Health Care Workers Have a Safe Place to Tell Their COVID Inoculation Stories Without Possibility of Retribution

The only way this will end is if doctors are allowed to speak out about what is happening without fear of retribution. Now you can.

(Steve Kirsch) If you work in healthcare and have a story to tell about the COVID vaccines, you can now tell it without fear of retribution.

Once you hit Submit, your story will be public, but your identity will not be revealed.

Here’s the link to submit your story. You can include file attachments of any type.

Submit as often as you like

Your story can be short, or it can be as long as you like (see for example this impressive story from a podiatrist).

For verification purposes, we require at least one way to contact you. This can be your protonmail account (which keeps your info very confidential), or the contact info of a friend who knows how to reach you. None of your contact info will be publicly disclosed.

I’d like to collect hundreds of stories from healthcare workers.

Please submit your stories and ask your friends to submit their stories.

It is critical for every healthcare worker to speak out about what is really happening. Remaining silent will result in more deaths and disability.

Please help. Thanks!

Source: by Steve Kirsch’s Newsletter


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