Will Sabotaging Nord Stream Save The Petrodollar?

With groomers, butt lickers and infringers in charge, probably not. That being said, this is an exceptionally well researched introductory presentation worth every minute of your time to review and process. 

US-NATO More DESPERATE Than EVER— Pipelines & Petrodollars #001 w/ Matt Bracken.

This was Matt Bracken’s first video with George McMillan, where they discussed the true financial motivations and geo-political considerations driving today’s global madness, as opposed to the false narratives we are being fed by our governments and the MSM. The bedrock truth is easily understood using Halford Mackinder’s Eurasian super-continent “Heartland” theory.

Mackinder (1861-1947) is considered the father of modern geo-politics. This first P&P video is long, because they wanted to put a lot of information on record to claim the academic turf.

Source: https://gab.com/Matt_Bracken/posts/109285559741446977

3 thoughts on “Will Sabotaging Nord Stream Save The Petrodollar?

  1. GrumpyONE

    Well, I’m not good at watching long extended home made videos but I’m better at drawing conclusions on what I learned shortly after that pipeline exploded. And that was that our Navy had been operating in that area about four weeks prior to the actual explosion and *that* was conclusive enough to conclude that the Navy is the culprit here.

    But I’m opened to being proved wrong…



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