Serious Men

The perfect storm has arrived and the dark winter is upon us. This is the time for serious men.

(T.L. Davis) The need for self-defense is imminent. Just because there’s no one at the door threatening to break it in, doesn’t mean the home isn’t under assault. They’ve just found better ways of getting into the house, of surveilling those inside, of punishing someone for their private thoughts. Are you being punished? Are you being denied employment even with ten million open jobs? This is not the same type of war that has been engaged in before. How long before one’s demand for civil and human rights is cause for punishment? Right now. It’s government policy to do it and there’s minions to carry it out.

No matter what the government and its cohorts in the woke corporate environment are doing, it gets worse. When the winter comes and there’s a couple of million newly-arrived illegals roaming about, demanding food and shelter, demanding that governments take food from your mouths and give it to them, we’ll see. When Biden’s infrastructure bill and budget bill drive hyperinflation (think Venezuela) and all of your savings buys one last sack of groceries, we’ll see.  

There’s two people that I pay the most attention to when it comes to understanding the coming conflict: Michael Yon and Sam Faddis. Michael Yon is a former Green Beret and long-time war correspondent in some of the hottest wars on the planet. Sam Faddis is a former Special Forces and CIA operative. Both of them are sounding alarm bells about the status of America and the tenuous grip we have on domestic peace. I find it interesting, though, how close Matt Bracken came to explaining the situation in Lies of Omission. This is a must-watch film, now, because what was once deemed likely, now enjoys the advantage of absolute evidence. The newer version will be more prescient than the old one, but it isn’t up, yet. I’ll have an announcement when it is. But, if you haven’t seen it at all, you can watch them both and get more information, a better understanding from the combination.

While we focus more on the domestic threats from political institutions, their insane policies and the constant assault on our God-given rights, which means the ability to have a job, a business, a career and enjoy life without obeying the commands of those who want to kill us, we are not oblivious to the external threats. Since the 2020 election all of these threats have converged with a greater speed and severity in pursuit of destroying the greatest culture in the history of mankind. In general, this is the aim of the domestic communists, who, with the rise of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and CCP’s liberal dispensation of dirty money around political campaigns and who benefit generally from the woke international corporations willing to do their bidding in order to have access to the Chinese market, the United States is being weakened by internal crises which have an economic, social and military impact, removing the threat to the Chinese who can then pursue expansion in Taiwan. We’ve already discussed the devastation that would have on the access to advanced computer chips in the United States. Does that include war with America? Why would it? Don’t they have a compliant roster of politicians in congress already?

What the CCP wants from America is an internal war. That’s the objective. If the CCP itself wanted to weaken the United States, both domestically and militarily, it would have done nothing different from what the Biden Administration has done in the past ten months. Treason doesn’t begin to address the level of betrayal that’s taken place at the hands of Joe Biden (or whoever) and the feckless, incompetent and disinterested cabal of misfits he’s put into office, unless all of them, including Biden himself, were meant as nothing more than targets of domestic anger while the agenda marches on. The “agenda” in this case is weakening and grooming the United States to accept authoritarian communism, to lessen the need or resistance against the imposition of power by China, who will not pursue a kinetic war. It’s achieved as much as it could hope for without bloodshed. Read Sun Tzu; Xi has.

The two bills before the legislature right now, the infrastructure bill and the budget bill that total somewhere around 4-5 trillion dollars is designed to further strangle and demoralize the people. They’re designed to drive inflation beyond control. The few stimulus bills put forth during the pandemic have driven inflation up to the levels understood today. Passage of these two bills, if allowed to happen, will create a bureaucratic state much more vicious and powerful than anything we’ve seen since the passage of the Patriot Act. This is why it’s still important to call and write congress. The amount of calls and emails they’ve received has already reduced the amount of the budget bill alone to around 2 trillion dollars, but that’s not enough. This is one of the fronts in a defensive war that has had some success if not victory. Keeping up the pressure has dulled their efforts elsewhere and while some of this war will be fought through traditional political means, it will go further than that, too.

The perfect storm has arrived and the dark winter is upon us. This is the time for serious men. Enough of the name-calling, caterwauling, one-upmanship of internet squabbles. Put it aside and concentrate on what to do about it. Yes, fight the political battles as a defensive maneuver, but find ways to go on the offensive. Strikes are one method, but somewhere along the line those who are protected by this communist regime must be exposed to the same dangers those on the right are exposed to. There has to be a challenge to the two-tiered justice system and if the system cannot administer justice, the people will have to do it themselves. A failure of justice has always fostered a vigilante solution. That knowledge used to be enough to keep the courts in line, adhering to their oaths, but one always displaces the other.  

Without discarding all of the peaceful and political means available, there are ways to match the escalations. If they will take our jobs, our lives, our children and pit illegal aliens against citizens, the vaxxed against the unvaxxed, black against white, white against Hispanic, there’s a much easier means of achieving internal peace and that is by the elimination of those fostering the divisions. The masses being angered and directed at each other are being manipulated by the few who drive the narrative and the policies. These are the enemies of the people. Where truth cannot be found, the liars are the enemy. Where justice cannot be found, the persecutors are the enemy. We must maintain internal peace while we address the sources of the instigation toward internal war.

Knowing that the CCP, with the cooperation of Russia, stand to benefit from any internal conflict, we know to whom the communist politicians have sworn allegiance. It is not with the people. They proved that during the pandemic and they are driving that truth home through the invitation of illegal aliens en masse to our borders, by invitation to come to our towns and cities, to displace us, displace our votes and harm and rape our children, to sell drugs and push poison. There is but one author of our discontent and it is our own government.

Inflation will destroy your income, illegals will destroy your opportunity and taxes will be raised to accommodate them, that’s part of the previously mentioned bills. The plan is to indebt your children, even the unborn, to feed, clothe and shelter the masses streaming across the border right now. When you go bankrupt, that benefits Blackrock and Vanguard who buy up the assets to rent them back to you, as long as you’re vaxxed and of a sufficient social credit score. If not, you’re homeless, but don’t deserve the benefits of welfare, again, because you lack the social credit score. So, the message is: die. The vaxx mandates are to force compliance and might be used for depopulation when they decide it’s time for the extra special booster. If you fight back against all of it, they get the internal conflict above, if not, they starve you out.

What do they get? China gets the superpower status it wants, the military and social dominance it feels destined to achieve. Russia gets the Atlantic sphere of influence it wants and they both get the resources of the North American continent with a compliant workforce ignorant of rights or justice, willing to work and die to serve their masters. The globalists are willing to go along with this, because it opens borders, establishes their dominance of material goods and allows them to pursue their utopian desire to be seen as gods. Our politicians will go along with it, because they haven’t cared about the United States of America for a long time and they think they’ll be able to keep their wealth from selling us out. They won’t, but they’re also stupid, so it doesn’t matter. Eventually the two sides, globalists and the authoritarian regimes of China and Russia have a falling out, but that’s none of our concern. Our history, our legacy and our culture will long be a forgotten epoch of brilliance and success when that dark time comes. Unless, serious men rise in time to rid the nation of the traitors. We’ll see.

Source: T.L. Davis Blog


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