Lt. Gen Thomas McInerney Exposes Connection Between Jabs and 5G

Does the establishment have an aerosolized hemorrhagic fever agent they can release on an industrial scale? Does the jab contain nanotech that responds to 5G frequencies?

(JD Rucker) The war against humanity is being waged all around us. We have precious few people standing up to share the truth. Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney is one of them.

For well over a year, we have warned that there’s something very wrong with the Covid-19 “vaccines.” It isn’t just the basic and increasingly acknowledged fact that they are neither safe nor effective. The combination of the seemingly unhinged push by the powers-that-be and the ongoing advancement of The Great Reset agenda has made many of us very concerned that we have it all wrong. Maybe it’s not that the jabs aren’t working. Maybe they’re working exactly like they were intended to work, though not as a way to improve our medical situation.

Yes, conspiracy theorists have speculated for months about what sort of diabolical control and/or depopulation components have been integrated with the jabs. Some have claimed there is a connection between 5G mobile technology and the vaccines, Covid, or both. On the latest episode of The Midnight Sentinel with JD Rucker, we added an authoritative voice to the chorus.

Lt. General Thomas McInerney has been on my show and others many times over the last couple of years. He was blowing the whistle on the stolen election long before election day. He was at the forefront warning people about the jabs based on advice her received from multiple doctors. Now, he’s talking about the 5G aspect of the jabs.

It was an intriguing conversation as we bounced ideas off one another. I’ve studied the connections myself, though not as much as many who are far more knowledgeable on the subject. All I know for sure is that there are either a whole lot of coincidences surrounding the jabs and 5G or there’s a connection.

Logically, it makes sense. Putting out a control and depopulation tool would not be effective if its activation couldn’t be controlled. If even more people started showing signs of major medical challenges or even death at the early stage of rollout, they would not be able to inject as many. Plus, it allows for better targeting. If they just wanted to kill off everyone, they would have unleashed a far more dangerous disease than Covid. It was the tester, the trial run, and the factor necessary to get as many men, women, and children on earth jabbed.

Unfortunately, General McInerney had even worse news for us on this episode. He is hearing a lot more about the potential for the next bioweapon coming from a Wuhan wet market near you to be a hemorrhagic fever. The death rate on such diseases is exponentially higher than with Covid-19. If it can be spread through aerosols like Covid, we could be in for far worse than Pandemic Panic Theater and 5G.

Listen to or watch this episode. I have been doing fewer and fewer interviews lately with more of a focus on sharing my own thoughts, but when the opportunity came up to talk to the General, I hopped on it. If you are concerned, please be sure to subscribe to the America First Report.

The war against humanity is being waged all around us. We have precious few people standing up to share the truth. Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney is one of them.

Source: by JD Rucker | Freedom First Network


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