Gamaleya’s Ebola vaccine because there have been no “large outbreaks” requiring inoculation against the deadly virus.

Not quite. Ebola re-emerged in Guinea in February of this year, prompting the African nation to undergo an emergency vaccination program. Gamaleya’s “proven” viral vector platform was conspicuously M.I.A.—suggesting its Ebola shot had hit a dead-end.

Before launching Sputnik V into orbit, Gamaleya repeatedly failed to send an approved drug beyond Russia’s own borders. The institute’s first attempt at a vector adenovirus vaccine, AdeVac-Flu, resulted in a multimillion-dollar embezzlement scandal.

I’m sorry for being such a useful idiot, Tom. Going forward I promise to follow your example and get all my Sputnik V info from Russian propaganda written by the WEF-linked financier of Russia’s clot-shot.

— Riley

Source: by Edward Slavsquat | Substack


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