Why The Vax Injured Thai Princess Is a Huge Game Changer

“As humanity, if we don’t link arms across borders, languages and cultures, and get rid of these perpetrators which are already in every government; they just have to be identified and extracted. If we don’t do that we are all doomed. This is an extinction level event and it was designed to be so.”


Interesting comment from the video source

Whoa, sorry gang, I hadda downvote your show. I need to add some info to this discussion. The Thai Govt knew full well all along what the vaccine nonsense was about —a depop event. They are setting up the international community and their plan is working just fine. The Thai Govt wants to shift the blame to ABT—anyone but THEM. I’ve lived in Thailand for 15 years and neither of these two announcers have. The Thai Monarchy is very much aware that the Thai Princess is very popular amongst kon Thai. The vaxx is a perfect avenue to send her to her next life and OUT of the way for the Thai Monarchy and their corrupt PM, Prayuth Chan O Cha—-elected to office from the Thai Military in 2014 by DOMINION VOTING MACHINES. Does this tell you something? The current Thai PlayBoy King is despised as he has an entire hotel in Bavaria filled with Thai concubines / hookers that services European Politicians. Beginning to make sense? The Thai Princess hadda get 86d–she was in the way. Prayuth wants to stay in power indefinitely. In 2014, he got elected to two years. Oops. It is 2023 currently.

Here’s another facet you guys are missing: The Thai Govt began their mass vaccination campaign August 2021, meaning that August 2023 will be their two year vaxx anniversary. So what did kon Thai receive? The first shot was an injection from SinoPharm and/or Sino Vac—Chinese supplier. Within 2-3 weeks, a very nasty dose of AstraZeneca was administered. This company is partially owned by the Thai Monarchy. Astra Zeneca is a Brit Pharma company that manufactured their poisons in Bangkok—giving the Thai Govt all of their injections for free. The Thai Govt then turned around and CHARGED its citizens $100-$125 for each of their first two injections! $250 might not sound like much to well-heeled Americans. It would be akin to any American being charged $1,000 USD for a death jab. The Thai Govt is beyond vicious and you two are heaping praise on a despotic, criminal govt. Shame on you two for NOT doing your homework.

Over 90% of kon Thai rec’d BOTH injections. Here’s how Pfizer and Moderna got involved: Brand Consciousness, which is what? Ever run into fools crazy about buying Hermes, Coach or Chanel brand names? This is HUGE in the Thai psyche. So yeah, kon Thai wanted Pfizer and Moderna because it was felt that these are the “in-jabs.” Any Thai had to pay 2800฿ (about $90 USD) for a Moderna jab, yet fork over 3450฿ for Pfizer. Brand consciousness at play. Both Pfizer and Moderna were tardy to the Thai Vaxx Party and now this big news splash involving Dr. Bhakdi from Germany, blah blah blah. ALL Window Dressing. I know many kon Thai that have rec’d 3-5 injections, egged on by a corrupt Thai Govt.

The set up is in place—plausible deniability and Western News organizations are being played like a fiddle by Prayuth’s henchmen. 12 months from now—spring 2024 is when an Asian Death Wave will be in full force. Pundits like Clif High, etc. like to yak-yak about “oh there are are Thai docs administering saline jabs.” Oh yeah, give me the numbers. I call bullshit. Clif High is OUT of his element when it comes to Thailand, he hasn’t a clue about the treachery involved on a grand scale. The Thai Govt and Monarchy now have plausible deniability due to shows like yours—well intentioned, but off-target by a mile. Get a clue and do a better job of doing your homework—both of you.


Katherine Watt – Global US Military Led Medical Martial Law Operation To Cull Humanity Exposed

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