Pharmacist Shocked To Discover Vaccine Inserts are Blank: ‘I Shouldn’t be Giving These Out’

(Adan Salazar) In the viral footage shot inside a CVS pharmacy, a staff pharmacist hands this customer a BLANK vaccine insert sheet he asserts contains complete testing and safety data required to provide ‘informed consent.’ 

This pharmacists comes across as a little gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Except morally. And Biblically. And in terms of evolutionary fitness.

Knowledge is power and clarity is freedom. And it’s only when we truly know what we are up against, that we are able to make the choices that keep us living life as the Sovereign Infinite Creator Beings we truly are.

Source: by Adan Salazar | InfoWars


Absolute Visual Proof How The BioWeapon
Destroys The Blood And Circulation – Photos, Video

Caller Tells Biden ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ And Biden
Says, ‘Let’s Go Brandon, I Agree!’ – Watch

Deranged Trump Tells Candace Owens ‘People
Aren’t Dying When They Take The Vaccine,’
Claims He Saved ‘100 Million People’

Remarkably Awkward Chat With A Pharmacist – Watch

US Warned About Impending 140 Million
New Covid Cases (Oh, Please! There Isn’t Even
A Viable Test!)

Thousands Stranded At US Airports Due To
‘Covid Staff Shortages’ – Or Pilots Who May Die?

This Will Really Ruin Lord Fauci’s Christmas

Watch – MSNBC ‘Doctor’ Calls For Denying
Medical Care To The Unvaxed

More US Marines Kicked Out For Refusing Kill Shot

White House Abandons Southern African Travel
Will Let Full Travel Into US Resume

‘Biden Seems Confused’ – CNN Openly Questions
President’s Cognitive Health After Yet Another Slip Up

Did Jan 6 Kick-Start The End Of US Democracy?

Poll Workers Sue Giuliani, OAN Over
Election Fraud Claims

Two Democrats Thank Police After Being
Carjacked In Separate Incidents Just Hours Apart

Trump Slams ‘Wacko’ Midler Over Her Comment
On ‘Illiterate’ Red State

Watch Pickaxe-Wielding Woman Casually
Shoplifting In LA Drugstore

‘A Woman Is A Woman, Man Is A Man’
Putin Vows To Protect Russia From
West’s ‘Gender Obscurantism’

Rolling Blackouts Spread Across Europe
Amid Energy Crisis

DeSantis – The New World Order Is The
Reason Why China Got So Powerful

The Inevitability Of Kamala Harris

Give Us Mob Rule (Song Parody)

Two Doses Of Pfizer Or Moderna Fail To Protect
Against Omicron After 6 Months – Scientists (Yawn)

President Putin – I Will Never Allow The
‘New World Order’ To Pervert Nature
There Are Only TWO Genders

Elon Musk – ‘Woke’ Culture Is An Evil Cancer

Russia Fines Google With Record $100 Million
For Allowing Banned Content

Apple Employees Urged To Stage Walkout
On Christmas Eve

Apple Payment System Ruled A Monopoly
In Netherlands

Amazon Denied Sick Leave To Workers
Who Later Died – Rights Group

Record 1.7 Million People In UK Tested Positive
For COVID-19 Last Week – With WHAT TEST?

Strike Action Disrupts Christmas Eve Trains
In England, Scotland

1 In 3 Brits Think Pandemic Will Last Forever – Poll

Over 40% Of Britons Believe It Takes At Least
1 Year To Curb COVID-19 Pandemic, Poll Shows

UK Mobile Operators Concerned As Govt Asks
To Send Vaccination Alerts – Report

Brits Using Covid ‘As Weapon’ Against Police – Report

Dutch Prime Minister Says Started Booster
Vaccination Campaign Too Late

Vaccines Do Not Stop COVID-19 Spread As
Governments Claim

Austria Pushing 4th Covid-19 Vaccine To Health Workers

India’s Holiest River Was Dumping Ground For
Dead During Second COVID Wave

The ECB Has Launched The Japanization Of
Europe…And Now It Cannot Back Down

Spain Set To Outlaw Smoking On Beaches

BoJo Can ‘Get Away With Things’ That ‘Mere Mortals’
Can’t – Ex-PM Cameron Says

Exporting LGBTQ+ Propaganda Is
New-Age Colonialism

Young Brits Want Gay, Black Or Female Santa – Poll

US Sending Thousands Of Military Personnel
To Ukrainian Front Lines – Moscow

Russia Beefing Up Military On Ukraine’s Border – Janes

Ukrainian ‘Nazis’ Now Control Zelensky – Putin

Russia Will Respond With ‘Adequate Military Measures’
To Hostile Actions By The West, Moscow Warns

‘Deceitful’ – Russian Diplomat Not Buying Kiev’s
Claims To De-Escalate Tensions In Donbass

Russia Carries Out Successful Test Launch
Of Zircon Hypersonic Missile – Putin

British Mercs Have Infested Ukraine, Former Ukraine
Security Service Officer Claims

French Warship Said In Ukraine’s Port Of Odessa

Ukrainian Court Rules To Detain Former
President Poroshenko — Report

Top Ukrainian Official Says Kiev Regularly
Contacts Washington To Coordinate Moves

Almost 70% Of Ukrainians Believe Zelensky
Should Not Run For New Term, Poll Shows

EU & Ukraine Ask To Join Talks On Future
Of European Security

Sweden’s, Finland’s NATO Accession Would
Lead To ‘Adequate Response’ From Russia

Estonian President Opposes Discussions
On Russia’s Security Proposals

Russian Foreign Ministry Summons
Ukraine’s Charge D’Affairs

Russians Name President Putin
Politician Of The Year, Poll Shows

Russia Will Waive Visas For Fans To
Attend 2022 UEFA Champions League Final

Russian Soldier Arrested On Suspicion Of
Treason And Working For Ukraine

China’s Message Is Clear – ‘If You Hit Us…
We’ll Hit Back Harder’

Diplomat Ryabkov To West – ‘Don’t Underrate Resolve
By Moscow, Beijing To Defend Their Interests’

Beijing Says There’s ‘No Limit’ To Russia-China
Cooperation After Putin Touts Strategic Partnership

China Says US Claims Of Forced Labour
In Xinjiang ‘Fabricated’

Beijing ‘Concerned’ By India’s Income Tax
Raids On Chinese Mobile Firms

China Exerts Global Rare Earths Dominance

Western Mass Media Consumers Are As
Propagandized As North Koreans

India’s Holiest River Was Dumping Ground For
Dead During Second COVID Wave

US Navy Intercepts Huge Cache Of Arms
From Iran Near Yemen On ‘Stateless Ship’

Israeli Foreign Minister Suggests Contingency
Plan If Vienna Talks Fail

Israel Concerned With Growing Antisemitism
In Europe, Foreign Minister Lapid Says

In Stern Warning To Israel, IRGC Says Will Cut Off
Zionists Hands In Case Of Blunder

Iran Fires Missiles On Last Day Of Massive Drills
With Stark Warning To Israel

Watch Simultaneous Launch Of Over A Dozen
Ballistic Missiles By Iran In Drills Aimed At Israel

Dozens Of Palestinians Injured In Anti-Settlement
Protests In West Bank

South Africa Eases COVID Restrictions
After Omicron Peaks

Trans Man Slams Nurses For ‘Mother’ Label
After Giving Birth

‘I Was Expelled As A Therapist For My
Gender Critical Views’

Gender-Swapped Ghostbusters Director Surprised
His Film Isn’t In The Ultimate Collection

Peter Dinklage Reveals How His ‘Politically
Correct’ Critics Were ‘Politically Wrong’

Illegitimate, Illegal, Fraud ‘President’ Biden
Declares He Will Run In 2024 If He’s Healthy
Enough – Incredible

Biden Admin Studying How To Fight To The
Last Ukrainian If Moscow Overruns Them

Biden’s Freudian Slip – Is The US Military About To
Be Deployed Against The American People?

Fauci – If Your Family Member Is Unvaxed,
Tell Them Not To Show Up

Bannon – ‘War On The Unvaxed Is About To Start’

Prikspijt – New Dutch Word Of The Year
Translates To ‘Vaccine Regret’

Washington DC To Introduce Vaccine
Passports In January

Spike Ferritin Nanoparticle COVID Vaccine –
US Army’s Single ‘Vax’ Against All COVID-19
& SARS Variants – Getting Funnier By The Day

The Head Of WHO Says ‘Some Countries Are
Using Boosters To Kill Children’ — Video

‘No Country Can Boost Its Way Out’ – WHO Warns
Biden Plan Could ‘Prolong’ Pandemic

The FBI Declassifies Files On The McMartin
Pre-School Child Trafficking Case

The Kamal Says Media Would Treat Her Better
If She Were A White Man – What A Moron

Satanism On The Rise – Demon Statue Installed
Alongside Nativity Scene In Illinois Capitol

We Live In The Shadow Of Top Secret US
Mountain Base – We See UFOs All The Time
And ETs Take Our Cattle

Can’t Buy Or Sell Without The Chip Soon?
Infrared Scanners Installed In Markets – Watch

US Approves $108 Million Sale Of
Hellfire Missiles To Australia

Study – ‘Omicron’ Variant Has 80% Lower
Risk Of Hospitalization

Lancet Editor Admits Peter Daszak Has
‘Significant, Regrettable’ Conflicts Of Interest

Super-Luxurious Cruise Ship Blocked From
2 Caribbean Ports Over Covid Outbreak

Thousands Of Parents Refused To Comply,
CA School Dist Reverses Child Vax Mandate

RINO MD Gov Larry Hogan Halts Monoclonal
Antibody Treatment For COVID-19 At Behest
Of Biden Regime

Athlete Collapses And Deaths Following
BioWeapon Injections

Braindead Biden Declares Victory Over Christmas
Supply-Chain Crisis From The White House

As Used Car Prices Hit Another Record High
Here’s What Goldman Thinks Happens Next

Musk Explains Why His Wealth Is No ‘Deep Mystery’

130 Groups Ask CFTC To Shut Down
‘Dystopian’ Water Futures Market

Report – Funds Moving Away From
‘Old Analog Gold’ To Bitcoin

Rabobank – This Will Be The Biggest Challenge
For Businesses, Households, Policymakers In 2022

US Consumer Prices Up 5.7% In Year To
November, Fastest Gain In 39 Years

Belgium To Part Ways With Nuclear Plants By 2025

European Gas Drops 18% As US Sends LNG Flotilla

West ‘Keeps Lying’ About Gas Crisis Being
Russia’s Fault – Putin

Both Strings Of Nord Stream 2 To Be Under
Operating Pressure By End Of 2021, Gazprom
CEO Says

Send More Russian Gas Through Our Pipes
– Ukraine Tells EU

Putin Links European Gas Crunch To EU
Buying On Spot Markets

UK Energy Bills Could Increase By 50%
In 2022

Gazprom Does Not Book Yamal-Europe Pipeline Capacity For Fourth Day In A Row

UK Woman Describes Autoimmune Symptoms,
Blood Clots After COVID BioWeapon

England Hospital Units May Close As Staff
Revolt Over Injection Compulsion

‘Dr. Death’ Proposes Implant That Would
Kill User If Not Turned Off

Dutch GPs Prescribe Ivermectin
As A Covid Cure Despite Ban

Commucrats Resisting Anti-Vote Fraud Probes
And Reforms Nationwide

Germany Confirms First Omicron Death While
Italy, Spain Revive Outdoor Mask Mandates

France’s Scientific Council Has Said It Expects To
See Hundreds Of Thousands Of New Covid-19 Cases
Every Day In January

London Tube Faces Longest Strike Ever

France’s Macron, Italy’s Draghi Call For Fiscal
Reforms In The EU On Path To COVID Recovery

Mir-19 Anti-Coronavirus Medicine Recommended
For Use By People Aged From 18 To 65

Putin Says US Needs To Realize It Won’t
Contain China’s Development

Putin Names Russia’s Number One Partner

Putin Slams ‘Unacceptable’ US Boycott Of Beijing
Winter Games As Attempt To Harm China Growth

Russia’s Battles On World Stage Laid Bare
By Foreign Minister In RT Interview

Russian Su-35 Edged Out By US, French Jets

Russia Could Not Turn Away Crimea, Show Lack
Of Will Amid Developments In Donbass — Putin

Putin Reveals Thinking Behind 2014 Moves In Crimea

Zelensky Comes Under Influence Of
Radical Elements — Putin

Ukrainian President Zelensky Summoned To
Court Over Ex-President Poroshenko’s Lawsuit

EU Condemns Ukraine For Detention Of
Opposition Leader – Media

Japan To Allow Autonomous Driving Services
In Certain Areas, Reports Say

Biden Signs Bill To Ban Imports From
China’s Xinjiang Into Law

Intel Apologises In China Over Xinjiang
Supplier Advice

China To Send Police To Help Solomon
Islands Curb Riots

China Disappears Tiananmen Square
Memorial In Hong Kong

US Approves $108 Million Sale Of Hellfire
Missiles To Australia

Sydney Residents Continue To Wear Masks
Even After NSW Dropped Mask Mandate

Delhi Chief Braces For 100,000 COVID-19 Cases
Daily As Omicron Spreads Through India

US Intel Claims Saudi Arabia Is Building
Its Own Ballistic Missiles With China – Report

Israeli Police Say Probing Every Incident Of
Vandalism At Christian Sites

Israeli Lawmaker Pulls Gun On Arab Security Guards

African Health Chief Sends Foreboding
Message About Omicron

Senators Intro Bill To Strip Funding From Cities
That Grant Foreigners The Right To Vote

Trooper Who Shared Meal With Homeless
Woman Has Been Relieved Of Duty

Salvation Army Doubles Down On Promoting
Social Justice, Backs Soros-ANTIFA ‘Bail
Project’ Front

Celebrating Joy And Hope

Frankincense And Myrrh – The Scents Of Heaven

The Twelve Holy Nights

Austria Is Activating The Bots

Poor Oral Health Linked To Wide
Variety Of Diseases And Mental Illness

Medical Marijuana And Autism –
‘I’m Getting My Boy Back’ Mom Says

‘America’s Dirty Secret’ Is A Public Health
Nightmare For Alabama Residents

Merck’s New ‘Miracle’ Covid Drug Found To Cause
Cancerous Mutations In Hamster Experiments

Harvard’s Dr. Charles Lieber – Nanowires, DoD,
CCP, Wuhan, Covid, 5G, Carbon Nanotubes (CNT),
Military Vaccines, SpFN Spike Ferritin Nanoparticles
Found Guilty On All Charges…

US Doctor – Omicron 2nd Most Contagious Virus
Known To Mankind, 2nd Only To The Measles!

No, We Still Won’t Eat The Bugs!

US Life Expectancy In 2020 Has Suffered 2 Yr Drop

Amazon Limits Sales Of Self-Test Kits For
COVID-19 To 10 Per Buyer – Reports

What If The Biggest Solar Storm On
Record Happened Today?

150 Yrs Ago – The Worst Solar Storm Ever

The Dying Dollar

Biden Admin Extends Moratorium On
Student Loan Payments Through May 1

Musk Blasts California Tax As He Dumps More Stock

Tesla Probed Over Crash-Risky Gameplay Feature

Biden Says Gas Prices Are Coming Down To
Historic Averages…There Is Just One Problem…

WTF WTI? Oil Spikes After Biggest Gasoline
Inventory Build In 6 Months

UK Natural Gas Prices Hit New High,
Trigger ‘Marketwide Crisis’

Norway Study – 98% Of COVID Infections
Were Vaccinated

France Extends Covid Vaccination To
Children Aged 5-11

New UK Covid Infections Top 100,000 In
A Single Day For First Time

Finland To Reestablish Border Control With
Other EU Nations From 28 December Amid
Omicron Surge

EU Sets 9 Month Expiration Date For
Vaccine Passports

Germany’s Ethics Council Backs
Mandatory Vaccination

Austria Hiring People To ‘Hunt
Down Vaccine Refusers’

Austria Unleashes Its Vaccine Gestapo

Ryanair CEO Calls For Unvaccinated
‘Idiots’ To Be Ostracised From Society

UK Cuts COVID-19 Self-Isolation
Period To 7 Days

Absurd New Welsh COVID Rules Fine
People For Going To Work But They Can
Go To The Pub

Thousands Of Earthquakes Hit Iceland
Days After Volcano Eruption Ends

Piton De La Fournaise Volcano On France’s Reunion Island Shows Signs Of Eruption

US Mercenaries Preparing Donbass ‘Provocation’

US And Britain Help Ukraine Prepare For
Potential Russian Cyberassault

Russia Says ‘Provocative Activity’ By US, NATO
In Black Sea Aims To Hamper Nord Stream 2

Ukraine Pledges To Stop Nord Stream 2

Italy’s Draghi Says Europe Has No Capabilities
To Impose Sanctions On Russia In Gas Field

Berlin Forces EU Satellite Operator To Take RT’s
German TV Broadcast Off Air

Moscow May Mirror Western Restrictions
On Russia Media – Lavrov

Russia Tired Of Smug Lectures From Germany

US Brings Botulinum Toxin To Ukraine
Says Donetsk Republic

Russia Slams US For ‘Distorting Reality’ By
Blaming Moscow For Ukraine Escalation

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Question
S Jens Stoltenberg’s Fitness For NATO Chief Post

Moscow Reveals Preparations For Possible Conflict

Russia Gets Nuclear Boost In The Pacific

Russian Police Get More Powers Under New Law

COVID-19 Situation Allows For Holding Putin’s
News Conference Face-To-Face — Kremlin

Sputnik Light – 100% Of People Given Booster
Jab Develop High Level Of Antibodies, Study Says

China Fires Up Its ‘Artificial Sun’

Millions Of People Sent Into Covid
Lockdown In China

Australia Outlines New Measures To Avoid
Lockdowns Amid Spread Of Omicron Variant

NZ – All I Want For Christmas

Erdogan Touts Turkovac To World

Omicron Wave Peaks In SA

Creeper Joe Stealthily Handed A Tube
Of Andrenochrome? Watch Closely – Video

Watch Trump Admit His Complicity In The Deaths
Of Millions, Billions – Trump Doubles Down On Death

Biden COUGHS And Clears Throat Through
Omicron Speech At White House After He
Was Exposed To Aide With Covid

Mask Wearing Is Lethal – Watch

Dr. Vernon Coleman – Face Masks Cause Cancer
Here’s The Proof – Video

Dallas Crowd HECKLES Trump And Bill O’Reilly
When They Claim They Got Booster Shots

Trump And Jeffrey Epstein Partied Together
Early On

Trump Flew Seven Times On Epstein’s Private
Lolita Express Jet, Flight Logs Reveal

1 In 100 Vaxed Individuals Were Admitted To
Hospital Or Died With Arrhythmia During Study

WHO Says To Cancel Holiday Plans
Due To Omicron

Lizard Lightfoot’s Chicago Has Seen Over 800
Homicides Since Beginning Of 2021

Hero Citizen In OH Chased Down A Man Who
Snatched A Purse From An 87 Yr Old Woman
Deshawn Pressley Honored With Citizen’s Award

The Dying Dollar

US Mercenaries Preparing Donbass ‘Provocation’

Joe Manchin Saves America

Biden Will ‘Work Like Hell’ To Get BBB
Through After Manchin Killed Bill

McConnell Says GOP ‘Welcome’ Manchin In
The Party ‘If He Was So Inclined’

Lest We Forget The Predictive Programming
Of The Bizarre 2012 Olympics Opening – Watch

Watch – Pelosi Startled, Abruptly Leaves Podium
At Press Event After ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Chant

It’s Official – Durham Is Investigating Clinton Campaign

Alex Jones Sues Pelosi, US Capitol Riot Committee

Biden Admin. To Close Gaps Of Unfinished
Wall On US-Mexico Border

Bayer Executive – MRNA Shots Are ‘Gene Therapy’
Marketed As ‘Vaccines’ To Gain Public Trust

Tucker Carlson Slams ‘Pedo Outbreak’ At CNN

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