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Testamony Revealed Two Trump Cabinet Officials Were “Ready To Support” Coup d’état

Two Trump Cabinet officials were “ready to support” a DOJ scheme to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump, according to Bloomberg and Fox News, citing closed-door testimony from the FBI’s former top lawyer, James Baker – who said that the claim came from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. 

The testimony was delivered last fall to the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees. Fox News has confirmed portions of the transcript. It provides additional insight into discussions that have returned to the spotlight in Washington as fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe revisits the matter during interviews promoting his forthcoming book. –Fox News

While Baker did not identify the two Cabinet officials, he says that McCabe and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page approached him to relay their conversations with Rosenstein, including their discussions of the 25th Amendment scheme.

“I was being told by some combination of Andy McCabe and Lisa Page, that, in a conversation with the Deputy Attorney General, he had stated that he — this was what was related to me — that he had at least two members of the president’s Cabinet who were ready to support, I guess you would call it, an action under the 25th Amendment,” Baker told the Congressional committees.

The 25th Amendment allows for the removal of a sitting president from office through various mechanisms – including the majority of a president’s Cabinet agreeing that the commander-in-chief is incapable of performing his duties.

Rosenstein – who is slated to leave the Justice Department in the near future, has denied the claims.

Baker said McCabe was cool, calm and collected throughout the discussions, telling lawmakers: “At this point in time, Andy was unbelievably focused and unbelievably confident and squared away.  I don’t know how to describe it other than I was extremely proud to be around him at that point in time because I thought he was doing an excellent job at maintaining focus and dealing with a very uncertain and difficult situation.  So I think he was in a good state of mind at this point in time.” 

McCabe, meanwhile told “60 Minutes” in an interview set to air Sunday night that Rosenstein was concerned about Trump’s “capacity.” 

According to McCabe, Rosenstein “raised the issue and discussed it with me in the context of thinking about how many other cabinet officials might support such an effort,” adding that Rosenstein was “definitely very concerned about the president, about his capacity and about his intent at that point in time.”

“Rosenstein was actually openly talking about whether there was a majority of the cabinet who would vote to remove the president?” asks CBS News anchor Scott Pelly, to which McCabe replied: “That’s correct. Counting votes or possible votes.

The New York Times first reported last year that McCabe alleged in memos that Rosenstein had talked about using the 25th Amendment to oust Trump — or wearing a wire to surreptitiously monitor the president — in the hectic days in May 2017 after Trump fired James B. Comey as FBI director. At the time, Rosenstein disputed the reporting. –WaPo

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) called the 25th Amendment scheme a “bureaucratic coup” led by enemies of President Trump. On Sunday morning, Graham said he would subpoena McCabe and Rosenstein “if that’s what it takes” to get to the bottom of the 25th Amendment claim. 

On Thursday, the DOJ issued a statement claiming that Rosenstein rejects McCabe’s version of events “as inaccurate and factually incorrect,” and also denied that Rosenstein ever approved wearing a “wire” to record Trump. 

“The deputy attorney general never authorized any recording that Mr. McCabe references,” reads the DOJ statement. “As the deputy attorney general previously has stated, based on his personal dealings with the president, there is no basis to invoke the 25th Amendment, nor was the DAG in a position to consider invoking the 25th Amendment.”

McCabe, meanwhile, walked back some of his “60 Minutes” statements. On Friday a spokeswoman for the former Deputy Director said: “Certain statements made by Mr. McCabe, in interviews associated with the release of his book, have been taken out of context and misrepresented,” adding “To clarify, at no time did Mr. McCabe participate in any extended discussions about the use of the 25th Amendment, nor is he aware of any such discussions.”

Baker acknowledged during his testimony that he was not directly involved in the May 2017 discussions, rather, McCabe and Page approached him contemporaneously following a meeting with Rosenstein in the days following former FBI Director James Comey’s firing. 

“I had the impression that the deputy attorney general had already discussed this with two members in the president’s Cabinet and that they were…onboard with this concept already,” said Baker. 

Question: “Do you know what direction that went? Was it Mr. Rosenstein seeking out members of the Cabinet looking to pursue this 25th Amendment approach or was it the other way around?”

Baker: “What I recall being said was that the Deputy Attorney General had two members of the Cabinet.  So he – how they came to be had, I don’t know, but…”

Question: “So he had two members, almost like he was taking the initiative and getting the members?”

Baker: “That would be speculation on my part.” –Via Fox News

Baker also suggested that “Lisa and Andy” did not know the names of the Cabinet officials who were on board with the 25th Amendment scheme.  

Baker testified in October that the alleged discussions took place during an uncertain and anxious time at the FBI and DOJ after Comey’s termination, and that the mood was “pretty dark”:

Question: “Did people tell you that the DAG (Deputy Attorney General) was upset?”

Baker: “Yes.”

Question: “Did they tell you that he was making jokes?”

Baker: “No.”

Question: “Did they tell you that…”

Baker: “This was not a joking sort of time. This was pretty dark.” –Via Fox News

Pretty dark indeed.

Source: ZeroHedge



Art Of Trumping The Fake Border Security Bill

Pay very careful attention…

(Bond Robin) FYI – One of the constant practices under the National Emergencies Act is rejecting individual parts of Congressional Legislation that limit the Presidents Roll as Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces, or any aspect of his Executive duties as provided by the Constitution and body of law to protect the integrity and security of the Nation. Let me explain with an exaggerated example; in a huge funding bill like he just signed or inside any bill really, the Congress could pass a provision that says:

“The President is Blocked from taking any measures to stop the invasion of the South Western States by migrants, the President is hereby bound to honor said immigrants votes as citizens, the President cannot contest the succession of California, Arizona, New Mexico to form the new nation, Holy Hispanic Crapola.”

Now hear me. Under the Constitution (even without the National Emergencies Act) the president could sign the bill, place into effect all the provisions of the bill, but concerning the paragraph above he could write a signing statement saying,

“As, concerning Bill number xybullshite, the President will faithfully perform his duties under the U.S. Constitution and body of law, to protect our Borders, block illegal immigration and maintain the integrity of the United State of America, as to territory and population.”

This document would be called “A Signing Statement” and would be attached to the bill when the bill was signed and would actually become part of the law passed. The last bill Trump signed, where everyone is screaming that Trump caved, and they are reading parts of the bill that would totally tie the president’s hands concerning building the border wall in certain areas and would block him from transferring monies etc, those people are WRONG. When signing the Bill he also published a “Signing Statement.” They do not understand the force of that “Signing Statement” attached to the bill. (Actually, Registered that is published to the National Registry) In the speech announcing that he would sign the bill and sign a Declaration of Nation Emergency, he also said that he would “Publish something on the Registry.”

That’s the signing statement. Ann Coulter and all the rest screaming Trump Defeat are WRONG.

Fully detailed in the following video…

Art Of The Fake Border Security Bill

Let’s be clear about what the “deal” being voted on yesterday afternoon does – it funds Big Government and gives globalist corporations more cheap immigrant labor, and it ties President Trump’s hands, making it harder to secure our southern border.

Nobody really knows what’s in the bill that passed the House 300-128 and the Senate 83-16. The 1,169-page bill was posted online in two different versions, and no conservative was on the Conference Committee to keep an eye out for poison pills.

However, our friend Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review has circulated an article with the five provisions he has identified as most problematic:

1) Less of a wall than even what Democrats already agreed to: Trump originally demanded $25 billion for the wall. Then he negotiated himself down to $5.6 billion. Democrats balked and only agreed to $1.6 billion. This bill calls it a day at $1.375 billion, enough to construct 55 miles. But it’s worse than that. This bill limits the president’s ability to construct “barriers” to just the Rio Grande Valley sector and only bollard fencing, not concrete walls of any kind. There’s no ability to adapt. Furthermore, section 231 prohibits construction even within the RGV in five locations that are either federal or state lands. Remember, the challenge with building a wall in Texas is that, unlike in other states, the feds need to navigate issues with private lands. The first place you’d construct fencing is on public lands, which are now prohibited. The national parks along the border have gotten so bad that park rangers are scared to travel alone in them.

2) Liberal local officials have veto power over wall: Actually, on second thought, it’s likely that not a single mile of fence will be built. Section 232(a) of this bill states that “prior to use of any funds made available by this Act for the construction of physical barriers” the Department of Homeland Security “shall confer and seek to reach mutual agreement regarding the design and alignment of physical barriers within that city.” With whom must the feds consult? “The local elected officials.” Now you can understand the brilliance of limiting the wall to the Rio Grande Valley. These are the most liberal counties on the border (thanks to demographics of open borders itself!), and there is practically no local official who supports the wall in these counties.

What are the consequences? This bill stipulates that “Such consultations shall continue until September 30, 2019 (or until agreement is reached, if earlier) and may be extended beyond that date by agreement of the parties, and no funds made available in this Act shall be used for such construction while consultations are continuing.” Thus, all the Beto O’Rourke type of politicians in that region have de facto veto power. There’s a reason why they didn’t authorize fencing in conservative counties like Cochise and Yuma in Arizona.

3) This bill contains a blatant amnesty for the worst cartel smugglers: Section 224(a) prohibits the deportation of anyone who is sponsoring an “unaccompanied” minor illegal alien – or who says they might sponsor a UAC, or lives in a household with a UAC, or a household that potentially might sponsor a UAC. It’s truly difficult to understate the betrayal behind this provision. One of the driving factors of the invasion is the misinterpretation of the UAC law. Under current law, Central American teenagers are only treated as refugees if they are A) a victim of “A severe form of trafficking” and B) have no relatives in the country. Yet almost all of them are self-trafficked by these very illegal relatives who are indeed present in the country. Rather than clamping down on this fleecing of the American people, the bill gives amnesty to the very people paying the cartels to invade us!

“We can call this the MS-13 Household Protection Act of 2019,” said Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies. “We know that 80 percent of the UAC sponsors are in the country illegally. The number of people this would protect would reach into the hundreds of thousands, if all of the household or potential household members are counted. ICE has estimated that 30-40 percent of the MS-13 members it has arrested in the last two years arrived as UACs. There is no reason to shield any of these individuals from deportation. After all, if the minor is living with family, they should no longer be considered unaccompanied anyway. If there are illegal aliens here who do not yet have a child here to serve as a deportation shield, this certainly is an incentive for them to make the arrangements to bring one.”

4) More funding to manage and induce the invasion rather than to deter it: While offering no new funding for ICE deportation agents or immigration judges to speed up asylum claims, as the president requested, this bill adds another $40 million for the Alternatives to Detention (ATD) program, which moves asylum seekers to facilities in the interior of the country, where they are usually released. Vaughan, who has studied interior immigration enforcement for decades, warned that “this bill will further expand and institutionalize the catch-and-release policies for those arriving illegally at the border from all over the world.”

What are the effects of the ATD program? “Most of these people have no intention of asking for asylum and know they don’t qualify for it, but are simply joining the illegal population, knowing it’s unlikely that they will be deported. The bill funds ‘case management’ staff to keep tabs on those who don’t abscond immediately, but no money for ICE officers to find and remove them. This is going to saddle the communities that have been forced to absorb these new arrivals with billions of dollars of future costs for schooling, health care, and other welfare services.”

At the same time, this bill reduces border detention beds from 49,060 to 40,520 rather than expanding them as Trump demanded. It contains no funding for more border agents. It offers $3.4 billion for refugee resettlement, more than last year’s record levels. Remember, much of the refugee program has been used not just for bringing in traditional refugees from overseas but to resettle the aforementioned Central American teenagers being self-trafficked through the border, empowering cartels, and taking advantage of us.

5) Doubling low-skilled workers: This bill (p. 1,161) doubles the number of H-2B non-agricultural, unskilled seasonal workers who will continue to be a public charge on America. This gives you a glimpse of what is driving this amnesty bill on the Republican side.

This is just a cursory glance through the bill. Taken together, these provisions will aggravate the criminal conspiracy of the cartels and continue the invasion. Just this week, 1,800 family units came in during one 24-hour period, a new record. The message of this bill is to come here and seek bogus asylum or to grab a kid and you and others will get amnesty. Plus, there are no wall or policy changes to mitigate these effects.

Moreover, this bill will likely override Trump’s executive powers because of the sneaky limitations on wall construction. This is the sort of omnibus bill that ensnared Reagan in Iran-Contra. Signing this bill will undermine his case for an emergency at the border both legally and politically.

From our perspective, the worst parts of this bill are those elements that undermine the case for the declaration of an emergency at the border. That is the only way the Wall is going to get built, because it is clear that President Trump is not going to get any help from Capitol Hill’s Republican “leadership” and if the Wall is going to be built it will be done only through executive action.

We urge CHQ readers and friends to have faith in President Trump’s commitment to building the wall. Call your Senators and Representatives TODAY. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) tell them this bill is not a deal to secure our southern border it’s a cave-in to Democrats and globalist corporations. Tell them you support President Trump’s call for a wall on our southern border and if Congress remains in political gridlock you agree the President should use his Article II constitutional authority to declare a national emergency and have the Pentagon build the wall and other needed security enhancements on our southern border.

Source: ConservativeHQ


Ann Coulter: “The Only National Emergency Is That Our President Is An Idiot”

Remember Ann Coulter was on the Romney train then the Chris Christie train, then the Rubio Train and you see how well that worked out…


President Trump May Have Up to $21 Billion in Military Funds Available for Border Wall Construction


In other news…


Aurora mass shooting: 6 dead, including gunman, and 5 officers wounded in attack at Illinois manufacturing firm. Read here

The Twilight Zone Just Got REAL!

America is divided.

Social engineers have brainwashed half the country into believing the President and his supporters are a threat to their existence.

But there is a resistance.

The other half of the country begins to rise up in defense of liberty to save the Republic.

Meanwhile, the Global Elite use the spy-grid to collect names of rebellion leaders in preparation for….

The “Big Event”.

Church World Service Sets Up Hotline to Connect Illegal Aliens to Sanctuary Locations in US

And, they’re doing their ‘good works’ with your money!

(Ann Corcoran) This (below) is the news that prompted me to check in with the financial doings of Church World Service, one of nine federal refugee contractors that the Trump Administration continues to support.

What I found is that their ‘take’ of your money has increased almost $20 million during the past couple years.

In the most recent Form 990 available (filed June 30, 2017) they were awarded $68 million from the US Treasury, up from $50 million just two years earlier.

First here is the story from ReliefWeb that got my attention:

Note their continued use of the word “refugee.”

None of those crossing the US border illegally are refugees.  They won’t be refugees until they apply for and go through an asylum process and it is determined that they would be persecuted if returned home.  And, that is, if they ever show up for their asylum hearing!

New York City– Church World Service today announced the launch of the CWS Resource Call Center to connect refugee families after they are released from immigration detention with support for their onward journeys.The call center, which will be available to asylum-seekers, asylees and refugees, is an ecumenical effort that will connect callers to CWS affiliate offices, CWS member congregations, and Sanctuary Churches in the communities they are traveling to who can provide local support through housing, resource sharing and friendship.

Doing well by doing good (on your tax dollars)! The good Reverend pulls down a compensation package of over $345,000 annually (see below) as head honcho of CWS.

CWS has partnered with a network of migrant shelters along the U.S. southern border to provide the 1-800 number to asylum seekers who are preparing to travel to a secondary destination.

“We have heard the cries of families seeking safety at the border and watched in horror as the administration has tried to deny them their legal right to seek safety.

These families should be welcomed with the compassion and generosity that is the cornerstone of American values and Christian faith. With this new call center, people of faith around the country are stepping up to welcome asylum seekers into their communities and provide the assistance they need to start over,” said CWS President & CEO Rev. John L. McCullough.


The call center will also link people interested in providing support to asylum seekers by strategically connecting them to border shelters and receiving communities. Interested supporters can contact the call center by emailing


More here and to access their hot links.

Click here to see Church World Service’s partner churches. Is yours one of them?

Some facts you need to see.

When I saw this story I first had a look at ProPublica which has a Non-Profit Explorer service so reporters and the public can ostensibly get the facts.  This is a screen shot of recent data on Church World Service. the $93 million in contributions! The average citizen or lazy biased reporter is going to assume they received all of that money from generous church goers, private citizens, and private companies and charities, right!

Below is what CWS and ProPublica don’t want you to see.

This is a page from the most recent Form 990 which breaks out the GOVERNMENT (taxpayer) gifts to CWS. the $68+ million in government grants to the $24+ million they raised privately and it comes to the $93 million that ProPublica wants everyone to think they raised from the generosity of good church people.

Notice how their government grants are higher than two years before. that their private contributions haven’t changed much except that they were a bit higher in this earlier year.

And, just so you know I’m telling the truth about the Reverend’s whopping salary, this is from that most recent Form 990 I linked above. work if you can get it! Forty hour work week=about $166 an hour.

Charity Navigator has CWS at about 74% federally funded while they work hard to distribute illegal border-crossers to far-flung US towns and cities.

You will never see this news in the media anywhere but (here), and the unfairness of this scam should infuriate you!

What can you do?  You need to spread this news through social media and if your church denomination is one of those in bed with Church World Service, please speak up!

(If you’re doing a crop walk event, then your church is aiding CWS’s political open borders agenda.)

Circumstantial Evidence Indicates Latest Assassination Attempt May Have Failed Just Before Liftoff

Curious events indicate (another) Deep State assassination attempt was thwarted. If events on the main stage seem peculiar, it would be a thrill to see behind the scenes. The timeline of circumstantial evidence looks a little like this:

Jan 3, 2019: Pelosi invited President Trump to address Congress for the annual State of the Union address, designating the date for January 29. President Trump accepted the invitation.

Jan 16:  Pelosi sent a letter to POTUS asking him to postpone his State of the Union Address or to submit it in writing.


  • It’s thirteen days before the SOTU. This implies Pelosi did not anticipate the government shutdown to be resolved in the next almost two weeks?
  • Knowing the nature of President Trump, she most likely anticipates a refusal to this request.
  • She cites “security concerns” because of the partial government shutdown affecting the Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security. However, she has not checked with either of those departments.
  • The shutdown is because an agreement for funding the wall for national security on the border has not been arrived at. The irony of citing security issues (for government officials) while ignoring the security issues of Americans is hard to dismiss.

Jan 16, 11:25am:  Department of Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen tweeted that both HS and the USSS are “fully prepared to support and secure the State of the Union.”  This indicates Pelosi has spoken on behalf of those departments – and is in error.

Jan 16:  21 year old Muslim Hasher Taheb of Cumming, Georgia was arrested and charged for plans to attack the White House with an anti-tank rocket (AT-4), explosive devises, and semi-automatic rifles.  The alleged attack was to occur the next day, Jan 17.

Jan 17:  Pelosi tweaked her rhetoric to now state they should postpone the SOTU because the workers in those departments aren’t getting paid.


  • All of Congress and the Senate are receiving their pay (unless they’ve manually requested not to) during this shutdown, so it seems the better response here is let’s get this resolved now or withhold our pay as well.
  • Democrats vacationed over the holiday (during the shutdown), including Pelosi in Hawaii. Then spent a weekend taking chartered jets to Puerto Rico, lounging on the beach, and attending a play just days before she sent that letter.  (Clearly not that concerned about furloughed employees.)
  • President Trump has in essence been working without pay since his inauguration. He has donated every paycheck since he’s been in office to various departments to better the nation.  President Trump stayed at the White House over the holiday break instead of his usual family holiday in Florida, and even visited trips in the Middle East.

Jan 17:  Pelosi and her group of seven (CODEL) are stopped on the Air Force bus on their way to take a military craft to Afghanistan by a letter from POTUS stopping all tax-payer funding for (unnecessary) travel until the government shutdown is over.  Trump released the letter shortly after two.  Pelosi’s group was to fly out at three.  He cites, “Due to the Shutdown, I am sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan has been postponed.  We will reschedule this seven-day excursion when the Shutdown is over. In light of the 800,000 great American workers not receiving pay, I am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate.”


  • Rampant reports indicate Pelosi’s entire family (and other delegate families) was making this trip as well, to the tune of 93 people. What would Pelosi’s entire family be doing on a trip to a war zone?
  • Pelosi allegedly wanted to select the crew for the C-40 (modified 757 military) plane. Why?
  • Adam Schiff was part of the CODEL. (Along with Rep. Eliot Engel and Rep. Mark Takano.)
  • The plan for this trip was apparently initiated about two weeks prior, which would place it around the Christmas holiday. From Politico, “In Afghanistan, government staffers were not necessarily thrilled about the pending trip, according to a person familiar with the planning process.  ‘A lot of people here were very pissed off about this trip,’ the person told POLITICO.  ‘Foreign Service Officers have been working overtime for two weeks on this trip for no pay, and [Pelosi] was set to arrive on a holiday weekend.  And after the letter she wrote to the White House yesterday it seemed like hypocrisy.’”  We know Pelosi traveled to Hawaii for the Christmas holiday.  I’ve been unable to discover if BO was in Hawaii at the same time, but it’s a usual modus operandi for him.  The CODEL trip was formed and set in motion after this break.
  • Pelosi made a public reply through spokesman Drew Hammill indicating the stop in Brussels was to meet with NATO commanders to “affirm the United States’ ironclad commitment to the NATO alliance.” Interestingly, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled to Brussels Dec. 3-5 to meet with NATO officials.
  • While Pelosi denied that she was traveling to Egypt, I have trouble believing the plane’s itinerary was in error as late as an hour before departure. Interestingly as well, Pompeo was in Egypt himself just ten days earlier on Jan. 10.

Jan 17:  Literally hours later, Melania and Barron made a quiet and unannounced departure for Florida.  This was observed by planefags (civilians who watch flight manifests and logs).

Jan 18:  Pelosi attempted to fly commercially to keep her original itinerary but accused the White House of leaking their commercial flight plans and jeopardizing their “security” – which was adamantly denied by the White House.

Jan 18:  President Trump announced he will be making a “major announcement” Saturday that will be broadcast live from the White House.

Jan 18:  Donna Brazile tweets: #MadamSpeaker today  #President Pelosi shortly thereafter  #MLKWeekend is underway  Keep Hope Alive!


  • Just what?!?! Is this sedition?  Premeditated assassination?  Why are we calling Pelosi “President” for a near future event?
  • MLK was assassinated. Hope was part of the BO regime mantra.  Is this a cryptic message?

Jan 18:  Pelosi and entourage are spotted at Reagan airport.

Jan 19:  Pelosi releases  a statement in ADVANCE of the President’s speech rejecting his terms.

Jan 19:  POTUS spoke to the nation about his plans for border security and asked for bipartisan cooperation to begin immigration reform, build part of the wall in vulnerable areas, and get the government back to work.

The peculiarities in recent events are hard to ignore.  The shutdown occurred shortly before Christmas.  Speculation is there was a plan made over Christmas holiday to shore up Deep State alliances in key strategic locations.  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been at two of those locations in the last four weeks.  Why would this entourage be traveling to a war zone with their families?

Did President Trump quickly send his family to Florida in case the situation wasn’t fully contained?  They flew on the same plane that Pelosi was supposed to be on, which would have been prepped and ready.  This does ask the question if it was a previously prepared trip, there would have been two planes ready – a separate one for FLOTUS.

Interestingly, the six of John F. Kennedy’s Cabinet plus his press secretary were out of the country when he was assassinated.  They were flown to Tokyo (Nov. 1963).  There are eerie strains of conspiracy and plotting.  When the Air Force bus arrived back at the White House after being turned back, it circled the parking lot numerous times.  It was speculated because the passengers didn’t want to face the media.  But could it have been because they were concerned an AT-4 might be launching through walls at any moment and they were supposed to be in the air, or overseas, or anywhere but there?

What are the implications if these circumstances are more than ironic?

Source: by Ms. Smallback | News With Views

Trumps Best Chance To Drain The Swamp

Trump Puts Schumer and Pelosi in a Brilliant Vise Grip

The federal government shutdown has presented a unique opportunity for President Donald Trump to clear out the deadwood in the federal bureaucracy, saving U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars in salaries, perks, and rented office space for people who aren’t doing anything productive.

At the same time, Trump can get rid of dozens, possibly even hundreds of Deep State operatives in the government, handpicked by Barack Obama and Bill Clinton for their loyalty to the Democratic Party, not their country or the law.

These people leak like a screen door in a submarine, mainly to CNN and MSNBC, the twin headquarters of Trump-hatred on cable TV.  Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were choreographing their leaks to the media via text messages.  Even though Strzok was fired and Page resigned, it’s clear there are many others.  They actively resist Trump and the Republicans at every opportunity.  This is the core of the Resistance.

A high-ranking Trump administration official wrote four days ago in the Daily Caller that the shutdown enables Trump to get rid of people like this.  As members of the Senior Executive Service, many of them can’t be fired unless they’re convicted of a felony, or of committing some flagrant misconduct.

This is indeed Trump’s chance to “smoke out the Resistance,” but he must do it carefully.  Thomas Lifson has published two columns in the American Thinker, here and here, explaining that SES employees cannot be furloughed (laid off) under normal circumstances, but they can be removed during a Reduction in Force (RIF) when their positions are found to be unnecessary.

In the D.C. article, our unnamed administration official explains that roughly 80% of the federal work force in many departments, including his own, simply don’t do anything.  They plan shopping trips and vacations.  They send out résumés for better-paying positions, perhaps without realizing that any new employer might expect them to actually get some work done.

My experience in employment law teaches me that all federal employees are working under some kind of written contract, whether it’s a collectively bargained contract with a union or an individual employment contract.  As of today (January 18), the shutdown is in its 28th day.  At 30 days, even SES executives loyal to the Democratic Party become vulnerable to the RIF monster.

Lifson believes, and I also suspect, that Trump suckered the Democrats into a battle royale over the southern border wall Trump has proposed.  By refraining from declaring a national emergency and then building the wall (with Department of Defense funds saved from the withdrawal from Syria), Trump can simply bypass Congress.  He can order the Army Corps of Engineers to build it.

I believe that by making that threat and repeating it, but not following through on it, Trump has created a lingering atmosphere in which Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer feel compelled to stop him at any cost.  In political terms, they’re willing to die on this hill.

Immigrants, when they gain the right to vote for the first time, almost always vote for Democrats.  A recent Yale-MIT study reveals that the actual number of illegal aliens in the U.S. is 22 million, which is roughly the populations of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland combined.  The largest landslide in U.S. presidential history (Reagan vs. Dukakis Mondale, 1980) was 17 million.  And the Democrats want all 22 million to have amnesty, citizenship, and voting rights as quickly as possible.

So Chuckie and Nancy want no wall.  They want no ICE.  They may not have openly expressed the latter sentiment, but several prominent younger voices in their party have done so clearly.

The longer-term goal of a vastly larger, mostly Latino U.S. voting population would be an enormous gain for the Democratic Party, but Trump may bait them into losing their Deep State network of loyal Democratic Party operatives in the bureaucracy.

As Lifson explains, and Michael Roberts explains at The Balance Careers here, on Day 30 of the shutdown, a clause is triggered in these federal employment contracts that enables RIF.  The Office of Personnel Management oversees the RIF process.

A downsizing plan must be presented to OMB on Day 31.  Trump’s team needs to act fast.  The plan must include all of the people who just sit around texting each other about their next leak to MSNBC, or planning their next protest march in a pink hat.  It will take another 30 days to implement the plan.  Roughly 800,000 federal employees could be permanently removed under this plan, with an annual savings of roughly $80 billion in salaries alone.  Including the pensions; the government vehicles; and the rented office space, furniture, and equipment, it could be $150 billion.

In particular, removing the SES employees and their hefty salaries represents a huge savings.  After the massive RIF, Trump could go ahead with Plan B, declare an emergency, and send that order to the Corps of Engineers.  The Democratic Party will be faced with a Hobson’s choice: lose the Latino vote, or lose the Deep State.  I suspect that when presented with this possibility, Chuckie and Nancy will immediately cave in (they aren’t that stupid).

At that point, Trump should raise the stakes.  “Approve all of my judicial nominees immediately, or the shutdown continues, and the RIF takes effect.  Then I declare an emergency, and I get my border wall anyway.”

Since the Latino vote isn’t a sure thing, they’ll choose to keep the Deep State, and they’ll cave in.  The Latino population will gradually go from mostly pro-Democrat to independent, or even Republican, as so many Latinos in the Rio Grande Valley have done.  Most people outside Texas don’t know this, but Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas) won with a plurality of the Latino vote – and a slender majority (50%-49%) of Latino males.  If we can duplicate that in the rest of the country, the Democratic Party is finished.

We didn’t hire Trump to go to church with us.  We hired him to clean house. This is the best chance to get it done.


Two years ago, America inaugurated the American Nationalist, Donald J Trump, as President of the United States despite incredible odds, and the opposition has only gotten worse since. The globalist shadow government, their apparatchiks and fellow travelers have been sending everything they’ve got against him to stop the America First movement to claim national sovereignty. Yet, he takes all of these slings and arrows, gladly for you and with his Steel Will he stands against all the enemies of the people. From the Deep State bureaucrats to the Deep State fake news media; from the Party of Crime, the Democrats, to the Party of Slime, the Republicans; from foreign frenemies to extracting trading partners; from globalist agreements that tie us up to domestic terrorists who ruin the remnant of our culture; our Super President takes them all on and wins! His will is unstoppable; how’s yours? Are you prepared for the most winning you’ve ever seen; while experiencing the most danger you have ever experienced? Your mission is to follow President Trump and Make America Great Again!
Politics is about one thing and one thing only: POWER! Trump has the power. The idiots that killed the Republic and brought us into Empire NEVER expected Trump….he is the Emperor they never wanted.

The globalists’ shadow government is in panic as Trump is about to reveal their crimes. He must be stopped at all costs; the American Nationalist Giant must never be aware of how numerous her members are, nor how weak the globalist controlling oligarchy is. We are in a state of emergency, we are about to weather the Storm, stand together as the sky falls.

If you fail, if you lose focus, if you get distracted, if you attack laterally, if you fight the last war, if you pick the wrong battle, you are not helping, you are hindering and that makes you more dangerous than the enemy. FOCUS UP. Don’t get too Qurious. Drop your ideological pretension. Realize that you are one among many and we hold the line together, we advance together, we crush the enemy together…as ONE. Petty bullshit is more dangerous than the opposition. Seek not friends nor fellow travelers; as Americans, as soldiers of Trump, we are One. Where we go one, we go all. Phalanx.

Our enemy is not a foreign nation-state; our enemy has no state, but controls aspects of most states including governments within our union.

In the storm, right the ship; where we go one, we go all; for good or for ill. We are witnessing a centuries-long war in its final phases, and this time we are winning. Dialectical choices in the age of Trump will leave you behind, we need a whole new thinking. Every empire either conquers or collapses. The president is conquering the world and preventing the collapse of the American Empire…what will that empire be?

There is no Republican Party; There is a Trump Party – John Boehner

Disloyal R’s are far more difficult than Crooked Hillary. They come at you from all sides. They don’t know how to win – I will teach them! – President Trump

Americans finally have a champion to lead for America First while deconstructing the Enemedia, Marxists and the nearly defunct New World Order globalists. Victory is ours, but only if we never let up. Ladies and gentlemen, we are still at WAR.

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