Rense Posted Video Of Clotted Heart

You could see the heart was struggling badly. They stopped it for the surgery and pulled out clots that were EXACTLY THE SAME as what the undertakers are pulling out of people’s legs after the Pfizer shot. This is a horrifying video.

The heart was beating. They stopped it. They cut an artery. They found the clot. They pulled it out and it is EXACTLY the same as what is coming out during embalming sessions, The heart keeps beating even when these clots are obviously stuck in the valves, it just works harder to make up for it until it fails. This is BY FAR the most shocking video ever posted yet. It is hosted by Rense because there’s no way Youtube or any other con job would ever allow it.

Source: Jim Stone


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2 thoughts on “Rense Posted Video Of Clotted Heart

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