“We Are On The Precipice”

Hunger in America’s heartland National Geographic

(James Rickards) I don’t believe many people grasp the enormity of the global food crisis we’ll be facing in the months ahead. But the world could be on the verge of a massive humanitarian crisis. Let’s dive in…

The supply chain collapse preceded the war in Ukraine, but the war has only intensified the problems. You can see it with your own eyes when you walk into a supermarket and find long stretches of empty shelves in stores that used to be chock-full of food and other merchandise.

Even goods that are available such as gasoline are being sold at much higher prices. Prices for gasoline (and diesel, which is critical for goods transportation) have more than doubled in the past nine months. All of this is clear. The question is will it get worse from here?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Bob Unanue is the CEO of Goya Foods, which is one of the largest food distributors in the world. Few people are better positioned to assess the global food situation than Unanue, who deals with raw food deliveries on the one hand and retail customers on the other.

Unanue is now warning, “We are on the precipice of a global food crisis.” Other experts are quoted making a similar point. That’s not hyperbole or fearmongering, but a serious analysis. Here’s why…

29% of All Wheat Exports in Jeopardy

In the Northern Hemisphere, the planting season for 2022 is well underway. Crops were planted (or not) in March and April. Based on that, you can already form estimates of output next September and October during the harvest season (subject to some variability based on weather and other factors).

Plantings have been far below normal in 2022, either due to a lack of fertilizer or to much higher costs for fertilizer where farmers simply chose to plant less. This predictable shortage is in addition to the much greater shortages due to the fact that Russian output is sanctioned and Ukrainian output is nonexistent because it’s at war.

Russia and Ukraine together account for 29% of global wheat and 19% of global corn exports.

Russia and Ukraine together produce 29% of all the wheat exports in the world. That doesn’t mean they grow 29% of the wheat in the world. It means they grow 29% of the wheat exports.

The U.S., Australia, Canada and others grow a lot of wheat but consume most of it themselves. They export relatively little. Importantly, they don’t simply eat it. They feed it to their farm animals. People don’t often make the connection between grain and animal products, but it’s critical.

Many countries get 70–100% of their grains from either Russia or Ukraine or both. Lebanon gets 100%. Egypt is over 70%. Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, many central African countries and Jordan and other Middle Eastern countries receive much of their grain from Russia or Ukraine.

No Planting, No Crops

But it’s worse than that because not only are many Ukrainian exports shut down now, but the planting season is nearly over. And you’re not going to get any grain in October if you didn’t plant it in April or May. And they didn’t for obvious reasons.

What that means is you project ahead to October, November, December of this year, those countries I mentioned are not going to be able to get their grain supplies. There simply aren’t going to be any, or they’ll be greatly reduced. The combined population of countries that get between 70% and 100% of their imports from Russia or Ukraine is 700 million people.

That’s 10% of the global population. So you’re looking at mass starvation. You’re looking at a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportions, probably the worst since the Black Death of the 14th century. That’s coming down the road, even if most people can’t see it coming or fully fathom the depths of the coming crisis.

In short, we know enough now to predict much higher prices, empty shelves and, in some cases, mass starvation in the fourth quarter of this year and beyond.

Beyond the humanitarian aspect of the coming food shortages, there are also potentially serious social and geopolitical ramifications.

Another Arab Spring?

You remember the “Arab Spring” starting in 2010. It started in Tunisia and spread from there. Well, it was triggered by a food crisis. There was a shortage of wheat, which triggered the protests.

There were underlying problems in these societies, but a food crisis was the catalyst for the protests.

Now, many poorer countries in the Middle East and Africa are facing a much greater crisis as the impact of shortages manifests itself later this year and into next year. Will we see even more social unrest than in 2011?

It’s very possible, and it could be even more destabilizing than the Arab Spring. We could also see waves of mass migration from Africa and the Middle East as desperate and hungry people flee their homelands.

Europe endured a wave of mass immigration in 2015. Many migrants were attempting to flee the war in Syria, but there were great amounts of people who weren’t affected by the war. They were just seeking better lives in the welfare states of Europe.

Mass starvation could trigger an even greater migration, which would present Europe with enormous challenges.

The United States could also witness another wave of migration at the southern border, which is currently being inundated by migrants. A global food crisis could send the numbers spiraling to uncontrollable limits.

What if the War Drags On?

And what if the war in Ukraine drags on well into next year? Next year’s growing season would also be disrupted and the shortages could extend into late 2023 and beyond.

Well, maybe some would argue that other nations could pick up the slack and grow additional grain. That’s nice in theory, but it’s not that simple.

Russia is the largest exporter of fertilizer, and sanctions are cutting off supplies. Many farmers cannot get fertilizer at all, and those who can are paying between twice and three times last year’s price.

That means that crops actually produced will have much higher prices because of the higher price of inputs such as fertilizer, and the higher transportation costs due to higher prices for diesel and gasoline.

Like I said earlier, we’re looking at a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportions, probably the worst since the black death of the 14th century.

And we’re not prepared to handle it.


Jim Rickards
for The Daily Reckoning


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Firm Behind ‘Steele Dossier’ Prodded Journo
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WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Is A Clear And
Present Threat To Democracy

1,000 Azovstal Fighters Have Surrendered
Since Monday But Top Commanders Remain

Drained, Exhausted, Defeated – Watch Fighters
From Besieged Azovstal Surrender To Russians

Special Think Tanks Work For Heroization Of
Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis – Russian Security Council

Group Of Women Spotted Among Surrendered
Troops At Azovstal Steel Plant In Ukraine

Kiev Preparing Bucha-Type Provocation
In DPR, Russian MoD Warns

Russia Urges West To Stop Scaring Public
With Nonexistent Russian ‘Chemical Threat’

Russia Employs Laser Weapons In Ukraine
Special Operation, Says Deputy PM

Russian Attack Drones, Artillery Wipe Out
US-Made M777 Howitzers In Ukraine

Russia To Start Serial Production Of
Checkmate Fighters In 2027 – Rostec CEO

Chechnya Head Insists Hardcore Banderites
Must Be Punished, Not Exchanged

Russia Up Against NATO, Not Ukraine,
Says Chechnya’s Kadyrov

Those Cheering For Ukraine Are Cheering For
The Slaughter Of Ukrainians – And Others

Lake Mead’s Marinas Are Being Pushed
Further Out As Water Levels Dive

Biden’s ‘Disinfo’ Board Put On Hold
As ‘Scary Poppins’ Jankowicz Resigns

Braindead Biden Blames Tucker For Buffalo
Massacre! How Many Human Beings Has Biden
Killed By Sending Lethal Weapons To The Ukes?

‘Genetically Edited’ (GMO) Food –
The Next Stage Of The Great Reset?

Top Twitter Boss Dubs Musk A ‘Loony Tune’ While
Boasting About Limiting Free Speech – Veritas

‘Interesting’ Tweets Elon Musk As Audit Says
Half Biden’s 22 Million Twitter Followers Are ‘Fake’

GOP’s Minnesota Sec Of State Candidate
Slammed For Depicting George Soros As
‘Jewish Puppet Master’

Musk Vs Soros – ‘I Can No Longer Support
Democrats, Will Vote Republican’

‘Not A Federal Issue’ – Hunter Biden Laptop
Repairman Says FBI ‘Didn’t Seem Interested’
In Hard Drive

Diesel Costs Deliver Body Blow To Trucking
Industry, Impacting Broader Economy

High Gasoline And Diesel Prices
Are Here To Stay

CDC Data Reveals More Americans Are
Resisting COVID Boosters Than You May Think

China Pours More Money Into Endless
Lockdown Scheme, Plans ‘Permanent’
Quarantine Camps

Eric Clapton Cancels Shows After Testing
Positive For Coronavirus – No, He Is Suffering
From The BioWeapon Injections He Took

Medical Regulators Believe Adenoviruses Used
In AstraZeneca & J&J COVID Vaccines Are To
Blame For Rise In Deadly Hepatitis Among Children

Confidential Documents Prove Pfizer Is Guilty
Of Major Fraud In COVID Clinical Trials

Covid ‘Vaccine’ Injury Ends Orthopedic Surgeon’s
20 Year Career – The Ordeal Of Dr. Joel Wallskog

Warning – Terrible Photos – 32 Yr Old Double Vaxed
Woman Dead, Eaten Away By Horrible Necrotic Ulcers

Rogues Gallery Of Talking Heads Summarize
Global Covid Summit, Telling Us The Plandemic
Isn’t Over Yet

US Confirms First Case Of Monkeypox

CDC Has ‘Some Concern’ Over UK
Monkeypox Outbreak, Says Six
Americans Being Watched For Infection

Spain Raises Health Alert Over Monkeypox
In Madrid, Portugal Confirmes 3 Cases

Drug-Resistant Fungus Candida Auris
Outbreaks Investigated At 9 Local Hospitals
And 3 Nursing Homes – BioWeapon Caused

Russian Office Of Google Initiates Its
Own Bankruptcy

‘Long Arm UFO’ Spotted Observing
Mars Rover, Blogger Claims

Former US Military Personnel Say They Witnessed
‘Flying, Glowing’ Objects Over Sinai Years Ago

Massive Ice Cube Neutrino Detector At Antarctica
…The Secret Space Program Connection

The Fed Has Destroyed Our Savings

Inflation In Austria Highest Since 1981

The Fed LITERALLY Just Told Us It
Wants A Recession!

Price Controls Are Coming, Then CBDC

Goldman Economist Warns US Consumers
Maxing Out Credit Cards Will Lead To Late
2022 Spending Collapse

After Calls For Conservation And Generator
Failures, Texas Grid Survived The Weekend
…It’s Still May

S&P Cuts World’s Largest EV Maker From
ESG Index, Musk Slams ‘Outrageous Scam’

Trucking Stocks Massacred After Target
Warns Of $1 Billion In Incremental Freight Costs

Crisis-Hit Sri Lanka Defaults On
Debt As It Runs Out Of Fuel

Sanctions Never Work, Will Have Unintended
Consequences, Says Indonesian Deputy FM

Seizing Russian Assets To Rebuild
Ukraine Illegal – US

Debt Default Will Hardly Impact Russia
– US Treasury

EU Seeks To Sanction Ex-Chancellor
And Former FM – Media

Worst Of Economic Shock Over For Russia

Gazprom Builds Over 93% Of Power
Of Siberia Gas Pipeline To China

Russia Supplies Equipment For ITER
International Reactor In France — Rosatom

Russia Will Not Default On Public Debt,
Can Pay In Rubles — Finance Minister

Europeans Will Have To Pay More If EU
Slaps Duties On Russian Oil, Warns Kremlin

EU Unveils Energy Rationing Plan

Italian Energy Major Agrees To Pay
For Gas In Rubles

UK Consumer Prices Reach 40 Year Highs

UK Families Warm Themselves At McDonald’s

Council Of Europe Human Rights Chief
Urges London Not To Extradite Julian
Assange To US

Greece Wants F-35 Firepower From The US

About That Coming ‘Food Crisis’

Think Tank Says Unlikely Any Country
Can Offset Wheat Export Losses After
India’s Ban

Brussels Forcing Ukraine To Send Wheat
Reserves To Europe Despite Deficit Fears

Sixth Package Of EU Sanctions Against
Russia Blocked — European Commissioner

EU To Bankroll Ukraine’s Budget
As Washington Instructed

Italy Forced Into ‘Economic Warfare’ Agains
T Russia By US, EU Journalist Claims

Brussels Reportedly Mulls Giving Russian
Tycoons’ Seized Wealth To Kiev As Loans

‘Tool For Blackmail’ – Diplomat Calls
Out Kiev For Using Civilians At Azovstal

Court To Decide Fate Of Surrendered
Militants From Azovstal – DPR Leader

Blinken Announces US Embassy Reopening
In Ukraine’s Capital Of Kiev

US To Work With Allies To Quickly Bring
Finland, Sweden Into NATO — Biden

Biden – US To Help Finland & Sweden ‘Deter,
Confront Any Threats’ As Their NATO Bids
Being Considered

Blocks Negotiations On Finland
And Sweden’s NATO Entry

‘Croats More Important Than Russian-Finnish
Border’ – Milanovic Threatens To Block Nordics

Baltic States Demand Massive NATO Buildup

Russia Expels Dozens Of Foreign Diplomats

Russia Kicks Out Canadian State Media

EU Vows To Step Up Its Security Role
In Asia-Pacific Amid Concerns Over
Sino-Solomon Pact

US Navy Chief Urges Taiwan To Strengthen
Defences As Billions In Promised Arms
Aid Left Undelivered

China Emerges As Second-Largest
Bitcoin Mining-Hub Despite Ban

Bitcoin Crash Proves No Asset Immune
To Economic Fluctuations

US Wants To Lure India Away From Russia
With $500 Million Military Aid Package

Incessant Rains, Floods Affect More Than
500,000 People In India’s Assam

Pollution Has Killed More Than 2.3 Million
People In India, Says Lancet Study

India To Regulate Cotton Exports Amid
Surging Prices, Lower Crop Output

Farmers Protest In India’s Punjab For
Compensation, State Chief Calls
Unrest ‘Unwarranted’

US Tankers Will Refuel Israeli Jets
Simulating Strikes On Iran

Ray Jason’s 3rd Tall Ship Substitute Teacher Essay

New Financial Controversies Rock BLM
As Marc Elias Reportedly Leaves Board

Israel’s Nuclear Weapons

New Research Shows Harvesting Blood
& Body Parts Of The Young Could Help
Achieve Immortality

Biden’s Approval Rating Hits New Low – Poll

Herr Schwab’s Guru – Yuval Noah Harari…
What To Do With All Of These Useless People?
You Better Watch This If You Are Goyim

Why Ritter Changed His Overall Assessment
Of The Russia-Ukraine War

At Least 300 Azov Fighters Surrender To
Russians At Azovstal Plant, Ending Siege

Uke And Azov Fighters Surrender To Russian
Troops At Azovstal In Mariupol – Video

NY Times Blasted For Writing Uke Fighters
‘Evacuated’ And Didn’t Surrender At Azovstal

Eurovision Winners Thank Pope
For Neo-Nazis ‘Evacuation’

Sweden Signs Formal NATO Membership
Request, Ends 200 Years Of Neutrality

Pro-Abortion Gal Says It’s Fine To Kill
2 Year Old Children!

Turkey Should Be Kicked Out Of NATO
If It Blocks Sweden And Finland’s NATO
Bid, US Media Says

Erdogan-Allied Turkish Nationalist Party
Proposes Keeping Sweden, Finland In NATO
‘Waiting Room’

NATO Starts Drills Right Near Russian Border
With 50,000 Troops! Will Putin Nuke ’Em? As
The West Keeps Pushing Russia Into WW3

US Recruits ISIS Butcher Terrorist Mercs
To Fight In Ukraine, Russian Intel Says

Russia Moves To Withdraw From WTO, WHO

Russia Withdraws From Council Of Baltic
Sea States – Foreign Ministry Statement

US Has Become State Hostile
To Russia Says Kremlin

China, India, Other Rising Powers Won’t
Accept West-Imposed Status Of Obedient
Mutes, Lavrov Says

Ukraine Puppeteered By US, UK At Talks
With Russia, Lavrov Says

West Sees Ukraine As ‘Expendable’ – Lavrov

Lavrov Calls Out Kiev For Trying To
Hide Anti-Russian Policies

Russia Won’t Be Left Without Internet
Guarantees Lavrov

Russia Won’t Allow World War III To Break Out
But Is Ready To Repel Aggression – Medvedev

Ukraine Controlled By US And UK – Russia

West Conducting War Against Russia – Kremlin

Biden Lied About Mass Shooting In Dallas,
Falsely Attributing It To ‘White Supremacy’

Amber Heard Caught Lying Under Oath In Cross

US Farmers Sound Alarm Over Coming
Food Shortage

How Government Created The Baby
Formula Shortage

FDA, Abbott Nutrition Agree To Restart
Michigan Baby Formula Factory

For The First Time, Abandoning The Dollar
Becomes Possible

What US Can Face After Dollar Collapses
– Disintegration Or Dictatorship

Moderna Vaccine Delivered More Risk Than
Benefit In Trials For Children 6 To 11, Despite
New York Times Positive Spin

DARPA Wants To Model How ‘Disinformation’
Flows From Fringe To Mainstream Platforms

All They Need Is Fraud (Song Parody)

Killing Children For Profit – FDA OKs Pfizer Booster
EUA For Kids 5 To 11, Bypasses Advisory Panel

Fully Vaccinated Young Adults Suffer 73%
Increase In Heart Attacks & Strokes And
92% Higher Death Rate Compared To Unvaxed

Four US Air Force Academy Cadets Denied
Graduation For Refusing To Take The Covid
BioWeapon Death Shot – They Are Heroes

New York City Raises Covid Alert Level
To ‘High’…Advises Face Masks – Well,
Well, Well…Masks ‘Officially’ CAN Help
As We Have Been Saying For Over A Year

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