Canadian Province ‘Allows’ Grocery Stores To Ban Unjabbed

The Canadian province of New Brunswick will allow grocery stores to ban unjabbed clients who need to buy food. 

Starting Saturday, December 4, New Brunswick will allow grocery stores to ban unjabbed people from buying food, True North reported.

The province announced the measure as part of the so-called “winter action plan”

The plan will allow businesses to ban unjabbed individuals if they wish to do so. Grocery stores are among the businesses allowed to ban unjabbed individuals. 

The plan raises serious questions about human rights infringements as the province will legalize discrimination that could prevent individuals from obtaining food and feeding their families. 

Experts are also questioning the necessity for such a plan as the province’s daily cases remain low. 

Canada has been a centre piece of questionable COVID restrictions and human rights infringements in the last year and a half. 

The Trudeau government has recently banned unjabbed individuals from travelling within the country or to other countries using trains and airplanes. 

Provinces have also put heavy restrictions in place and are using vaccine passports to prevent unjabbed individuals from accessing restaurants and public events. 

Despite the violations, New Brunswick’s plan strikes many as an unprecedented abuse against unjabbed Canadians, potentially barring them from accessing food sources. 

Source: by Marie Oakes | Westpahllian Times


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